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Accelerate Digital: Make your transformation move like a bullet-train

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Exploiting digital disruption is more difficult than ever. Even adopting the most advanced technologies may not be enough to stay ahead of the competition. It starts with your people – a ‘digital culture’ change, being agile and working with partner ecosystems at a rapid pace. In this session, we will discover a unique way – inspired by the ‘Shinkansen’ Japanese bullet-train – to accelerate service transformation, swiftly realize your digital vision and hurtle past market uncertainty to become your industry’s disruptive force.

Thomas Häggström

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Accelerate Digital: Make your transformation move like a bullet-train

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  10. 10. 9 © 2018 FUJITSU Re-Platform Application Modernization Database Transformation Covers all your database modernization requirements from migration to data cleansing and database management Document Transformation Move documents from: Network Shares, -Dropbox, -OneDrive Google Drive, -SharePoint, - Documentum to a Single repository Cloud Transformation SAAS, Web front ends, uForge AppCenter Productivity Transformation Exchange, Sharepoint, Microsoft 365, Windows 10 Mobile Transformation Apps, Tablets, Wearables, Smart Watches, VR Devices Open Source Transformation Enterprise Postgress, LAMP, Wordpress API Transformation A service to enable any application to be fully integrated with any other applications and front ended on mobile, tablet and web. Now also includes Robotic Process Automation Mainframe Transformation A modernization service specifically designed for mainframe and midrange migrations to Open Source and .NET
  11. 11. 10 © 2018 FUJITSU Re-Architect Cloud Native Accelerators APIs & INTEGRATION Create and use APIs to create new digital services, integrate across clouds and legacy systems to generate new revenue streams and improve customer experience. CLOUD DATA SERVICES Delivering the most appropriate data storage and analytics solutions for existing and new applications using relational, non- relational, graph and distributed databases CONTAINERS Delivering application containerisation to support service based architecture to both improve reliability and agility SERVERLESS Exploit the event driven, serverless compute and autoscaling capabilities to get new services to market faster
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