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Tips from Calvin and Hobbes on how to be a good customer

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What could a careless, mischievous six year old possibly teach you about being a good customer? Well, not much really, but he can surely tell you a lot about what you should NOT do.
Here are a few things you can learn from Calvin about being a good customer.

For more tips on customer support, head over to the Freshdesk blog - http://blog.freshdesk.com/

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Tips from Calvin and Hobbes on how to be a good customer

  1. Tips from Calvin & Hobbes on How to be a good customer
  2. Not All Customers Are Always Right.
  3. IN FACT, This might surprise you, but some of them can be tyrants.
  4. Some Make Unreasonable Requests.
  5. Others Are Rude.
  6. Yet Others Assume They’re Entitled.
  7. Don’t Be Like Calvin. Here’s How You Can Be A Good Customer…
  8. Good Customers Respect Company Policies.
  9. GOOD CUSTOMERS Trust support reps. they know they’re just trying to help.
  10. good customers remember that support reps are people too.
  11. GOOD CUSTOMERS try to help the support rep solve the problem.
  12. Good Customers Aren’t Stingy With Compliments.
  13. Good Customers Share The Good Times.
  14. Oft Times, Support Reps Get Annoyed With The Way Customers React To The Support Process…
  15. but the truth is…
  16. Also, customer support makes the universe a better place.
  17. The End! Now Go Be The Good Customer And Spread Joy.
  18. “Behind every slideshare is a great blogpost” How to be a good customer http://blog.freshdesk.com/good-customer/