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Companies Amendement rules 16112015 ( MGT 7 Clarifications)

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Companies Amendement rules 16112015 ( MGT 7 Clarifications)

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Companies Amendement rules 16112015 ( MGT 7 Clarifications)

  1. 1. [To be published in the Gazette of India, Extrao]dinary, Part II, Section 3, Sub- section (i)l GOVERNMET{T OF INDIA MINISTRY OF CORPORATE AFFAIRS otificauon New Delhi, 16.11.2015 G.S.R. (E),-In exercise of the powers conferred under sub-sections (2) and (3) of section 92 read with sub-sections (1) and (2) of section 469 of the Companies Act 2013(18of2013), the Central Government hereby makes the following rules further to amend the Companies (Management and Administration) Rules. 2014, namely:- 1. Short title and commencement,-(1) These rules may be called the Companies (Management and Adminjstration) Third Amendment Rules, 2015. (2) They shall come into force on the date of their publication in the Official Gazette. 2. In the Companies (Management and Administration) Rules, 2014, for Form No. MGT-7, the following form shall be substituted, namely:-
  2. 2. FORM NO. MGT-7 lPursuant to sub-section (1) of section 92 of lhe Companies Acl, 2013 and sub-rule (1) of rule 11 of the Companies (Management and Adminishalion) Rules, 2O141 Annual Return Form languase o English o Hindi Reter the Instructlon klt for flllng the form. I. RECISTRATION AND OTHER DETAILS (i) 'Corporate ldentification Number (ClN) ofthc company Global Location Number (CLN) ofthe company 'iPermanent Account Number (PAN) ofthe company (ii) (a) Name ofthe company (b) Registercd officc address (c) email-lD ol'lhe company (d) :Telephone numbcr with S'l-D codc (e) Websire (iiD (iv) Dalc oflncorporation Type ofthe Company Category of the Company Sub-category ofthc Company (v) Whether company is having share capital O Yes O No (vi) +Whether shares listed on recognized Stock Exchange(s) O Yes O No (a) Details ofstock exchanges where shares are listed S. No. Stock Exchange Name Code 2 (b) CIN ol'the Registrar and ]'ranslbr Agent Name ofthe Registraf and l fansfer Agent Pre-fill Registcrcd office address of the Registrar and Transfcr Agents
  3. 3. (vii) *Financialyear From E (DD/MM/yyyy) (viii) +Whether Annual Ceneral Meeting (ACM) held To E (DD/MM,"/YYY) OYes ONo (a) lfyes, date ofACM (b) Due date ofACM (c) Whether any extension for AGM granted OYes ONo (d) Ifyes, provide the Service Request Number (SRN) ofthe application form filed for extension (e) Extended due date of ACM after grant ofextension (f) Specify the reasons for not holding the same It. PRINCIPAL BUSINESS ACTIVITIES OF THE COMPANY "Number of business activities s. N( Main Description ol Main Aclivily group Business Aclivily Code Description of Business Aclivily 2 I . PARTICULARS OF HOLDING, SUBSIDIARY AND ASSOCIATE COMPANIES ONCLUDING JOINT VENTURES) IV. SHARE CAPTTAL, DEBENTURES AND OTHRR SECURITTES OF THE COMPANY "No. ofCompanies lor which information is to be given Name ofthe company HoldinC Subsidiary/ Associate/ Joinl Venture
  4. 4. (D *SHARE CAPITAL (a) Equity tharo cepital Nuab", ofclasses I Nurb", of"t""*" f] (c) Uncla$ified sharo capital Padiculars Authorised Capital Total amount ot unclassified shares (d) Break-up of paid-up share capital Particulars Authoris€d Capilal lssu€d cafttal Subecribed capital PaH Up capilal Totalnumber of equily sharcs Totalamount of equity shares (in rupees) Class oI ghares Authoriged Capilal lssued c€pit€l Subscribed Capital Paitl Up @nd Numb€r of equity shaes Nominalvalue per share (in rupees) Tolalamounl of equily shares (in rupees ) (b) Proterence aharg capilal Paaticulars Aulhorie€d Capilel lBsu€d capibl Subscribed 6pital P.il Up capital Tolal number of oreference sharcs Tolal amount of preference shacs (an rupees) Claas of shares Authorised Capital lssued c€pilal Subscrib€d capital Paid Up capital Number of Daeference shares Nominal value per share (in rupees) Total amount of preferen@ sharcs (an rupees) Total Nomlnal Amount
