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Startup Technology: Cheatsheet for Non-Techies

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Everybody and his mom wants to create an app today. But not everybody is a hacker. That shouldn't be a problem! Still it might be helpful to know some basics about the technology, which is used to build your startup. This Infographic will give you a brief overview.

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Startup Technology: Cheatsheet for Non-Techies

  1. 1. TECHNOLOGY STARTUP CHEATSHEET FOR NON TECHIES BACKEND Frontend The Backend is the central place, which saves data and serves it to different Clients. The backend is hosted on a server and provides and API. The Frontend ist the Website or Web-App which you can open in the Browser. Basically that's it :) Well, y'all know what I mean... We can create native Apps or use Web technology. NODE.JS PYTHON FLASK DJANGO SYMFONY 2 PHP LARAVEL ON RUBY RAILS NEEDED WHEN USERS CAN CREATE ACCOUNT DATA ARE ACCESSIBLE FRON MULTIPLE DEVICES YOU CREATE A WEB APPLICATION Languages & Frameworks For Backend Bootstrap Foundation Check Templates! AngularJS React Backbone JavaScript CSS / HTML INFO Nowadays Websites work like mobile Apps with the Browser as Operating System Mobile Apps NATIVE APPS WEB TECHNOLOGY "The real deal" + best performance + native ui elements - must be developed   for each os + one App can run on many  operating Systems - the look & feel and the performance are not the same www.freedactics.com