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Frozen Paratha and Roti by Kawan at FROZONE

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Frozone is a complete shop for your ready to cook frozen food. Visit us today for your Kawan Paratha. Frozone assures you hassle free shipping

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Frozen Paratha and Roti by Kawan at FROZONE

  1. 1. Kawan The Pioneers of Frozen Paratha
  2. 2. History The company's origins date back to the 1970's with supplying traditional and homemade pastry products to local groceries and supermarkets. We began to export our products in mid 1980's, while gaining a steady lead in the local market. In 2000, we established a new manufacturing facility, and have continued to invest heavily in our employees and the latest technology. We are proud to be the world's first manufacturer of Frozen Roti Parathas, which together with our other products, have paved the way for a completely new segment of consumer goods that are now enjoyed by consumers around the world.
  3. 3. Mission To be a market leader supplying quality, convenient and affordable frozen food to our customers worldwide in branded retail and wholesale packaging. To be constantly ahead in innovation, technology and R &D. To deliver excellent customer service to attain customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  4. 4. Parathas 1. Tawa Paratha 2. Onion Paratha 3. Flakey Paratha 4. Whole Wheat Paratha 5. Roti Paratha 6. Malabar Paratha 7. Multi Grain Paratha
  5. 5. Tawa Paratha A variant that goes with absolutely anything Right from the northern part of India to your plate
  6. 6. Onion Paratha A Twist on the Original Paratha with Added Spring Onion Zest Ready to Eat In Just 3 Minutes
  7. 7. Flakey Paratha Light and fluffy, the Flakey Paratha offers a handmade texture that is delicious Ready to eat in just 3 minutes
  8. 8. Whole Wheat Paratha 100% Whole Wheat Paratha from World’s No. 1 Brand, Kawan Ready to Eat In Just 3 Minutes
  9. 9. Roti Paratha Frozen Roti Require Very Less Cooking Time No Oil Or Ghee
  10. 10. Malabar Paratha Authentic original Malabar Paratha Extreme convenience with this new range of toaster friendly Parathas
  11. 11. Multi-Grain Paratha Multi grain paratha is a mix of 9 grains that has special rich and wholesome nutty aroma of natural goodness Rich in protein, vitamins, nutrients and soluble bran fibre
  12. 12. Where to Buy??? Stock up now: http://bit.ly/KawanParathas Visit: www.frozone.in Call: 6780-6780 Like us: www.facebook.com/KawanParathaIndia Follow us: www.twitter.com/kawanparatha