  5. 5. Equitv shares At tho b€ginnlnq ofthe v€ar Incraaao dudnq the i. Pubic lssues iv. Pdvate Placemenu Preferential allotment viii. Conversion of Debentures ix. GDRS/ADRs Docr6.ae durlnq the i. Buv-back of shares iii. Reduclion of share caoital Ai ths end ot the Preference shares Al thg bsqinninq of tho yeaa Increase durlnq the v6ar a. lssu€s of shares ii. Re-issue of forfeiled shares iii. Reduction of share At the end ofth€ year
  6. 6. (ii) Details ofstock split/consolidation during the year (for each class ofshares) Class ofshares (D (iD (iiD Before split / Consolidation After split / consolidation (iii) Details of sharevDebentures Tmnsfers sinc€ closure date of last financial year (or in the case ofthe first return at any time since the incorporation ofthe company)* E Nil lDetails being provided in a CD/Digital Medial o Yes o No o Not appticable Separat€ sheet atlached for details ofhansfers o Yes o No Note: In case lisl of transfer exceeds 10, option for submission as a separate sheet attachment or submission in a CD/Digital llledia may be shown. tr.rle rl P.evn .:i ;. rl.i
  7. 7. Dale of ReEstration of T..nlsler ' Eqr y 2- Prelerer,. Shit.es 3 Debsntures. { - Src,ck Number of Sln.eY Debenlue:/un.1s Anrount per sh.re/debenlurelu.ri (h Rs.) Le{qer Fol!l !i1 Trn|slercr Ledger Folo ol fransleree Drle al Rerrirrrt'on oi T.iinrfer - Equity. 2- Prele{rnre Shnies 3 - 0ebenures. 4 , Str'rt It ur'rber ol Shnre5' :rebenlure.r!i,ii An i,!rri )rr i arin-r re ri.rel!nrr Lrdger Folo ol Trrf;1eror Mrddte Nam Len-qef Fol! rl lfr r5Jerce MddteN!ft
  8. 8. Partcula]! Nunbe. oi untia Nomlnal value p.r unlt ToLl valuo Non-conwdible deb€ntures Panly convertible debgnturos Fully convertible d6benture3 Secured Loans (including int6r69t outsiandang/accrued but not dug for Payment) excluding deposits Unseoured Loans (including inter$t outslanding/accrugd but nol due for Payment) excluding deposits Deposit Tot l Odlla of dobontubs (lv) 'lndebtedness including debentur€s (Outstsnding as at the end of financial year) Cle ol Dobontubs Outdandlng r 8t tho brglnnlng ol th. yoar Incfaato durhg tho y..r Dac116 . du.lng lh€ yoar Outrt nding € at tho ond ot tho y.6r Non.conYo iblo dobonlutE P.rtly convedble dob€ntuE Fully convortlblo debentu|ta (v) Securities (other thstr sharcs aod debentures) l--l T)?e of Secwiri€s Number of Securiries Nominal V.lue ofe.ch Unit Total Nominal Paid up Vrlue of 6dch Unit Total Paid up Total V. *Turnover and net worth ofthe company (as delined in the Companies Act, 2013) (i) Turnover (ii) tt"ttno.tl of ttt"cffi
  9. 9. VI. (a) "SHARE HOLDING PATTERN - Promoters Total numbcr of shareholders (promoters) (b) :SHARE HOLDING PATTERN - l'ublic/Olhcr than promoters S. No. Cat€gory Equity Prererence Number of 6nar98 P6rcontag € Number ot 3nat63 Percentag lndividuaUHindu Undivided Familv W (i) lndian (ii) Non-resident Indian (NRI) (iii) Foreign national (olher than NRI) 2. Government i, I (i) Cenlral Government {ii) State Governmenl ( iii) Government comDanies 3. lnsurance comoantes 4. Banks 5. Financial institutions Foreign institulional 7. Mutual funds 8. Venture capital 9. Body coForale (not mentioned above) t0. oth"," E Total Numbgr of snarea Number of €hare3 Indivrdual/Hindu Undivided lndian (ii) Non-resident lndian (iii) Foreign national (other than NRI Govemmenl i) Central Government ii) Slate Government iii) Government comDanies Insu€nce companres
