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CPSO letters Aug Sept 2016

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They are murdering you all on purpose, in Ontario. The only place in the world that teaches this. A ten year old knows a breathing emergency is not a cardiac arrest.

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CPSO letters Aug Sept 2016

  1. 1. Hundreds ofmillionsof articlesin the medical literature respiratoryemergency,rescue breathing essential,patientslife dependsonthis ASAP. Chest compressionsonlyor full CPR is contraindicated. PublicHealth'straining literature found inthe following. My letterEmergencyMedicine NewsDec. 2015 p.31 Dr. Aaron Orkin et al. 'Developmentandimplementationofan opioidoverdose preventionand response program in Toronto, Ontario.' http://journal.cpha.ca/index.php/cjph/article/view/3788 My response above article Rescue breathingany respiratory emergency Signsof OD and proper treatment 234 Doctors other healthcare providersand myself,signeda letterto PremierKathleenWynne and Dr. Eric Hoskins (MinisterofHealth) April 26, 2016. Problem is these sociopath politicians seem to be the source of this malfeasance. See response from the Premier above link. Instructions Naloxone found here Ontario College of Pharmacists & Ontario Pharmacists Association June 2016 Correspondence from Public Health etc. One of my articles the 2015 ILCOR & AHA guidelines BLS891 Majority of harm is happening to non drug overdoses and no one says a word?? “Youwould thinkit brutal to withholdfrom the lesscapable [anyone] the air they need. The moment you begin discriminating against the less capable, you establish conditions that breed dissatisfaction and resentment:you invite envy,discord and strife.” Alexander Berkman “Life of an Anarchist” p.282 Stop feeding your women and children to a monster as it eats your very souls. Monster is just a bully full of hot air who lives in fear of wisdom.