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Letting Go (Short)

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Letting Go (Short)

  1. 1. Letting Go A Short Film Written By Geoffrey A. Citron 09.19.07 Geoffrey A. Citron ElGringo@GeoffreyCitron.com WGAw: 1213125
  2. 2. BLACK: ANDREW (V.O.) It was unusually cold that autumn she came back... FADE IN: EXT. LONELY ALLEYWAY - NIGHT An empty city alleyway at midnight. The hum of streetlights. Scattered trash. A soft wind blows. ANDREW LARSON (28) bums down the alleyway with his head hung low and no destination in sight. The wind grows stronger. He bundles up. ANDREW (V.O.) ... and when I felt that first chill kiss my neck, I should have known she was there. He trots in silence for a beat. Then- A FAINT WHISPER. He stops in his tracks. ANDREW Hello? Nothing. He shrugs it off. Then- WOMANS VOICE (whisper) Andrew... He spins around. No one in sight. ANDREW Who’s there? Nothing. From further down the alley we hear- WOMANS VOICE (pleading) Why aren’t you here Andrew? His face goes white. He recognizes the voice. Chases after it. ANDREW Where are you?!
  3. 3. WOMANS VOICE (fading) I’m waiting Andrew... I’m waiting... Andrew trips and hits the ground hard. Looks out to the empty alleyway and barely manages to say- ANDREW Aimee... INT. ANDREW & AIMEE’S APARTMENT - FLASHBACK A beautiful brunette with porcelain skin and high cheekbones lovingly kisses Andrew. Her name is AIMEE HANNIGAN (24) -- the love of his life. The two roll around in bed. Giggle. Times couldn’t be better. Andrew looks deep into her eyes. And then- MICHAEL (V.O.) Andrew! Stay with me buddy... MATCH CUT TO: INT. ALL NIGHT DINER - MIDNIGHT Andrew zones out with a cup of coffee in hand. Seated across from him is his brother MICHAEL (21), a student-type with tired eyes. MICHAEL ... you’re zoning out on me again. ANDREW (deep in thought) I’m sorry. I’ve been off lately. MICHAEL You’ve been off a lot longer than that. Andrew takes a beat. Then- ANDREW She loved the autumn time. Remember? Michael sighs... Here we go again. 2.
  4. 4. MICHAEL Yes Andrew, I remember... ANDREW I still talk to her you know? That’s not crazy is it? MICHAEL I guess not. I mean she’ll always be there. ANDREW Yeah... what if I told you she’s been talking back? Michael’s at a loss of words. ANDREW Don’t look at me like that I’m serious here. I’ve been hearing her whispering at night. MICHAEL You’ve got to let go Andrew. ANDREW It’s not like that. She’s there Michael. She’s trying to tell me something. Maybe there’s more to what happened. The mix up in the hospital. Maybe there’s more to the story. Agitated, Michael tosses cash on the table and excuses himself. MICHAEL I can’t do this another night Andrew, seriously I can’t. There was a tragic accident. Aimee’s gone. There’s nothing more to the story. You just need to let go. Michael wants to say more but can’t. He leaves his brother alone with his thoughts. WOMANS VOICE (whisper) Let go Andrew... Let go... 3.
  5. 5. EXT. CITY PARK BENCH - FLASHBACK Andrew sits on a stone park bench - watching dogs play in a run. He notices a paper next to him. Reaches for it. Another hand meets his. It’s Aimee. ANDREW Sorry I didn’t know this was yours. AIMEE It’s alright - not my paper. How about we split it? ANDREW I can live with that. Their eyes lock for a beat. Love at first sight. AIMEE I’m Aimee by the way. ANDREW Andrew. EXT. CITY PARK BENCH - PRESENT Andrew sits at the same park bench. A newspaper floats on the ground before him. The entire park is empty. The paper’s front page reads, “Unusually Cold Fall Has City Bundled Up”. Andrew buries his face into his hands. Then- MAN (O.C.) Is that Andrew? Andrew Larson? Andrew turns to find a MAN (48) sitting beside him. Where did he come from? ANDREW I’m sorry do I know you? MAN Quit kidding around Larson. How’s things? Cold for this time a year isn’t it? ANDREW I’m sorry I really think you have the wrong person. I don’t know who you are. 4.
