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Tools of direct marketing

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Tools of direct marketing

  1. 1. TOOLS OF DIRECT MARKETINGMade by AlexandraGerasimova, 5401
  2. 2. DEFINITIONDirect marketing is one of the forms ofcommunications which seeks to cause action; formsdatabases about clients; influences separate layers ofconsumers; gives the chance to learn and analyze thereaction of the consumers to various offers.Direct marketing - Directly reachinga market (customers and potential customers)on a personal (phone calls, private mailings)basis, or mass-media basis(infomercials, magazine ads, etc.).
  3. 3. PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS• PROBLEMS– Cannot see andexamine– Operating costs– Low response rates– Intense competition– Image problems– Lack of comfort withinteractive technology– Privacy and ethicalissues• PROSPECTS– Segmentation andtargeting– Geographical range– Shopping convenience– Technological advances– Lower prices tocustomer is possible– Lower operating costsare possible
  4. 4. TOOLS• Personal relations with clients• Public statements• Use of recommendations• Personal sale• Catalog marketing• Mobile marketing• TV marketing• Webmarketing• Door to door contacts
  5. 5. Mobile marketing is an establishment of contactbetween the seller and the buyer by means of phone.Such form of direct marketing is especially effectivefor adjustment of primary). Its advantages – law costand high degree of personalization.MOBILE MARKETINGDIRECT MAILDirect mail is a direct post mailing which is a basicelement of direct marketing. The trick withachieving success at sales letters is to writecompelling copy that appeals to your targetmarket’s perceived needs and desires.
  6. 6. Webmarketing is an instrument of thecommunications which opportunities constantlyextend: make purchase, fill in the order form, evaluatethe products etc..WEBMARKETINGDIRECT MARKETING E-MAILSEmails may be a form of direct marketing or theycan be e-newsletters. The difference between directmarketing emails and other emails is that theyrequire an action now that can be tracked andmeasured.
  7. 7. CATALOG MARKETINGCatalog marketing is a method of direct contactwith buyers with use of catalogs of the goodsdispatched to clients by mail, or on sale and beingdistributed in shops. Catalogs can extend at officesand at exhibitions. It can also be ordered ininternet.TV MARKETING (infomertials)The buyer, having looked such program, can acquiregoods, by calling during the translation. Only thelarge companies, because of the high cost oftelevision time can use this type of direct marketing.
  8. 8. Mass sending of sms to the base of subscribersinforming them about new products, discounts,special offers etc.SMS-MARKETINGPERSONAL SALEA few types of personal sales: trade agents,seminars, exhibitions, consultants.
  9. 9. GOOGLE’S DIRECTMARKETING• ENVIRONMENTALGoogle uses FSC-certified paper for its direct mail marketingpieces including the envelope. By doing this, they are educatingpotential customers regarding their concern for sustainabilityand the environment.
  10. 10. GOOGLE’S DIRECTMARKETING• PUSHES TO USELimited time offers and limited quantity offers are often superiorways to generate a response, and the cost for the discount isoften much lower.
  11. 11. GOOGLE’S DIRECTMARKETING• EVALUATING THE RESULTSThe gift card included in the mailer has a unique ID so Googlecan instantly tell who has redeemed their gift card. They can alsoaggregate the data to determine how many recipients respondedto this particular marketing program and how much eachadvertiser spent.
  12. 12. GOOGLE’S DIRECTMARKETING• CUTTING COSTS USING A PRECANCELLED STAMPA precancelled stamp is a type of postage that looks just like aregular first-class postage stamp, but allows you to mail at thediscounted bulk mail rate.