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The legal factors

by Lucie Guibault, Associate Professor, Institute for Information Law, University of Amsterdam

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The legal factors

  1. 1. Legal Perspective Horizon 2020 Coordination and Support Action GARRI-3-2014 Scientific Information in the Digital Age: Text and Data Mining (TDM) Project number: 665940 Legal Perspective FutureTDM Reducing Barriers and Increasing Uptake of Text and Data Mining for Research Environments using a Collaborative Knowledge and Open Information Approach FTDM workshop/Brussels 27 september 2016
  2. 2. Legal Perspective 2  Unclarity of applicable rules  Is TDM covered by copyright at all? Should it?  Restrictiveness of existing copyright exceptions  Most research exceptions too narrow  Cross-border differences in the law Current statutory framework & TDM
  3. 3. Legal Perspective  Open Access material freely minable  Not all minable material licensed under OA:  Some under strict licence/ TDM forbidden;  Some through API/ TDM limited;  Some without a licence/ TDM unknown;  Problems of interoperability of licences Licensing practices & TDM
  4. 4. Legal Perspective EU Reform: Scope of exception for TDM  Beneficiary?  ‘Research Organisation’ – other, like ‘lawful user’?  Purpose of use?  Commercial/ non-commercial research?  Minable material?  Unrestricted? Or ‘only those associated with scientific publication’?