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Mastering Productivity - Welcome to a New Way of Working

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Digital transformation is not a choice. It is an imperative that is forcing organizations to adopt new ways of working in order to compete in a faster, more dynamic environment. Mastering Productivity blends these new ways of working with leading edge collaboration and communications technologies. Using customer examples Fujitsu will demonstrate how we our blend of unique IP can help organisations drive order of magnitude business improvements and address a key imperative of Digital Transformation.
Marcus Robbins

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Mastering Productivity - Welcome to a New Way of Working

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  2. 2. 1 Copyright 2016 FUJITSU Mastering Productivity – Welcome to a New Way of Working Marcus Robbins Head of Microsoft and IM Propostions, Fujitsu @marcus_robbins
  3. 3. New Ways of Working for the Digital Age Mastering Productivity Marcus Robbins
  4. 4. New Engagement Models New Working Models New Business Models Deep Customer Insights Extensive Customer Touchpoints Community Cognisance Enablement, Organisation, Collaboration Process Automation Partnering, Crowdsourcing, Contracts Subscription Model Fremium Model Free Model Marketplace Model Access over Ownership Model Hypermarket Model Experience Model Pyramid Model On-demand Model Ecosystem Model Insight Driven Innovation #EnablingDigital
  5. 5. “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” - Charles Darwin, 1809
  6. 6. “You can see the computer age everywhere but in the productivity statistics.” - Robert Solow, 1987
  7. 7. We need to rethink the way we work together, to focus on outcomes not process improvements, to use modern technology to enable new ways of working. It is now the time of the workforce to be reconfigured, reengineered in many ways, to bring about the next phase of business transformation Richard Edwards, Ovum
  8. 8. SOURCE: Fujitsu Analysis * Computing Technology Industry Association's (CompTIA) 2nd annual Trends in Enterprise Mobility study from February 2013. 49%of work requires network contribution* 80% of employees are ineffective at collaboration* Mastering Productivity - The multiplier effect of working collaboratively OUTCOMES COLLABORATION
  9. 9. Old ways of working – the pressure builds
  10. 10. SolutionSuccess: Access live case information anytime and anywhere Enforce case working best practice Free up resources Meet service level targets Manage resources more effectively Case & Document Management Integrated Calendaring ECMS Mobile Application Comprehensive Business Reporting ECMS Automated Report Generation Workflow Management Better outcomes for children and young people in family courts through new ways of working “…an amazing system that will change the way people work at Cafcass! Well done guys Anji Owens - Cafcass Assistant Director NIS 36% reduction in case handling duration Increased safeguarding effectiveness 55% reduction in staff sickness 98%faster case allocation Real time business insight 8819days of Family Court Adviser time freed A new way of working to change lives
  11. 11. Fujitsu’s Productivity Acceleration Suite While Office 365 and SharePoint are the industry’s best in class workplace productivity platform, they only provide the basic building blocks to work on. Organisations need to make sure technology works the way users need it to work and that they get to use it quickly without compromising long term usability. Organisations also have to make sure that where they need to handle information more sensitively than the core service offers, they have that option. And finally there is a need to get to the future state at a pace that is aligned to business operations. Valo Intranet Accelerator – Rapidly turns SharePoint into a best in class Intranet that leverages the power of the Office365 platform. It provides the same rich user experience to any device and is compatible with the evergreen nature of Office 365 at a fraction of the cost and effort of a custom solution We move customers to a new platform using a Business Paced On-Demand Migration. This rapid, risk mitigating approach is driven by the needs of the business and speeds the time to benefit whilst more easily control costs And for customer that need powerful case management with full traceability, we offer CaseM – It provides Dynamic Case Management, eForms and eMeetings for faster, better quality case handling with direct customer engagement Fujitsu delivers truly Hybrid SharePoint to delivers collaboration where strong compliance rules apply A compelling user experience that builds collaboration in working practices Rapid and sustainable adoption – this is key to realising benefits To meet compliance needs without impacting business use To move at a pace that matches the business needs, and avoids unnecessary costs Making the physical digital by capturing document based content Capture Server – a powerful and cost-effective way to add scanning capability to any network capture device. Enables you to easily integrate paper into your processes, index and classify documents and ensure they are stored in the appropriate location
  12. 12. PAGE21 Copyright FUJITSU 2016 - COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE Our approach
  14. 14. adoption transformation compliant levers measurable impact "Productivity isn't everything, but in the long run it is almost everything", Paul Krugman, The Age of Diminishing Expectations enabled
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