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Gateway to Agile - Happiness and High Performing Teams

  1. GATEWAY TO AGILE Happiness Event
  3. GERVAIS, ERIC, DAVID Ø  Gervais Johnson, MATRIX, Western Agile Lead, Empower Agile Adoptions, Transitions and Transformations, 16 Years IBM tenure / Agile Thought Leader Ø  Eric Mittler, Wells Fargo, Manager for international team supporting Wells Fargo Internet Banking Services, evangelist for Speed to Market Ø  David Bellamy, CEO of Happiness Lab, focused on workplace happiness and well being of people within hyper-performing organizations Relevant Certifications: PMP, ACP, CSM, CSP, CSPO, LeSS, SAFe SPC4, ACC, CISP, ICAgile Coach
  4. HAPPINESS = PERFORMANCE Agile Ecosystem Thread #1
  5. Happiness Science Work Shop Debrief Dark Agile OUR AGENDA
  6. AGILE ECOSYSTEM Happiness Thread
  7. HAPPINESS = HIGHER PERFORMANCE Definition of Done Definition of Fun Jeff Sutherlands paper ‘Teams That Finish Early Accelerate Faster’ Happier People are 12 % More Productive You Improve What You Measure
  8. Why focus on Happiness
  9. “I want the best version of our employees to show up every day” everyone
  10. Engaged or Happy?
  11. Success, leads to happiness, right? We’ll be so happy when we’re done! We send rewards, praise & bonuses at the end. We take vacations after we finish.
  12. What defines your happiness?
  13. What happens when we’re happier? 43% greater productivity (Hay Group) 33% higher profitability (Gallup) 37% increase in sales (Shawn Achor - Harvard) 300% more innovative (HBR) 51% lower staff turnover (Gallup) 66% lower sick leave (Forbes) 125% less burnout (HBR)
  14. …and it’s not just about work “…Happy individuals are successful across multiple life domains, including marriage, friendship, income, work performance, and health.” - S. Lyubomirsky
  15. So we’re measuring happiness
  16. Understanding happiness and working to improve it will help companies, teams and the individuals within them it’s win, win, win.
  17. Transforming performance through happiness @happiness_guy
  18. Eric Mittler Tech Manager MA Psychology UMN The How of Happiness?
  19. 1 9 Assumption: You want to succeed and improve. Right?
  20. How do you feel?
  21. If you are not taking that question seriously, you are likely underperforming
  22. How does your team feel?
  23. Really? Have you asked?
  24. What are you doing about it?
  25. A lesson from Cooperative Learning Positive Psychology
  26. What’s the secret to increasing team happiness?
  27. Answer: Experiment & Iterate
  28. WHAT IS HAPPINESS? •  Eudaimonia word commonly translated as happiness or welfare; however, "human flourishing" has been proposed as a more accurate translation. - Wikipedia •  Joyful, Delighted, Smiling •  Challenged without being Stressed Out •  Feeling Good, Untroubled, Comfortable •  Empowered - A Manageable amount of Stress
  29. Stress BigSuperImportant DeliveryDay! Confidence Consider People’s Feelings in the Process 29 Emotion
  30. Emotion ★  Celebrating micro deliveries ★  Criticism is from people who care ★  Rapid corrective action promotes feelings of safety. Victory!Celebration Celebration Celebration Stress Success 30
  31. PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS 3 1 Experiment!!! Please don’t use Waterfall to adopt Agile. Continuity. You need a team that sticks together. Attain an Agile Mindset (Linda Rising -
  32. EXPERIMENT: STAND UP @ STAND UP •  Literally stand up (one leg?) •  Try alternative delivery methods (sing/ cartoon) •  Be Present, In Person (or on video) •  Say 4 things: 1) what you did, 2) what you will be doing, 3) What blockers you have, 4) Something cool you saw someone else doing 3 2 Pull up! You’re gonna crash! Why: Stand-ups move faster making team happier. People will smile more. Problematic/confrontations are made eaiser
  33. EXPERIMENT: PASS THE BATON •  At major ceremonies (Iteration Planning or Retrospective), practice “passing the baton” •  Cookie rotation •  When finished speaking, pick the next speaker by looking that next person in the eye and say “Vijay, so how do you feel?” •  Only the person with the Groucho Marx glasses gets to speak. 3 3 Why: Making meetings fun. Make measuring affect a natural part of the process.