  10. 10. Total number ofshareholders (other than promoters) Total number ofshareholders (Promoters + Pubtic/Other than promoters) f--_-_l (c)'Details ofForeign institutional inyestors' (FIIS) holding shares ofthe company f] VII. *NUMBER OF PROMOTERS, MEMBERS, DEBENTURE HOLDERS VIII. DETAILS OF DIRECTORS AND KEY MANAGERIAL PERSONNEL (A) "Composition ofBoard of Directors C.t€Cory Number ofdir€clors at the beginniDg of the yerr Percert3ge ofshares held by directors ls st the end ofyerr Nrme ofth€ rII Drle of Co!.lry of of held Y" oI held Details At the beginning of the year At the end of the year Promoters Members (other than promoters) D€benture holders Financial inslitutions Mutualfunds nol mentioned above Number ofdirectors st the end ofthe year
  11. 11. B. BOARD MEETINGS *Number of meetings held E c. COMMITTEE MEETINGS Number ofmeetings held .:AT']'ENDANCE OF DIRECTORS S. No. Date ofmeeting Total Number of directols as on the date ofmccting Attendance Number of dircctors attended as Toage of total directors 1 2 S. No. Type of meeting Date of meeung TotalNumber ofMembers as on the date ofmeeting Attendance Numbef of members attended as o/oage of total members 1 Date of meeting Total Number of Members entitled to attend meeting Number of memoers wno attcnded the mecting o/o of total shareholding ofattended members Name ofthe Committee MeetingsBoard Meetings Whcthcr attendecl ACM held on (Y/N/NA) Number of Meetin which oltector entitled 10 attend Number of Meetin which director entitled to attend Number of Mcctin attended Vo .c1' allendan Number of Meeti attended
  12. 12. X. -REMUNERATION OF DIRECTORS AND KEY MANAGERIAL PERSONNEL E NiI Number of Managing Director, Whole-time Directors and/or Manager whose remuneration detaits to be entered E Numberol' CEO, CFO and Company secretary whose remuneration details to be entered | | Number of other directors whose remuneration details to be entered E XI. MATTERS RELATf,D TO CERTIFICATION OF COMPLIANCDS AND DISCLOSURES B, 'Whether the company has made compliances and disclosures in respect of applic€ble provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 during the year o Yes o No lf No, give reasons/observations S. No. Name Design alion Gross salary Commissi on Stock Option/ Sweat equity Others Total Amount Total s. No. Name Design ation Gross salary Commission Stock Option/ Sweat equity Others Total Amounl tolal S. No, Name Designali Gross salary Commission Stock Option/ Sweat equily Others Total Amount tolal XII, PENALTY AND PUNISHMENT _ DETAILS'IHEREOT
  13. 13. (A) DETAILS OF PENALTIES / PUNISHMENT IMPOSED ON COMPANY/DIRECTORS /OFFICERS Nil (B) DETAILS OF COMPOUNDINC OF OFFENCES E NiI xlll, Whether complete list of shareholders, debenture holders has been enclosed as an attachment O Yes ONo (ln caseof'No', submir lhedetails separately through the merhod spe.ified in insrruction kit) xrv. C0MPLIANCE OF SUB-SECTION (2) OF SECTION 92, tN CASE OF LISTED COMPANIES In case of a listed company or a company having paid up share capital ofTen Crore rupees or more or tumover of Fifty Crore rupees or more, details of company secretary in whole time Whether associate or fellow o Associate oFellow Cedificate of practice number I/We certify that: (a) The return states the facts, as they stood on the date of the closure of the financial year aforcsaid correctly and adequately. (b) Unless otherwise expressly stated to the contrary elsewhere in this return, the Company has complied with applicable provisions ofthe Act dufing the llnancial year. (c) The company has not, since the date olthe closufe olthe last financial year with reference to which the last return was submitted or in the case ofa first return since the date ofincorporation ofthe company, issued any invitation to the public to subscfibe for any securities ofthe company. Name of lhe directors/ officers Authority Dale of order punished D€tails of penarty/ Delails of appeal (if any) including presen Name of the company/ direciory officeB Date of Order compoundins (in practice certifying the annual return in Form MCT-8.
