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Imaginary realism

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Imaginary realism

  1. 1. Frits Dang Welcome to the World of Imaginary Realism
  2. 2. Frits Dang was born in 1953 in Nijmegen (the Netherlands) and grew up in Rotterdam. He started drawing (a skill that was self-developed) at a young age. Drawing was not enough for him, so he started painting, first in watercolours sometimes in combination with pen and ink, which was quickly followed by oil painting. He was inspired to surrealism after seeing works of Salvador Dali, Karel Willink and Wim Schumacher. Frits Dang also does realistic works, mostly on order for clients. His love of animals can be seen throughout most of his realistic work. His passion will always be for surrealism. Both his surrealistic and realistic works have been bought by private collectors. Originality and own style and technique” are of vital importance in his work. Tel. +31(0)38 4655448 Van Harenmarke 8 8016ER Zwolle The Netherlands info@atelierfritsdang.com http://www.atelierfritsdang.com/ http://www.fritsdang.exto.nl/
  3. 3. In de serie: Mysterie Tours 2. Titel: "De ontmoeting met de vliegende hollander" - 2007 In the series Mystery Tours 2. Title: “The meeting with the Flying Dutchman”-2007 Technique: acryl on MDF panel. Size: 35 x 65 cm
  4. 4. Titel: "St Barbara " – 2009 St Barbara instrueert haar soldaten op het surrealistisch slagveld Title: “St Barbara”-2009 St Barbara instructs her soldiers on the surrealistic battlefield Technique: acryl on MDF panel. Size: 70 x 105 cm
  5. 5. Titel: “Zeenimfen” - 2013 Copyright Frits Dang. © Title: “Sea nymphs”- 2013 Technique: acryl on MDF panel. Size: 70x90 cm
  6. 6. Titel: “Zonnige dag in April” - 2013 Copyright Frits Dang. © Title: “Sunny day in April”- 2013 Technique: acryl on MDF panel. Size: 50x81 cm