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Partnership Ecole Nationale de la Photo d'Arles / Beaucaire's Plant

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Beaucaire is an elaboration and bottling plant for spirits delivering prestigious brands for over 130 years.
In 2015 we started a project on the representation of our employees’ image within the company. The purpose was to balance the overwhelming power of our brands within the plant with the aim of bettering the work atmosphere through the representation of our people.
Student/employee couples were mounted thanks to a partnership with the National College of Photography based in Arles, taking advantage of the closeness of our two facilities.
The pieces of art you are currently observing are the results of this collaboration, for which the employees were free to enlighten their own job, representing for each one of them a part of our craftsmanship: elaboration, quality control, laboratory, bottling, maintenance. The choice of the pictures, the captured work situations, and the place these pictures are currently exposed were up to the choice of these employees that I promised to support.
Could those pictures help you to understand our workmanship and the central role of all the individual men and women building our teams.

François-Xavier MORIZOT
Plant Director
Arpil 5th, 2016

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Partnership Ecole Nationale de la Photo d'Arles / Beaucaire's Plant

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