  14. 14. (d) Where the annual retum discloses the fact that the number ofmembers, (except in case ofone person company), ofthe company cxceeds two hundred, the cxcess consists wholly ofpcrsons who under second proviso to clausc (ii) ofsub-section (68) ofsection 2 ofthe Act are not to be included in reckoning the number of two hundred. Ooclaration I am aulhorised by the Board of Directors of lhe company vide resolulion no. f-----l oa"a (DD/lr[rryYYY) to sign thts form and dectare that allthe requiremenls of lhe Companjes FCfzul3-iiflfie rules made thereunder in respectoflhe subject matter of this form and matters incidental thereto have been complied wilh. I further declare lhat: 1. Whatever is stated in this form and in the attachments thereto is true, cofiect and complet€ and no information materialto lhe subject matter ofthis form has been suppressed or concealed and is as per the original records mainiained by the company. 2. Allthe required atlachments have b€en completely and legibty attached to this fom Note: Altontion i5 also drawn to the provisions of rection 447, sections 449 and 449 of the Companies Act, 2013 which provide for punishment for fraud, punishment for false statemont and punishment tor talse evidence resp6ctively. To b€ digitally signod by Director DSC DIN ofthe director To bs digitally signed by OSC eOX o Company Secretary o Company Secretary in practicc List of attachments Remove Attachment l This eForm has been taken on file mainrained by the registrar of companies through electronrc mode and on the basis ofstatement ot co(eclness give|| by the conrpany Membership number Certilioatc of practice nu.b", f-------l Attachments 'L sl of share holders, debentlfe hoLderc 2. Approvalletler fof extension of AGI4; 3. Copy of NIGT 8 4. Optional Allachement(s), ifany
  15. 15. lF. No. 0U34I2013-CL-V- Part-Il ,oro*o,., I iffl[=),. r".r, Note:-The principal notification was published in the Gazette of India,Extraordinarv part II,. section 3, sub-section (i) vide No, c.S.R. 260(E), dated the 31st l4arch, 2014 and subsequently amended ylde the following notifications:- Sl.No. Notincation Number Notification Date 1 G.S.R. 415 (E) 23-06-2014 2 G.S.R. 537 (E) 24-07-20t4 3 c.s.R.669 (E) 28-08-2015 G.S.R. 737 (E) 24-09-2015
