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Top Automotive Franchising Opportunities

At Frantastic, we provide various automotive franchising opportunities for building a career in business.

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Top Automotive Franchising Opportunities

  1. 1. www.frantastic.in Top Automotive Franchising Opportunities CARZ HUB CARZ HUB is a specialized mechanized cleaning solution and services based firm. In a drive to transform the concept of car cleaning in the nation and create a clean car culture, it was being shaped up. They are devoted to cars showroom finish to uphold it a classy clean finish. They also aid in making the environment clean as they use chemical-free steam cleaning process. They are the brand which would modify the concept in folks mind which they have about car cleaning. It is an exclusive mechanized concept where cars are being pampered. Grand Turro Grand Turro concepts are fundamentally from Europe. They are a Family run Auto Service centre and believe in giving the obliging friendly expert device. They have a wealth of experience in an extensive range of vehicles and they capitalize profoundly in equipment to safeguard their work is accomplished to the highest quality standards. Grand Turro Automobile Repair & Salon initiated the art of offering groundbreaking and advanced bike and car service and spa with the aid of high-end technologies. Grand Turro Automobile offers superior car and bike services in the form of servicing, brakes, oiling, tyres, modification, electrification, washing, and polishing, cleaning, detailing and associated services conferring to international standards. The Car Spa The Car Spa is an automotive subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Supplies & Commercial Services (ASCS) 17 group of concerns. ASCS has been functioning for over 25 years with divisions in Life Support for the Military, Vehicle Leasing Operation and Maintenance, and Maintenance, Logistics, Sponsorship, Construction, and Manpower Supply, I.T., F&B, Recruitment, and General Trading through the Arabian Gulf. Their mission is to provide a spa-like array of services for your vehicle be it a motorbike, car or yacht.
  2. 2. www.frantastic.in They also provide LIVE and on the ground car care services throughout privately held events. Their client front-end operation situated in Abu Dhabi caters to the requirements of folks and companies (with large fleets) by offering services both in-house and on-site. Consumingtheir Jebel Ali Free Zone warehouse facility, they ingress, store and frontward products to their provincial offices and patrons situated throughout the Arabian Gulf Anroute They are an advanced platform provider which connects hassle-free Car-bookers booking on offline mode at the finest price. They are aiming to connect each corner of the city to make the trip easy. They are pioneering in joining the ‘n..’ number of routes to make the ride easiest and happy at user-friendly cost. AnRoute is continuously at the forefront of providing exceptional chauffeur driven car for corporate services at competitive rates. They also offer an Account Representative, Booking Confirmation and Book-keeping for improved management. With this sort of the concept, they are initial kind of the Corporate Sector Car- Rental Company. Travelling on time and promptness is their motto. Speed Car Wash Speed Car Wash is a brand which is exactly going to modify the way people think about car cleaning. It is an exclusive mechanized car washing notion where cars are getting indulged by the newest equipment’s including high-pressure cleaning machines, extraction machines, and spray injection high driven vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners and so on. In this fast- moving life today they incline to spend more time in travelling as a result spend hours in the car, steering the traffic jams. Air Pollution, Rain, Dust, Sunlight and Adverse road circumstances all keeps adding on woos of common car users. And as a result, there is a severe necessity of Professional Car Cleaning Organization to take care of all Car Cleaning jobs and give them the premium and eventual car cleaning experience and gratification. At Speed Car Wash they do a plethora of investigation on the car care and upkeep, the aim is to deliver the finest of service and bring in novel concept to the car market. In the start they are directing on educating our patrons about the whole concept of Clean Car Culture, they have a robust belief that their efforts will not only please you but absolutely surprise you. Clean & Shine Clean & Shine has been locally possessed since 2009. Possessed and operated by Rufus Thomas who has more than 19 years of practice in the Car Detailing / Carpet cleaning Industry. Continuously urging his employees to become well-informed in the latest technology, he also joins monthly classes to gain more know-how. Always learning and determined to do more for his clients. Their devoted team goes above and yonder to provide only the most excellent service to their patrons, that is why they custom only the state-of- the-art vehicle cleaning products. Mahindra First Choice Wheels Ltd (MFCWL) MFCWL is a portion of USD 17 bn multinational Mahindra Group which was led by fanciful Mr Anand Mahindra to enter into aftermarket industry in 1999 & generate a business system for pre-owned cars. MFCW adopted a company possessed model previous and subsequently lifted to a franchise model in 2003 as they thought Franchise model would give them a prospect to partner with folks with different capabilities, market reach, backgrounds and resources. Apart from this, their franchise partner is proficient at knowing the pulse of the patron in his reach.
  3. 3. www.frantastic.in The learning between the organization & the franchise is mutual which helps them as well as franchisees to be flexible & adapt to different encounters thrown at them thus making us the go-to place for patrons. MFCWL’s mission is to ‘organize’ every single facet of the entire ecosystem in the used car industry and provide an understanding that mimics the new car buying experience. Looking at the market potential, business opportunities, the win-win model of MFCW, combined with the enthusiasm & commitment of our team, enlargement has not really seemed a challenge for them despite being the most significant and tough factor of achievement in a franchise business. The current used car market is more promising than ever with 120 used cars being vended against every 100 new cars in India. This shows the prospect that lies ahead for them in organized used car retail. Carz Spa Carz Spa - Car care industry is pretty wide. In India, we can classify with 3 chief segments like 1) CarzSpa i.e. car detailing 2) Wheel alignment & balancing and 3) Fast lube (Oil changing). Car detailing embraces all cleaning, grooming and protection services. Further categorizing detailing, there are again three segments 1) Mass market polishing 2) Car Wash and 3) High end detailing. From a business viewpoint, car wash engenders least revenue and more hard work besides that folks also have house aid to wash their car on a monthly basis. Mass market polishing is thru by noobs or not so trained (self-taught). Temporary solutions are accessible to them. So, finest, luxury and big car owners or those who love their cars feel diffident to get it done with such polishers. Here comes a - High End Detailing in the picture, as a brand CarzSpa are devoted to it. This segment has well educated & zealous detailers who are up-to-date with detailing science, owns trained staff and eminence studio. Acclimatizes the technology upgrades and not just trail it but also form trends in detailing industry. Exppress Car Wash Express car wash is an exclusive car cleaning concept in which Man-Machine group custom to clean the car. Here cars are being pampered by the newest equipment including spray extraction machines, high-pressure cleaning machines, steam cleaners, high powered vacuum cleaners, and so on. They actually emphasise on the ritual of wiping the feet before getting in. They are one of the leading brands in the car cleaning service chain of businesses. They are a nationwide chain of car wash units, permitting customers to get their car dressed in any city in the country at their expediency in a uniformed manner. Carwell India Carwell India is a leading devoted player in Indian Car care industry to simplify world-class car care services through its direct as well as business acquaintances channels pan India. Carwell India offers end to end solution for modern car care unit institution where Indian car lovers can get service of their choice. They follow the principle of zero tolerance in superiority service. Their powerful tools are - Quick responding squad, Modern Technology Skilled manpower, Value for money Customer is King Humanity growth. AUTOZ SPAF AUTOZ SPAF or the car proprietor it serves as a thing of conceit and joy. They always want to uphold it to their fullest. Autozspa is dedicated to protecting your car’s showroom finish so that it can endure classy and clean always. By performing up to the cleaning process they are formulating their environment for a brighter future through using a unique chemical-free, steam cleaning procedure. Conclusion
  4. 4. www.frantastic.in At Frantastic, we provide various automotive franchising opportunities for building a career in business.