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Gaia Education_Sustainability Education

Gaia Education promotes a holistic approach to education for sustainable development by developing curricula for sustainable community design. While drawing upon best practices within ecovillages and transition settings worldwide, Gaia Education works in partnership with universities, ecovillages, government and non-government agencies and the United Nations.

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Gaia Education_Sustainability Education

  1. 1. Gaia Education At the Cutting-Edge of Sustainability Education www.gaiaeducation.net
  2. 2. Gaia Education At the Cutting-Edge of SustainabilityEducation GaiaEducationpromotesa holisticapproachtoeducationfor sustainabledevelopment. GaiaEducationdevelopscurriculaforsustainablecommunitydesign drawing fromgoodpracticewithin ecovillages worldwide. GaiaEducationworksin partnershipwithurbanandruralcommunities, universities,ecovillages, government and non-governmentagencies andthe United Nations. www.gaiaeducation.net
  3. 3. Origins of GaiaEducation:Timeline Fjordvang Denmark 1998 Findhorn Scotland 2004 Galgafarm, Hungary 2005 Wongsanit Thailand 2007 Solheimer Iceland 2008 UMAPAZ Brazil 2010 Duemosegaard Denmark 2011
  4. 4. GEESE GlobalEcovillageEducators for a SustainableEarth www.gaiaeducation.net
  5. 5. What isan Ecovillage*? Anenergy-efficientsettlement An emission-freesettlement A quiet andbeautiful settlement A settlementwhichvalueswater A predominantlywaste-freesettlement A settlementofhealthybuildings A settlementofnativespeciesand productiveplants A settlementofcreativeconflictsolving A settlementofhumanvalues Asettlement ofoccupant responsibility Asettlement ofdiversity Asettlement on a human scale Asettlement ofshort distances Asettlement which uses as little space as possible *byDeclanandMargrittKennedyin1999. www.gaiaeducation.net
  6. 6. www.gaiaeducation.net
  7. 7. www.gaiaeducation.net
  8. 8. www.gaiaeducation.net
  9. 9. www.gaiaeducation.net
  10. 10. www.gaiaeducation.net
  11. 11. www.gaiaeducation.net
  12. 12. www.gaiaeducation.net
  13. 13. EDE 9 Faces10 Languages Ecovillagedesign EducationEDE:125hourcourse,carried outover 155timesin morethan34 countriesonsix continentssince2005.Morethan5000peoplehaveparticipatedin these sustainabledesign courses. UrbanEDE Indigenous EDE Vocational-EDESlum 3 MonthsDesign Studio GaiaYouth OnlineDesignfor SustainabilityProgrammes: OnlinePost-GraduatebyUOC in Spanish On-lineGEDSin English & Portuguese www.gaiaeducation.net
  14. 14. www.gaiaeducation.net GaiaEducation Curriculum
  15. 15. Endorsement ofUNITAR Official Contribution to UNDESD 2005-2014 Promoting a cross-culturalintegration of the values inherentinsustainable development into all aspects of learning- learning to be,learning toknow, learning todo, learning tolive together, and learning totransform oneself and society www.gaiaeducation.net
  16. 16. www.gaiaeducation.net
  17. 17. GaiaEducation “Learn how toDesign with the Best Expertsof Carbon-ConstrainedLife-styles” www.gaiaeducation.net
  18. 18. •Construction ofa solar water chatcher with PET bottles. •Cooperatives, alternative currencies andexchanges as economic alternatives. •Natural Building techniques with Cob. •SARARmethodology tosolve sanitation issues andrainwater harvesting. Mexico HuehuecoyotlEcovillage www.gaiaeducation.net
  19. 19. United StatesDancingRabbit •Vision Quest •InterPlay: groupconnecting and personal growth through embodiment exercises. •Project with a community business, analyzing the local waste stream for “upcycling” potential. •Economics for intentional communities. •Natural building practicum •Food lectures. www.gaiaeducation.net