  16. 16. sr.6r.fr. (sn{ir +' {l3rr{, 3rgrqnur, + 'Irrr 2, Eis 3, sT€is (i) d g-firq|{rq 'TT{d F{ifrt s,R*te 6,r{ t'elirq 3rft{d-{r a-€ ftitfr, artq/! aiiq{, 2o1s (3t). #fiq qr+n, 6qfi srfuF-{fr, 2o't3 (2013 61 1s) fi qRr 469 4I 3qtrm (1) 3ik 3:ctrm (2) + srq cldd rI|tI 92 €r sqrrRr (2) 3+{ scqnr (3) * 3rri-d r{c? ?rlfut fi rqla 6-{e g(' dfl-fr (eiirrd :lk wnrray ft{q, 2014 6f 3tt{ ftDtId 6{e * fr('BgrRfua A-{q rdr& t 3{ql-dj- 1. :dalq arq 3tr{ Eri$ - (1) Fd F-qdt ar +ifrq a +Tfr (edrrd 3it{ censd) ltrgtr riRntrfi fr{fl, 2ot5 tl (2) t rraq* d 3dt r+rard *r drfr{q 6f c-{.,r 6lir 2. +qS ludtra rllr csrRrfi) F-{q, 2014 d, r5c ffifua ysc {sr drazrr, :tqlE,- -6d-7 + €eT|;T q{,
  17. 17. ffi;t (*qfr gfrF-+o, 2013 fir entr 92 4t 5qtrRr (1) 3ih 6qfr (cdrrf, 3it{ csn*a) F-{q, 2014 + B-szr 11 * iqa-qq (t) * rge-w dy n6:q 3{Fn o 3it$ 0 fdfi siq lrri i frs frfn fu-d tdr t. @*,rq:ik r;q qlt (i) **qfr fr sRqtc q6-dta (s3{6(-O TirssT . ... (T6 fit) +c-fr 4I dft-{fi 3l_dRrfr (*a-da-d) {i@r ... .. .. . -.i;qfi F?TrS +gI (+a) Ti@r (ii) (O d;qfi 6r f,rfi . (u) {frSf,d *rqtaq or q;n, 1a)-+vfi +r 9-+e sng* (u)*rF&* +ts sFa ffir d'sqr (5,, qq*ll5c .......... ... (iiD F-rr{d 6r afts (iv)
  18. 18. {'r} 4qr +[rjil vnr{rifr {lrdl t 0 iil 0 ,',i6] (vi)*F{rr fit;sTrT cTEr FcFs Bfrry (fif"}]rqt) q{ et4{ qfi{d R;rr 4r H 0 6i 0 r6i (6)€drs frBrrq * cdt F-adi fT{ {fi{d t 1u1'&srrr ''i-r .+r,T{ur ;rff6d1 6r S:rt€r.n . . rT,t sn) lhefll rtr :+i.r*or :rft-aal +r ;rw rRrOr J{R .yi*q :rfti+at +t Grfi"aa *ntforq'ra{r (viii)* Fqr Ert** qririrrT .1fu&r"r nrdf;ia fr "r* 0 6r O ;rfr (fi)qts 6i, ll r.itr.Ia 4ir dr{Iq ........ tqlq*qa +l Fr"rd aris . (n €qr wfll'fr *. fa(r *|t qaq-dlel q6ri q{ iflc qr"-.r F Oei (slqE fl. .-ii lartm + fd(' sit "r(r 3Tri6fr 6I €-qr :r;Illrr €@r (a fiFr {i aqtt * c?qrd ('jlcq ff sr+o drfis ... (T6 fit) iq rS qftl a q-r"l * qnur frFfrsc *t rr. rq* h q-qq Fr{ER sr+m-firq -orccr mrffiI 4'r {i@r 6f+4aric 16 *is rrs +rtr+arq I +rcqrr *qr +r aol-q | +rfmnTc odfi Ffl +t€ql cht5 __1 l
  19. 19. m. frd*, 3t-{i"fr dqr F6ffi *cfut *t Efttfuqi (lrgTa 3c-q.{ strd) .tncfut frr {i@r fur*' hv q+ar fr affi t............... . qd ert) rv. d;qfr + siryT$, fldrr st{ ra wfu1fr+i 11 -stylor:in.f* Fl stnroT 3nr *S -AftIdz=rT -ge+a l-Ot= j-T. th* 8, t-dr ii*, ]_ _lL rlczt lt$ i- - r'- 1rw iiy i_l afi fr +icqr (q) afrara *+r.i* $&qra qHt fi +i@r $fuew eHi fi +a nft 1rw d) I I I
  20. 20. cril fi qsqr -qi-ffi qlq cfr ?tq{ (rq(' fr) $fuora elnrJ' Sr no rrfQt 6w i1 (Tl aaztr-g'a t+* {* crfuTd A=|--__; dr9'tqll LEEF*--- -- , ir@I{ e ry_t3l - f;t-1a Ts - --t-__--.1 {q} c-6.T etq{ n* 6I Fdaro-a iv. v|5ie +qnqfrl3rfufrrfl --:- vi. 3ndfud erq gre:q stq{ s{frFra ++t or +iy+f,a viii. EdT{ *r cn|T*a ix. fi*3tR^rs3rR x. 3rq, AEE 6t
  21. 21. i. ai{{ F-q q_dRr dFI{r +mr ii {rqqga a}+r iiit{{ {* d *-* iv g;q, hftffs-c +t s{ +' da iln sTfuqrd et{{ q{ + cris * Eq+ckn1G i.at{{} 6r ffi4-"r iicqqfd rMi ;Fr q;{: F-d|fa E{ + at{ra q-* ;. 9|a$ 61 alaa e}{{ s.r rdl h:ro-qmira t q6 ieHt ff €@r I viA etw 3if6d {-q ---,'-..-----^.-Bs{rrdq$fi * caild ilt+ri fr dsqr cfr t+< 3ifu-d qrq
