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  1. Acid Rain
  2. What is Acid Rain?  Wet and dry deposition of acidic substances from the atmosphere  Rain, snow, cloud water droplets or solid particles – Sulfur Dioxide – Nitrogen Dioxide
  3. Where do SO2 and NO2 Particles Come From?  Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide particles are emitted from utility plants, especially coal-fed electric plants  Automobiles also emit acid rain causing pollution
  4. Measuring Acid Rain
  5. Sources of Acid Rain
  6. How Does Acid Rain Effect Our Lives?
  7. Acid Rain in the US
  8. What Can You Do?  Students can Use Less Energy…. – Turn off lights at home and classroom – Turn of computers – Ride bikes when possible – Use less paper – Use less water (conserve energy used to heat) – Recycle