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Student management system

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Student management system

  1. 1. Student Management System Group Members : Adarsh Prasad Aditi Chauhan Aditya Gupta Aditya Gurjar Aditya Kishan Aditya Kumar Aditya Kumar Srivastava Aditya Thakur(TL) Ajay Janghel Akansha Yadav P. Rohit Paurush Ladia
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION The Student Management System can handle all the details about a Student. The details include College details, Course details, Students personal details, Academic details etc., The Student Management System is an automated version of manual Student Management System.
  3. 3. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTANALYSIS (SRA)1. PROBLEM DEFINITION:The College Management has to handle records formany number of students and maintenance wasdifficult. Though it has used an information system, itwas totally manual. Hence there is a need to upgradethe system with a computer based information system.2. EXISTING SYSTEM:All the details of the student are maintained in a singlerecord.So searching and upgrading the details is a tedioustask. Also there is a chance of errors.PROPOSED SYSTEM:By developing the system we can attain the followingfeatures:• Easy to handle and feasible• Cost Reduction• Fast and Convenient
  4. 4. 3. PROJECT DESCRIPTION:: The studentmanagement system allows authorizedmembers to access the record of academicallyregistered students. It Can be used in variouseducational institutes across the globe andsimplifies working of institutes.4. PURPOSE OF THE PROJECT:This projecthelps in maintaining the database of thestudents in any educational organization. Wecan easily access any students informationanytime and can be kept safely for long periodof time without any damage.
  5. 5. SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTSPECIFICATION(SRS): SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS: Operating system : Microsoft XP/2000/VISTA/Windows 7 Platform : C Language Application Software : MS Office 2003 HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS : Processor : Pentium RAM : 128 MB RAM Hard Disk : 40 GB Hard Disk
  6. 6. FUNCTIONAL AND NON-FUNCTIONALREQUIREMENTS: 1. Functional requirements: CREATION OF NEW RECORD: This function creates a record for a new student. DELETION OF RECORD: This function is used to delete the existing record of any student. UPDATION IN RECORD: This function updates the information in a record of any student. DISPLAY OF DATA IN RECORD: This function displays the record of the students. SEARCHING A RECORD: This function
  7. 7. 2.Non-Functional Requirements:A) Security:Only authorized users can access thesystem with username and password.B) Performance:Easy tracking of records and updationcan be done.C) User Friendly:The System is very interactive.D) Maintainability:Backups for database are available.
  8. 8. MODULES AND DESCRIPTION In student management system, we make use of the following variables: NAME: character type ADDRESS: character type YEAR OF REGISTRATION: long type ENROLLMENT NUMBER: long type ROLL NUMBER: long type COURSE: character type BRANCH: character type FATHER’S NAME: character type MOTHER’S NAME: character type
  9. 9. Reference:Website: www.google.com