  6. 6. MAN Your memory can’t be that bad - I’m the senior citizen here. We just ran into your girlfriend the other day. Caught her show at the South End Theater. ANDREW Now I know you have the wrong person. My girlfriend passed away six months ago. The man’s face drops. He stands up offended. MAN If you wanted be alone you should have just said so. What an awful thing to say. He walks away. Andrew chases after him. ANDREW I didn’t mean to be rude. I’m telling you the truth. My girlfriend died six months ago and we’ve never met before. You have the wrong person. The man looks Andrew dead in the eye and calmly says- MAN There’s no mistake. You’re Andrew Larson and your girlfriend is Aimee Hannigan - she has a show at the South End Theater. We live in the same building and split cabs all the time. Andrew goes white at the mention of her name. Vertigo hits. ANDREW What did you... you saw her where? EXT. SOUTH END THEATER - NIGHT Andrew peers inside a small theater. Squints for a beat and then finds a billing on the wall inside. It reads, “Aimee Hannigan Solo Thursday Nights”. His world spins around him. 5.
  7. 7. EXT. MICHAEL’S APARTMENT - NIGHT Michael steps out of his walk-up apartment building bundled in his bathrobe. Andrew’s hysterical. MICHAEL Do you know what time it is? ANDREW She’s still alive. There was some mistake. I think she has amnesia or something. That’s why I keep hearing her! Michael looks up at his window then at his brother -- he’s lost it. He directs his brother away from the building. MICHAEL You came here to tell me this-? ANDREW She’s alive Mike. She has a solo act at some theater. She’s alive! MICHAEL That’s not possible Andrew. You need to let go. ANDREW I’m tired of people telling me that! It’s not impossible. There could have been a mix up at the Morgue. She could have had amnesia- MICHAEL And then walked out of the hospital to pursue a music career? Come on Andrew! ANDREW I met a man. He saw her. I mean he talked to her. I just spoke with him an hour or so ago. MICHAEL Andrew it’s 4 am. Anyone you talked to was probably a hobo. ANDREW He wasn’t a hobo. He was a regular guy. Michael looks up at his window. The silhouette of a women upstairs. Andrew notices. 6.
  8. 8. ANDREW I didn’t know you had a girlfriend? Michael gets on the fence. Walks away from his brother. MICHAEL This guy, whoever he is, maybe he’s a grifter. Maybe this is what he does. He saw the obit, waits a few months, and takes advantage. Next thing you know he’ll be asking you for money. Just let go Andrew. Michael leaves his brother in the cold. ANDREW Mike! I need you to believe me! WOMANS VOICE (whisper) Where are you Andrew? Andrew drags himself away. Head hung low. Alone. INT. MICHAEL’S APARTMENT - SAME TIME A woman we cannot see lies in Michael’s bed. He tells her from the door- MICHAEL He’s not ready at all to move on... EXT. CITY PARK BENCH - NIGHT A disheveled Andrew sits in the empty park -- waiting for someone... anyone. He unravels a newspaper clipping from his jacket. We can only make out “Two Car Crash Claims The Lives of”. EXT. CITY STREET - FLASHBACK A TAXI CAB is crashed into a FOUR DOOR SEDAN. An older TAXI DRIVER lays face down in a pool of blood. In the Four-Door, a YOUNG MALE DRIVER lays face down. Aimee’s on the passenger side, unconscious, bleeding in Andrews arms. 7.
