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Props clothing and location

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media a level work

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Props clothing and location

  1. 1. Props Clothes Location By George Gibbard
  2. 2. Props Throughout our movie we will be using a wide range of different props. One of the main props that we will be using will be an axe or knife which will be the weapon of choice of the villain in our movie. This isn't the only prop that we would be using we would also be using the phone as a way of firstly spotting the monster as one of the youth would be taking a selfie when they notice the villain in the background of the shot. Also there would be a bag with one of the youth which would further show the representation of youths. Also there would be a torch which would help with the dark conditions to see what we are doing.
  3. 3. Clothing The youths would be dressed in there everyday clothes this is because of them just being like a everyday youth. Whereas there would have to be a special outfit which would have to be bought or rented for the villain to wear when we are filming for our movie. The villain must be something out of the everyday ordinary as that is what people of our generation is scared of. The people of our generation are scared of being different so things that are different scare them.
  4. 4. location The location of our movie would be set in the woods this may be thought as being a stereotypical setting for a horror movie but why change what is working. There should be a small piece of an opening and should be surrounded by trees this would be the best setting for our movie.