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Content Curation

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On 7 & 8 june 2017 GO opleidingen | school for information conducted a workshop on the topic of Content Curation during the Acuril 2017 congres in Puerto Rico.

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Content Curation

  2. 2. If you have a mobile with internet access Please go to www.menti.com Network:Hilton Exhibitioners Password: ACURIL2017
  3. 3. Content Curation: What?
  4. 4. Content Curation: What? a strategy which organises, selects and modifies relevant information on a specific topic enriched with context, vision / meaning and presentation. It is not Collecting links Retweeten / share / forward
  5. 5. Content Curation: How?
  6. 6. Co
  7. 7. Content Curation: Why? - Goals Write down 3 reasons why you should start with Content Curation Thought leadership on specialist subjects Improving information services (internal and external) Show you are a trusted ‘filter’ Get people to your website Subscribtions to a newsletter Act as a filter in times of information overload -
  8. 8. Content Curation: Filter failure… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u06BXgWbGvA
  9. 9. Content Curation: Monitor results Check the results on a regular basis to be able to adjust your strategy to find out what works and what doesn’t work to justify the time spent on Content Curation
  10. 10. Content Curation: Topics Choose your topics carefully Do you expect enough content for a longer period? Does it have your personal interest? Are you able to add value?
  11. 11. Content Curation: Sources Identify the right sources and the experts or influencers Internal Research reports Whitepapers Articles Blogs Databases Colleagues External News Social Media posts
  12. 12. Content Curation: Sense Making The most important and the most difficult (time consuming) aspect of content curation: Add value or context Collect and combine Example: https://storify.com/mashable/brussels-terror-attacks
  13. 13. Content Curation; Guideline (by Harold Jarche)
  14. 14. Content Curation: Sharing Internet Intranet Newsletter By email Social Media And…….
  15. 15. Content Curation: Sharing Choose the right medium / platform for your content and your target audience!
  16. 16. Content Curator: Pick your platform Country Population ( 2017 Est. ) % Population (Internet acces) Facebook 30-June-2016 Anguilla 16,752 69.0 % 9,000 Antigua & Barbuda 93,581 87.1 % 50,000 Aruba 113,648 80.5 % 78,000 Bahamas 392,712 84.8 % 210,000 Barbados 291,495 78.5 % 160,000 Belize 353,858 46.6 % 160,000 Bermuda 70,537 96.3 % 39,000 Dominica 73,757 65.4 % 35,000 Dominican Republic 10,606,865 57.1 % 4,500,000 Grenada 111,219 50.4 % 56,000 Guadeloupe 470,716 46.7 % 220,000 Guyana 735,909 41.4 % 280,000 Haiti 10,228,410 12.8 % 1,300,000 Jamaica 2,970,340 53.2 % 1,100,000 Martinique 396,813 76.4 % 170,000 Puerto Rico 3,578,056 85.2 % 2,100,000 Saint Lucia 164,464 66.5 % 88,000 Suriname 585,824 44.4 % 260,000
  17. 17. Content Curation: Search How do you get the right information to curate? Know the right search strings Connect to RSS feeds, Google Alerts or Twitter feeds
  18. 18. Content Curation: Search Example: Search in Twitter: #Acuril2017 #Marc21 #SanJuan
  19. 19. Content Curation: Types of content
  20. 20. Content Curatio: Types of Content
  21. 21. Content Curation: Tools Top 10 tools in 2016
  22. 22. Assignment How would you curate this article on automated classification? How would you curate this blog on Acuril2017? 1. Select a target audience 2. Add information / context / personalize 3. Select a sharing tool
  23. 23. Content Curation: Planning
  24. 24. Content Calender
  25. 25. Content Curation: The Curator “a content curator continually seeks, makes sense of, and shares the best and most relevant content on a particular topic online. Content curators have integrated this skill into their daily routine.”
  26. 26. Content Curation: The Curator Name 3 skills a Content Curator ‘must’ have: Curious Conscious Quick in scanning / judge Proactive Creative Knowledge of target audience Knowlegde of choosen topic(s) Determined Tech savvy Eye for detail
  27. 27. Content Curator; understands his audience What are their wishes? What is their online behaviour? What are they interested in? What are their needs? Has your audience sufficient digital skills?
  28. 28. Content Curation: Do’s and don’ts Just start and get experience Involve others, stimulate specialists in your organisation Do not only send, try to communicate Keep up to date with new tools Add value if possible Credit the original authors Think about CopyRight
  29. 29. Questions? Have a look at the presentation again? www.informationhero.org/blogs