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Look EAST - A behavioural insights model for improved customer experience

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A presentation by Fresh Egg strategy director David Somerville that explores how the behavioural insights model 'EAST' can be used to improve your customer experience. To download our free whitepaper on the EAST model go to: https://www.freshegg.co.uk/resources/east

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Look EAST - A behavioural insights model for improved customer experience

  1. 1. Look EAST - A Behavioural Insights model for improved customer experience David Somerville, Strategy Director
  2. 2. About me Behavioural Sciences graduate 20 year career in marketing - I’ve been creating and testing ‘behavioural nudges’ for years! Strategy director for Fresh Egg
  3. 3. Using the EAST model can improve the experience for your customers, therefore enabling choice and empowering consumer behaviour change Today’s presentation
  4. 4. Customer experience mapping
  5. 5. Understanding your customer’s experiences
  6. 6. Behavioural insights and marketing
  7. 7. Behavioural insights utilise research into behavioural economics, sciences and psychology to understand and influence behaviour among people What are behavioural insights?
  8. 8. Auto-enrolment replaced the need for workers to opt-in themselves This trial saw an increase in pension scheme participation from 63% to 81% Example: Pension Auto-enrolment
  9. 9. The UK Government increased tax compliance by 4% from changing the link on the reminder email to go direct to the PDF form to download, instead of making people search for it from a general page Example: Tax forms
  10. 10. Nudge Theory In behavioural insights, a ‘nudge’ is classed as any aspect of choice architecture that alters people’s behaviour without them losing any freedom of choice Putting fruit at eye level to encourage healthy eating is a nudge. Banning junk food is not.
  11. 11. Where did EAST come from?
  12. 12. Developed by the Behavioural Insights Team in early 2012, the EAST model replaced the MINDSPACE framework that had previously been in use. Thanks David Cameron!
  13. 13. Good Thinking and Behavioural Insights
  14. 14. What is EAST?
  15. 15. The EAST model
  16. 16. Easy If a decision requires minimal effort, it’s more likely to be the one that’s chosen. Harness the power of defaults – making the desired action the default option makes it more likely to be selected. Reduce the hassle factor of taking up a service. Simplify messages – making messages clear and concise can increase response rates and engagement.
  17. 17. Example: Canyon Bikes
  18. 18. Attractive If something is attractive, we will be drawn to it. Use bold and striking colours and professional imagery. If a choice has financial reward or other incentive we’ll be drawn to that too – and if it captures our attention we’ll be more likely to engage. For example, responses to the electoral roll increased by 2% when a £5k and £10k lottery element was introduced in the reminder letters.
  19. 19. Example: Kind Snacks
  20. 20. Social We are social beings – we care about what our peers are doing, and what they think of us. Show that most people perform the desired behaviour – use social proof to highlight and reinforce participation. Use the power of networks – peer relationships are very important to us, both in person and online. Encourage people to make a commitment to others – commitment devices voluntarily ‘lock ourselves’ into doing something in advance.
  21. 21. Example: Booking.com
  22. 22. Timely The time that you choose to prompt or ‘nudge’ someone towards a desired behaviour is vitally important. Prompt people when they’re most likely to be receptive – behaviour is easier to change when habits are already disrupted. Consider the immediate costs and benefits – we’re more influenced by costs and benefits that take effect immediately. Help people plan their response to events – identify the barriers to action and develop a plan to address them.
  23. 23. Example: Open University
  24. 24. How to implement and measure EAST
  25. 25. Your action list  Carry out Customer Experience research  Looking at the ‘moments of truth’, identify the challenges people have within their experience  List out which behaviours (outcomes) you want to change  Decide how they are going to be measured  Decide on your specific activities  For each of these, list out what is needed from the EAST principles  Test and learn
  26. 26. In summary The EAST model states that to change behaviour the intervention must be: EASY – how easy is it for them to engage in the desired activity? ATTRACTIVE – how attractive is it for them to do it? SOCIAL – what are the social implications? TIMELY – when is the right time for them to do it? I believe this framework translates perfectly to marketing when you know what the customer wants – you need to understand and map out your customer experience first
  27. 27. FreshEggUK @FreshEgg freshegguk fresh-egg www.freshegg.co.uk Sharing the value of experience.