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Private Equity by CS Gaurav

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private equity by CS Gaurav Kumar Sharma. India
Finance market.

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Private Equity by CS Gaurav

  2. 2. Private Equity  Private Equity is an medium to long term finance provided in return for an equity stake in potentially high growth unquoted companies When is equity financing preferred? Over leveraged Inconsistent cash flows Difficult to meet interest commitments
  3. 3. Private Equity  Private Equity investments in relatively mature, primarily unlisted companies requiring growth capital. An asset class that involves value enhancement and high returns generation by sharing business expertise of the Investor complementing the Entrepreneur. Typical value additions from the PE Fund House could include Strategy Formulation Financial Formulation, Expertise and Global/Domestic Networks (including other investee companies).  Offer greater opportunity to exercise control over investments as compared with other passive asset classes like equities, mutual fund, real estate, commodities, fixed income- Active involvement and influence on the company, including board seat.  Each investment is backed by an investment thesis which plays out over a period of 3 to 5 year.
  4. 4. Process Preparation Investor Identification Term Sheet Final negotiations and Closing Understanding and evaluating historical performance Preparation of IM and Projections Industry Overview Identify target Investors Follow-ups Promoter Meetings Negotiate valuations Pre & Post Closure formalities Due Diligence
  5. 5. Our Services  Under Private Equity, we the TEAM GSA offer the following, With the in depth knowledge of international markets and the Reserve Bank of India and have comprehensive experience in cross border transactions, we assure to:  Assist in regular compliance of Private Equity  Advice on Relatively less expensive fund raising exercise in comparison to IPO  Maintain a check on compliance  Regular Updation on Private Equity related Laws  Fills funding gaps for long term capital
  6. 6. ThankYou For Further Details Contact :9990694230 Gauravdelhirav@gmail.com