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The 8 Best practices for a Better Customer Service

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Ever woken up to an angry customer at 3 in the morning, and wondered if there was a better way? Learn the best practices of setting up support channels, prioritizing issues, managing SLAs, creating a powerful self-service experience, and more.

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The 8 Best practices for a Better Customer Service

  1. 1. When I wake up in the morning, Idon’t think. I just turn onFreshdesk and it tells me what Ihave to do. When my tickets areall closed, no questions asked, myday is doneEfraim Siounis, StrongFruit“
  2. 2. FreshTips WeekAutomationsMondayReportsTuesdayGamificationWednesdayThemesThursdayBest PractsFriday
  3. 3. Freshdesk Best Practices
  4. 4. #1. Fine grained categorizationusing Dependent fields
  5. 5. Pareto is such a spoilsport80% of your support queries refer to the same 20%problemsFewer than 6% of angry customers get in touchThe rest jump off bridges, or just go awayYour customers want to talk to each otherOn your turf, or someone elses’…Is your support just deflecting blows?
  6. 6. Filter tickets with razor-sharpaccuracyGet the right expert to do the rightthingWhy smart categorization
  7. 7. #2. Zero Errors with Automations
  8. 8. The Dispatch’r Categorize, Prioritize &Assign Shoot alerts andnotifications Manage new ticketworkflows Mark and tag tickets
  9. 9. #3. Foresee Frustrations withSupervisor
  10. 10.  Never forget reminders Auto-close old mailers Manage escalations Prevent frustrationThe Supervisor
  11. 11. #4. Find out what’s next using SLAs
  12. 12.  Order by Due Time SLAs should drive Due by Time Issue Priorities should drive yourSLAsWorking on your Queue
  13. 13. The Priority MatrixBusinessImpactUrgency
  14. 14. Getting Smart with SLAsAutomate workflows for:•Specific expertise groups•Support channels•Each product yousupport
  15. 15.  Account for “off days” Remember the Time...Zones After 6 Support processMake them Meaningful
  16. 16. #5. Reduce, Reuse, Get Consistent
  17. 17.  Reusable Cans• Reusing common responses• Organizing replies by templates Getting Smart• Build a Kbase• Get smart suggestionsCanned Responses &Suggested Solutions
  18. 18. #6. Non-invasive updates withPublic notes
  19. 19. Take control of when alerts go outTurn off email notificationsAdd a public notes to talk about minorchangesReply when you send out critical updates
  20. 20. #7. Complete the Support Loop
  21. 21. Follow-upNotifyMitigate EscalateEmail Notifications The SupervisorService Levels Automatic EscalationsAutomate your support cycle
  22. 22. #8. Focus on Self Service
  23. 23.  Old-school inbound support Vanilla experiences that don’t reallycount No personalization, no personality FAQs that scream “Boring”Age old support isn’t good enough
  24. 24. What you should be offeringSense of accomplishment.No waiting. Immediate answers andsolutions.Transparency and trust.A bro to watch their back
  25. 25. #9. Get on the diet
  26. 26. What makes customers happy?Responses faster than the speed of lightGetting it right the first timeSatisfaction makes the experienceunforgettable
  27. 27.  Create dependent fields for razor-sharpcategorization Reduce human errors using the Dispatch’r Manage follow-ups and frustrations usingSupervisor Let your SLA policies decide what you do next Automate your support cycle and complete theloop Self service is the way to goFreshTips to make your day
  28. 28. Questions??
  29. 29. FreshTips WeekAutomationsMondayReportsTuesdayGamificationWednesdayThemesThursdayBest PractsFriday
  30. 30. Sign up for Freshdeskwww.freshdesk.com/signup