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Generous Geographers

Generous Geographers Panel Slides

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Generous Geographers

  1. 1. Generous Geographers Alan Parkinson GA Vice President Head of Geography, King’s Ely Junior “There is no delight in owning anything unshared” - Seneca Image: Gary Pearson Photography, Facebook On every image: “Please feel free to share”
  2. 2. I wouldn’t be here without... Steve Hanstock Tim Burt Vincent Tidswell Chas Arnold Ian Stockwell Liz Taylor Chris Durbin Kate Russell Val & John Vannet Noel Jenkins Tony Cassidy Rob Lodge Alan Kinder John Widdowson Justin Woolliscroft David Lambert John Lyon, Paula Owens & Wendy North Steve Rawlinson Mike Douglass Claire Kyndt & hundreds of others….
  3. 3. Sharesies GeographyPages - over 10 million page views Blogs - around 20 000 blog posts with over 6 million views Images - 31 000 images arranged in albums - 800 000+ views Slideshare / Scribd - over 500 documents, 600 000+ views Collaborative Google Documents / GA Website materials / TeachitGeography resources etc. Free resources for numerous companies & organisations & over 60 000 Tweets (joined in April 2008) Image: Gary Pearson Photography, Facebook On every image: “Please feel free to share”
  4. 4. Two (hundred) heads are better than one GA Conference 2013 Stressed the importance of SLN: Staffordshire Learning Network - GA Gold Award winning and predating other network sites.
  5. 5. Why share? Because we all have those moments when we need a hand Because it makes you feel good Because it involves you in our community of practice Because it forms part of your e-portfolio for others to see, and discover. Because sometimes you may even earn a little extra money to treat yourself.
  6. 6. Reinventing the wheel & building community
  7. 7. Ron Johnston “He never stopped writing: writing, for Ron, was thinking – never a simple record of what he had done. So he never stopped writing because he never stopped thinking. Writing for Ron was also living – once you knew Ron, you could hear his voice when you read his work.” Peter Wall
  8. 8. Why not? Because people take it and put it on TES Resources of elsewhere for profit and don’t share the money with you Because not everyone says thank you ‘Imposter syndrome’ Because you haven’t reached that point…. Yet… where you are happy to release something you’ve produced out into the world.
  9. 9. References Peter Wall on Ron Johnston: https://geographicalimaginations.com/2020/05/30/big-ron/ Two Hundred Heads: https://www.slideshare.net/GeoBlogs/2-hundred-heads GA Presidents blog http://gapresidents.blogspot.com LivingGeography blog http://livinggeography.blogspot.com GeographyPages on the web archive Twitter: @GeoBlogs