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How to Build an End-to-End Process for Defining and Delivering on Outcomes

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When Customer Success has a limited scope at a company, it likewise limits the scope of the outcomes that company can consistently deliver. If the Customer Success begins after onboarding and ends before renewal, what sort of effect can your CSM efforts have on customer outcomes? It's absolutely critical that your success planning strategy encompass the whole lifecycle—end-to-end. And that's just for starters. In this session, you'll learn best-practices methods for understanding customer goals, defining them in concrete terms, and building a scalable strategy to deliver on them.

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How to Build an End-to-End Process for Defining and Delivering on Outcomes

  1. 1. 201 8 Melanie Brittingham Customer Success Manager How to Build an End-to-End Process for Defining and Delivering Outcomes Chris Eastman Sr. Staff Customer Success Manager
  2. 2. © Copyright 2017, Gainsight, Inc., All rights reserved Success Planning Capture client objectives and track progress as you help your customers achieve them Solution: • Capture customer objectives in pre- sales processes and hand-off to services and success • Deliver on objectives throughout customer journey and review progress at quarterly business reviews • Scale process with success plans and automated PowerPoint exports • Monitor progress towards goal attainment by tracking completion of customer objectives KPI: Retention, Expansion Current Challenge: We do a poor job of capturing our customers desired outcomes and prescriptively delivering value Required: Outcomes Suggested Add-ons: Sharing Sp 11 Success Planning
  3. 3. 201 8 CUSTOMER SUCCESS IMPACT & RESULTS 33% REDUCTION Red Accounts 10% IMPROVEMENT Customer Satisfaction 20% IMPROVEMENT Account $ Retention
  4. 4. 201 8 Onboarding Services: Benchmark & monitor account health, define governance & outcomes Adoption Enablement Services: Develop strategies to promote effective use of solution Outcomes Delivery Services: Track/measure results and drive business value realization 1 2 3 CUSTOMER SUCCESS FOCUS & METHODOLOGY Outcomes AttainmentAdoption Customer Satisfaction
  5. 5. 201 8 CUSTOMER SUCCESS AND THE CUSTOMER LIFECYCLE ONBOARDING ADOPTION ENABLEMENT OUTCOME REALIZATION $ Expansion Opportunity $ Expansion Opportunity $ Expansion Opportunity
  6. 6. 201 8 PRESCRIPTIVE EXECUTION, SUPPORTED BY TECHNOLOGY Prescriptive approaches, aligned to the customer lifecycle INSIGHTS & REPORTS Visibility into account health and risks OBJECTIVES & CTAsSUCCESS PLANS & PLAYBOOKS Execution management and tracking Automated in Gainsight Customer Success Platform
  7. 7. 201 8 SEGMENTATION DEFINES WHICH SUCCESS PLANS TO USE Insights & reports inform account segmentation
  8. 8. 201 8 Retention Plan Adoption Plan Expansion Plan Success Plan Types Risk Registry Preparation Performance Renewal New Advocacy Playbooks Commercial, Product, Project, Support, Adoption Governance, Outcomes, Communications, Training, Utilization Service Renewal, Software Renewal Software Expansion, Software Migration Success Story Scenario For all High, Medium and Low value customers to execute retention/remediation activities. For High and Medium value customers with a paid engagement to define and deliver against adoption goals. Executing these activities with unpaid/contracted engagements requires approval. For all High, Medium and Low value customers to execute renewal, expansion, or advocacy opportunities. When Define key steps to mitigating commercial, project, product, support, or adoption health concerns- leverage when account health is at risk. Define key steps to mitigating adoption and outcomes concerns- leverage when Assessing/Tracking Performance Define key steps to renewing existing subscriptions, identifying new opportunities for growth, or success stories- leverage when account health is healthy SUCCESS PLANS DEFINE WHICH PLAYBOOKS TO USE Retention, adoption and expansion plans prescribe standard operating procedures
  9. 9. Customer Success Story Video: Link here
  10. 10. 201 8 ACCOUNT HEALTH REMEDIATION1 Methodically resolved risks to convert account health from red to green in <6 mo.
  11. 11. 201 8 GOVERNANCE ALIGNMENT1 Established effective communication cadence and escalation pathways
  12. 12. 201 8 Increase Production Efficiency by 5% YOY Decrease Equipment Downtime Improve Operator Productivity Improve Site Performance Losses Improve Yield / Reduce Waste & Rework ObjectivesTasks Improve Visibility to Downtime Data Collect Data Automatically from Legacy Equipment Improve Predictive Maintenance Capability Train Operators on How to Leverage Productivity Solutions Train Operators on How to Leverage Productivity Solutions Train Management on How to Leverage Productivity Solutions Reduce Amount of Manual Entry / Improve Automation Improve Overall Awareness Across Teams and Functions Increase visibility to clean-in-place Create Standardized Work Processes Improve Process Control Reduce Material Shortages Improve Processes to Setup Equipment Properly Improve Raw Material Variability Reduce Losses in Changeover Improve Process Control Reduce Material, Personnel, Machine Variability Improve Visibility to Process OUTCOMES VALIDATION1 Defined SMART goals for future software implementations/POCs
  13. 13. 201 8 GE Digital has simplified approach to Adoption Readiness Assessment Surveys: PowerPoint → Operationalizing in Gainsight ADOPTION READINESS ASSESSMENT2 Helped account to understand adoption readiness compared to software implementation best practices Activated Survey via Gainsight CTA Emailed survey to account Facilitated survey completion & receive scorecard as Gainsight CTAs
  14. 14. 201 8 ADOPTION ENABLEMENT PLANNING2 Developing strategies to enable user adoption and business process implementation
  15. 15. ©2018 Gainsight. All Rights Reserved.©2018 Gainsight. All Rights Reserved. ADOPTION EXECUTION2 Tracking completion of enablement strategies to improve adoption performance
  16. 16. 201 8 OUTCOME TRACKING3 Baselining and goal setting for key performance indicators
  17. 17. 201 8 OUTCOME ATTAINMENT & VALUE REALIZATION3 Tracking improvement of key performance indicators via governance reviews
  18. 18. CASE STUDY RESULTS ACTIONS RECAP  Remediated risks and converted account from Red to green across 5 key health measurements in <6 months  Established SMART goals, governance & ROI tracking mechanism • Defining adoption strategies to enable focused POC deployment, supported by people & process • Measuring results to deliver outcomes! IMPACT & RESULTS  Upgraded support contract to highest level (ARR increase = $200K) • Adding new products to subscription (ARR increase = $300K) • Extending terms of subscription by 3 years ($5.1M incremental revenue)
  19. 19. 201 8 MONETIZING CUSTOMER SUCCESS Our process became the model for our tiered service offering – Acceleration Plans Customer Satisfaction
  20. 20. 201 8 CUSTOMER SUCCESS IMPACT & RESULTS 33% REDUCTION Red Accounts 10% IMPROVEMENT Customer Satisfaction 20% IMPROVEMENT Account $ Retention