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GA Worldwise COP26

GA Worldwise COP26

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GA Worldwise COP26

  1. 1. Display your pledges in school. This example shows how students at The King Alfred School, Burnham on Sea, made their Save the Planet pledges. ‘ … a small group of year 11 students … wanted to organise an event in school, aiming to engage younger students in the issue. They proposed a creative and enjoyable lunchtime activity which would get students to think about actions they could take to reduce their carbon footprints. With the Principal’s permission, we bought white tiles and borrowed pens from our science department so that students could design tiles with pledges on them. On 20th September the sun shone on our event as over 40 students designed tiles. We photographed the tiles and students took them home to use as coasters and to remind them of their pledges.’ Other ways to display your pledges SAVE OUR PLANET! – pledges for COP26 So much more than changes in the weather A call for all students in our schools and colleges to make a pledge to reduce our contribution to climate change. Make your pledge • Decide on a pledge – Resource 6 of the GA’s WorldWise Week activities has a range of links where you can find ideas for pledges. • Carry out a geographical investigation to identify how your action will lead to a positive contribution to the climate change issue. • Send photos of your pledges to the GA (info@geography.org.uk) – a selection will be displayed on the GA website. https://www.geography.org.uk COP26 is the annual UN climate conference and will take place in Glasgow, 1–12 November 2021. Governments and negotiators from across the world will meet to discuss how to keep temperature rises below dangerous levels and prevent the climate crisis from causing even worse catastrophes for the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people. The COP is a summit of all the countries which are part of the UN’s climate change treaty, the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change or ‘UNFCCC’. Find out more at: https://ukcop26.org