  20. 20. • 3 design projects: urban,local &bioregional. •25 educators from national and international origins •200 hours ofactivities ofwhich 192 were curricular, 152 theory, 40 ofa residential internship and8 in open especial events. Argentina Espacio ECO www.gaiaeducation.net
  21. 21. • “Thisprogramhadexcellent facilitators;theenvironment wasvery inspiringandrelevant.Thebiggest strengths Ifoundwasthe experiential element oflearning.” •I”havelearntmoreaboutthereallifechallenges ofcommunity lifeand gainedanappreciationforthequalities andactionsthathelpa community become successful, particularlysolidarity.” Italy Federation of Damanhur www.gaiaeducation.net
  22. 22. •56 hoursoftheoretical-practical lessons, holistic design processes and 20 hours of practical community living trainingat the El Nagual Ecovillage. •Economic Dimesion: Solidarity and Love Economy & Social Business andyouth entrepreneurship. •Social dimension: Art, Ritual, & Social Transformation. simplicity and self-sufficiency •Worldview Dimension: Changing the paradigm ofEducation. Brazil Gaia Youth Cocriare www.gaiaeducation.net
  23. 23. • 24 participants representing 13 tribal women organisations. • EDEfor indigenous people. •Permaculture, cooperatives andbarter systems. •Deep understanding ofrespect andvalues India Orissa www.gaiaeducation.net
  24. 24. •Participants 14 countries from20 to60 years old. •Group games, participatory exercises, language comprehension andlearning styles. •Creating mini cob houses •Facing global challenges with innovative solutions. •Looking at economic pitfalls andpossibilities ofourtimes. •Sociocracy & Groupdecisionmaking ScotlandFindhorn Ecovillage www.gaiaeducation.net
  25. 25. ChileEl Manzano • Permaculturehands-on experience •Dragon Dreamingtraining •Design of human scale settlements •Leadership, facilitation & communication www.gaiaeducation.net
  26. 26. •32 participants : 11 women and 21 Men, Christians, Muslims and a full representation of all tribes in the Village. Age ranged from 19to 57. •Outcomes: to develop a plan for the Tourism Development of the area. •Economic dimension: Wealth Indicators activity. •Social dimension: support the existing social structures inthe Village •Workshops on Non Violent Communication & Womensupport groups. •Celebration in the form of singing, dancing and games. The Gambia Kartongecovillage www.gaiaeducation.net
  27. 27. “It’s incredible. It’s life changing. I think you’d be hard pressed to find someone that came here and didn’t learn something about themselves. I think you can learn something from every experience in the EDE course.” Nicaragua InanItah Matt Corso, 23
  28. 28. On-lineProgrammes • GaiaEducationDesign forSustainability-GEDS(English) ByOpen University Catalonia(UOC) • Post-graduateprogramme-GEDS(Spanish) BySpanish Open University Catalonia(UOC) • GaiaEducationDesign forSustainability-GEDS(Portuguese) ByGaiaEducation www.gaiaeducation.net
  29. 29. Academic Partnerships • Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul • UOC Post Graduate • Masteron Design for Sustainability Herriot Watt • Living Routes- Certified Programmes • Universidade Lusófona deHumanidades eTecnologias- MasterDegree www.gaiaeducation.net
  30. 30. Publications: 4 Keys Patronage&ForewordbyUNESCO Languages:English&Spanish www.gaiaeducation.net More information about the 4keyshere
  31. 31. Publications:Curriculum& Manuals www.gaiaeducation.net Gaia Youth Activities Guide Teacher´s ManualEDE Curriculum Available at Gaia Education Web Page & Kindle Store
  32. 32. Gaia Education Online channels 27.000visits to www.gaiaeducation.net 7´213followers https://www.facebook.com/GaiaEducation 484followers https://twitter.com/GaiaEducation New channels: 170page views http://www.slideshare.net/GaiaEducation 1´296page views www.gaiaeducation.net
  33. 33. Gaia EducationPartners
  34. 34. Thank you www.gaiaeducation.net may.east@gaiaeducation.net