  9. 9. ANDREW Someone help us! No one comes. Andrew holds Aimee close. Cries as she dies in his arms. She looks up at him- AIMEE Let go Andrew... EXT. CITY PARK BENCH - PRESENT Andrew cries with the crumpled clipping in his hand. He tosses it on the concrete. Throws a tantrum. MAN (O.S.) I take it you visited the theater. Andrew looks up to find the Man -- smiling, more confidant than before. Andrew RUSHES HIM. ANDREW What the hell are you doing to me!? MAN Relax Andrew, you’re doing this to yourself. Let go... (beat) Of my coat that is. ANDREW Who are you? MAN Just trying to help. You would have done the same. ANDREW What are you talking about? My brother says you’re a con man. I believe him. The Man laughs. MAN Your brother knows much more than he’s letting you believe. There’s more to this, Andrew. A bigger picture. ANDREW What are you talking about? 8.
  10. 10. MAN Believe me, Andrew. I’m only trying to help. ANDREW I don’t know what to believe. MAN Take your brother to the theater. Show him the billing. Just remember, he knows more than you think... The Man walks away. Disappears into the fog of dusk. ANDREW Where are you going! What does my brother have to do with anything!? EXT. SOUTH END THEATER - JUST BEFORE DAYBREAK An agitated and sleepless Michael waits in front of the theater. Speed walks to his brother. MICHAEL Okay I’m here. But seriously Andrew, this is the last time. After this you go and get yourself help. ANDREW This is the theater. This is where she is. He told me to bring you here. MICHAEL Who did? ANDREW The man I saw... the man from the park. MICHAEL That’s why you had me rush down here? Life and death, Andrew? You said life and death. The guy is conning you. Taking you for a ride. ANDREW You really think so? Go take a look inside the theater tell me what you see? 9.
  11. 11. Michael reluctantly goes toward the glass door. Peers in for a beat. Turns around. MICHAEL There’s nothing in there Andrew. The guy took you for a ride. You need to get some help and just let all of this go. ANDREW That’s... that’s impossible. MICHAEL Go take a look for yourself. There’s nothing in there. The place isn’t even open yet. ANDREW What do you-? Andrew rushes to the door. Looks inside. The place is empty. He can’t believe it. Then- Something catches his eye -- a sign he can’t make out. He struggles to make out the words -- “Future Site of the Andrew Larson Memorial Theater”. ANDREW What the-? He turns around. The streets are empty. Michael’s gone. ANDREW Michael? What’s going on? He inside again. The sign clearly reads: “Future Site of the Andrew Larson Memorial Theater”. Below is a picture of him and Aimee during happier times. He unravels the clipping from his coat. Reads the headline -- “Two Car Crash Claims the Lives of Musician Andrew Larson, Fiance Aimee, Brother Michael, and Cab Driver” The sounds of CARS CRASHING come from behind Andrew. He looks up to find- A Taxi slammed into a Four-Door. The Taxi-Driver is the Man from earlier. Dead. His brother Michael, the driver of the four door. And on the ground next to the passenger side is Aimee and Andrew -- bleeding, dying, and holding hands. 10.
  12. 12. PARAMEDICS are on the scene. Michael’s already gone. The Medics try to save Aimee and Andrew. PARAMEDIC ONE What’s the status of the girl? PARAMEDIC TWO She’s long gone. What about yours? PARAMEDIC ONE Almost gone but fighting hard. He’s really holding on tight this one. Andrew looks up to the heavens. Tears forming. Choking blood. He realizes what’s going on. PARAMEDIC TWO You think he has a shot? PARAMEDIC ONE Couldn’t say... Andrew tightens his grip around Aimee’s hand. Slowly moves his head to face her. She opens her eyes. They look lovingly into each others eyes as they face death together. AIMEE Let go Andrew... Let go... Her eyes close. She smiles. Andrews eyes close. He smiles. Their hands remain together for a beat. Then- The paramedics cart our lovers away -- finally breaking their hands apart. FADE TO BLACK. 11.