  22. 22. (iii) frFA ffic s* * Farqa fr drts $ clTtt/fgfut * giil{vr s'r R-fiqT *T* fi ftrrrd d ffiff sft c-6-ff nz:J n qrq-e dh ....".. sFq Ifi$/fEFe.d *Bqr fr iqdErT arerqr dri sriTr h"lun o 6i 0 Tti 0 Etq ilfr 3iiluri * fu+tur * frr q?r6 q;n ridrd fr eF t o di o r€i riafra lHilBffi fir +isqr (STrrEr frqur:- 10 d 3rfu6 3id{uri ff {S + rrrqai d aqr +-{A + fA(r 1'6 qar6 qar Fdrrm 6{i + Fc f qr €-S/ BB--d mBqr f c-F-dd 6{e +r laqa frsrqr ar s+-ar Rr [T4icdlqfiaft€ l 1 srF?n 2. .rfuqrd g}{r 3. fuiT{t 4. €crq; nf* 1s. fr1 :iaRd ar ut.Tr c;fi r*ur + @qtur *t arfl-o Tlal -I-* +--_ _ Ieqq J lawa srdfid ql srar q€i 4tqfi ar#I c2rfr arq
  23. 23. {iv}* EH sFa ryrrrs-ar (ffic E{ ria 16' cs'r+ry {+'r$qt +t d@r :n4qffr+d-trq Bitqr arrm'qffr+f,frq Ed+t 1l1. cft-{Sdq ES-q{ oor:ri * :+qaffia rfra avr g+romGqr ;alr..f cFd d g€_E'dt_ aqmt * 3rqdft-a {ieTd {td {ur (qfirqricfteI.r aqra sFai' I dt {idTq ig i+ a 6y f ='-_* i lfaTc -__- LCl B.t{ti * dlt [e{+-; E t I F -.-- l:r+ivnra-i*r rn# dqft+ F-- . -- lTfriqffi tv)lrfr.s{frqr (erqri Jlh rMi $ ft-d) cF rr$ 3if6a TFq E{ * dtrm *'S 1 a*-+ aa *- I | {firqr l l_,__.1 t -i
  24. 24. v.*iic* 6'r aorqrrrrr*+ rifr s*-a ryv ftn-ff afrF-qq, zotg jf cftfil}d) (i) qrqRr+t........... (ii) d;qfi 6T {r6d {a........................... vl. {fi)*etq{tfifudr cfrqra - 'dc-q-+r d-qtr'-cri tr;( 3rhs{rF-d 3re-dr$ eTr.ifiq (('ilrffi6) RA3fr Gr;il{;g3r6 * 3rRR-{a) frhfr i4errrrd F-iem (iq{ rFdfua il&)
  25. 25. rtq{?rrfi'f *t Ea {e'n G-d-ht t 3rd|{r) rtqcrrfdl 4I *-a rieqr.............. ttqt trFd 4t a-o riqr (:irrs-+6+ qrffifi) (s) .rk{trftdr cftfla - qfufi' (c-{ddl +- 3rataT) etqRl 4t +qtus-/trq sB:nG-a +ea ii. :rc-cr$ arr&q iii. E*tfr 6'a:mrr$ * sftft-+a) ;. ffiq Tr{mR ii. {lcq TR-6R iii. srqrft dqfiqi frqr +qh-.ri ffiq ri€rr; fttsh TiT?rrfi.r F-dlm s,R{t-c F-ctrq /- -.+.--.G- ! trY< sr(-c1 trgd ch 3rfrftra) 10
  26. 26. (zT)r +c-* * ttw rnrq fi'd Er* fterft dRrrJrd F-+qrdt (s.run$r*) + o.{t(,,.......,........... sfrftqr) vrtl. Fierdt atr go* lrftr$ra *,rffii dre-+' (o)* frirro dsfr +r +{-fiil aq t.( f__-- - lqrfi6 lF{* i Fird-d-4it *T;--- LtBqtrr{m E{ + 3ia frilrot ar-srrl :t'E l}q{f cfrirtrdT ir.6 <rg inT tnfud r){{t 6rz vII* Tie-{#t, €-{€di futq{ rir{di f,r ds-qr re4 E{ fi srilr d frerrdt *f d6qr s* + 3id dfi frearot fr ,irerrt E{ :t'E '6rt-nrft I lt{- l6rfft 6rffi 4{- firffi +'.riFE-t6' s.ztr- rirc*+' n cfrAfua ft-{i qrn FifftEfi frirro l , q<n $t{ lqccltq dTrrn' 11
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