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The GMB Method: Key Values

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The GMB Method is not just a collection of bits and pieces from different sports; it's a cohesive framework for developing strength, flexibility, and motor control for any activity, and it's built on a foundation of five key values.

In short, there physical autonomy (fitness) is founded on:

1. Knowledge of Your Own Body
2. Progressive Skill Development
3. Focused Training Cycles
4. Goal-Appropriate Attribute Development
5. Social Responsibility

You can get short-term results by a variety of methods, but sustainable, healthy development of your physical capabilities MUST address all five of these values. Neglecting any one of them invites problems when you get busy, sick, injured, or simply have to prioritize other parts of your life for a while (such as after a change of career or the birth of a child).

To turn those values into a viable training system, our three founders have taken their combined decades of experience in gymnastics, martial arts, and yoga along with key insights from physical therapy and distilled them into a coherent system of training that employs the best thinking in modern sport science and educational technology.

What that means for you is clear, friendly instruction that lets you do the things you've always wished you could do with your body.

Get more info on the GMB Method at http://gmb.io/about/

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The GMB Method: Key Values

  1. 1. The GMB Method Our Key Values
  2. 2. Introducing The GMB Method ● Your body is how you interface with the world around you. Learning to use it better makes you more effective in everything you do. ● Physical challenges based in mindful, embodied, complex movements develop creativity, physical autonomy, and confidence. ● Life is too short to make your body an enemy, so allow your training to be fun.
  3. 3. GMB Programs Hinge On 5 Key Values 1. Knowledge of your own body - what you can and cannot do 2. Progressive development of movement skills covering a wide range of activities 3. Focused training cycles that build complementary skills and attributes over time 4. Training the appropriate abilities for the movements you want to perform without arbitrary fixations 5. Being able to fulfill your responsibilities to your family and society and have an enjoyable existence
  4. 4. + Origin & Development: Founder Background: ● Shared - Martial Arts ● Ryan - Gymnastics, Fitness ● Jarlo - Physical Therapy, Yoga ● Andy - Education Every program was created in response to demand - GMB is based on listening to what real people tell us they want to learn. Constant Improvement: ● 5 Years, 10k Clients, 20+ Products ● Active Solicitation of Feedback ● Frequent Iterations & Updates ● Public Case Studies and Reviews We are always learning from our clients and peers and using that experience to improve our methods and programs.
  5. 5. 1. Prioritize Learning Your Body ● Practice mindfulness in each movement ● Adjust daily intensity to your current ability and recovery level ● Pay attention to your own experience to develop self- knowledge and confidence in your abilities ● You mind and body need down time to recover / rebuild and process new learning ● Manage physical, mental, and emotional stresses
  6. 6. 2. Move from Simple to Complex Skills ● Practice and refine basic patterns to build the mind- body connection ● Simpler movements are inherently safer while developing new skills ● Keep trying interesting and more complex variations to keep things fun and avoid stagnation
  7. 7. 3. Follow Natural Cycles in Training ● Life works in cycles, so training MUST follow suit ● Every tool or tactic has advantages and disadvantages that can be applied strategically - but not all at once ● Skill work is applied strength work, so you never “lose your gains” with quality practice ● Focus on fewer goals yields faster progress on all your goals
  8. 8. 4. Develop Attributes for Your Goals ● There’s no level of strength, flexibility, or stamina that is appropriate for all people ● Develop the physical capabilities required to achieve your goal abilities ● Understand that being “good enough” at one thing lets you be better at another thing ● We’re all different, so find what works for you, and don’ t be surprised if your goals change over time
  9. 9. 5. Be a Good Person ● Training can’t interfere with your responsibilities to your community, so be sure it fits your social roles as well as your training goals ● We all have a different mix of circumstances, so comparing ourselves with others isn’t helpful ● It’s important to be a good person, and fully owning your body gives you more opportunities to contribute
  10. 10. Applying the GMB Method ● Just “knowing” the ideas that comprise this method won’t do a damn thing for you. ● Do, Notice, Reflect - then do some more. ● You must take responsibility for making quality decisions about your health and lifestyle. ● There’s no final goal - just keep taking steps.
  11. 11. + Put It To Work: 1. Accept yourself as you currently are, with all your limitations, obligations, and insecurities. 2. Commit to giving yourself a few minutes each day to explore what your body can do. 3. Pay attention to what you feel and where you’d like more ability or less restriction. 4. Focus on improving whichever goal seems most interesting or attainable. Please remember: ● There’s no reason to make it any more complicated than that. ● Just play your own game and keep playing it in whatever way you find most satisfying. ● Get help if you need it. That’s what we’re here for.
  12. 12. That’s all. Thanks for your attention.