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How can we exploit the potential of IOT without compromising security?

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IOT brings many benefits. Sensors, actuators and robots, supported by Big Data analytics and AI, are transforming production processes, the sensing of medical data improves healthcare and intelligent devices in the living room help to entertain us and to control our smart homes. However, these innovations also increase the complexity of networks, often introducing devices that may not be secure by design. As IOT starts to impact critical systems, it is clear that we need to find ways to ensure these infrastructures can be kept safe and secure. In this session, we will share news from Fujitsu’s new Industry 4.0 (Industrial IoT) center, including how we are working with partners on the EU Horizon 2020 research project to resolve this challenge.

Thorsten Höhnke
Elizabeth Pinder
Markus Draeger

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How can we exploit the potential of IOT without compromising security?

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  2. 2. © 2018 FUJITSU How can we exploit the potential of IoT without compromising security? Thorsten Höhnke Chief Cyber Security Strategist, EMEIA Dr. Markus Draeger Enterprise and Cyber Security Business Development Manager, Central Europe Elizabeth Pinder Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst
  3. 3. 2 © 2018 FUJITSU EU Innovation and Research Project Secure IoT Fujitsu drives predictive Security services for the Human Centric Digital Society  Fujitsu is the technical coordinator of the Project Secure IoT (Predictive Security for IoT Platforms and Networks of Smart Objects)  Project Outline  Automated risk management of IoT systems in automotive, production, health care and other critical infrastructures  Architect predictive security services  First application areas are smart manufacturing (Industry 4.0), connected cars and IoT enabled socially assistive robots  14 partners (ATOS, Siemens, French and Greek research institutes, Fujitsu Factory in Augsburg, Weidmüller, Phoenix Contact, …) from 9 EU countries, EU funding 4.9 M €  Horizon 2020 (2014 – 2020) is funded with 77 B €
  4. 4. 3 © 2018 FUJITSU Smart Factory / Industrial IoT: What will it mean? Cloud Partner Cloud On Premise Smart Factory Solutions New Business Models Co-Creation, Co-Manufacturing Smart Gateways Manufacturing Connectivity/EdgeComputing IoT Platform: (Micro-)Services (like Object Recognition, Speech Control, Smart Analytics, AI and more) Eco2Eco Connectivity Smart Gateways Micro Services IoT Platform HMD Pick by Show Cobot Pay-Per-Use Screwdriver Pay-Per-Use
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  7. 7. 6 © 2018 FUJITSU Working in an Industrial IoT Environment Manufacturing Connectivity @ EdgeComputing Smart Gateways Microservices @ IoT Platform e.g. Object Recognition, Speech Control, Smart Analytics, AI etc. Off-PremiseOn-Premise Smart Factory Solutions HMD @ Pick by Show Micro Services Eco2Eco Connectivity Partner New Business Lines: Co-Creation, Co-Manufacturing Cobot @ Pay-Per-Use