  34. EXPERIMENT: LEVEL UP! •  Pair on everything! •  Rotate pairs every stand up •  Pick stories — never assign them! It’s more fun to race to pick a story than to have someone assign it to you. Just stop using the word “assign” or “assignment” •  If you don’t know how to do it, you are in charge. Only have novice people own Stories or Tasks that they do not know how to do. Then the expert, who does know, is put in charge of making sure the novice succeeds. Why •  Creates a supportive social environment. •  It’s OURS not MINE alleviates stress. •  The act of rotating/variety is fun. •  Having people compete to get to a story rather than a PM assign a story is a more happy state. 3 4
  35. EXPERIMENT: HEAT MAPS IN RETRO •  Agile teams write retro comments on red cards •  One observation per card •  Use the card color to indicate how you feel •  Voilà insta-heat map 3 5 Why Coders are often shy to say how they feel. Get a metric without much work & without being anonymous.
  36. EXPERIMENT: GAMES & BREAK TIME •  Encourage team to take an hour or TWO to play •  Get a ping pong table •  Have a chess board out •  Dominion! by Rio Grande FTW •  Get a video game console •  Geek out •  Have a public leader board 3 6 Why: Playing games, doing puzzles & sports INCREASES happiness, productivity, and the desire to be present.
  37. EXPERIMENT: STUPID NAMES •  Name your servers, projects, code names something stupid •  Nick names (can be self picked) for people •  Sum up your iteration or epic with a stupid code name (can be done mid iteration) •  Inside jokes the leadership team doesn’t understand. 3 7 Why: Make some future teammate unexpectedly laugh. Build a team culture. Make sure you are always respectful.
  38. EXPERIMENT: PRAISE & COMPLIMENTS •  In retrospective force grumpy people to assert 5 cool things that happen are allowed to voice a criticism •  A “cool thing” can be anything, can be silly or even gallows humor •  This will skew your heat map, but you can do math. •  Encourage an atmosphere of gratitude •  Ask why others cannot do that cool thing too 3 8 Why Praising others makes one feel good internally. It is nearly impossible to both wish someone well and wish them ill at the same time.
  39. EXPERIMENT: NO DUE DATES OR COMMITMENTS 3 9 •  Continuous Delivery Instead of Due Dates •  Commit to working hard = Happy •  Committing to completing a task on a due date = Stress •  Use math to predict feature completion WHY •  Committing to task completion on a specific date is stressful and naturally results committing to the least amount of work e.g. Slow to Market. •  Committing to work hard or harder than before, is empowering and happier
  40. EXPERIMENT: SAY PEOPLE’S NAMES 4 0 Why: Hearing your name engages you makes you feel included and happier •  Encourage everyone to learn everyone else name •  Practice the pronunciation of everyone’s name •  Learn something about everyone on your team
  41. EXPERIMENT: BREAK DOWN HIERARCHIES 4 1 Why: DevOps logic. Over time the team will all be raised up. Empowerment is a key to happiness •  Empower everyone •  Rotate leadership. Have novices lead •  Senior people do not lead!!! •  Senior people are in charge of ensuring novices succeed or fail gracefully
  42. EXPERIMENT: TECHIE TOYS •  Your coders should have kick ass laptops, two HD monitors and the fastest network connection possible. Certainly better than what they have at home. •  Telepresence robotic flying drones •  WiFi enabled expresso machines •  you get the idea 4 2 Why: Techies love environments that…wait for it…have tech
  43. EXPERIMENT: INNOVATION SPIKES 4 3 Why This engages & motivates Techies. Team discovers new better ways to work. Fosters happier teams. •  Have special stories in your backlog to research new tech •  Have special days when you go off your iteration stories to explore new tech •  Have moon shot projects that you expect to fail
  44. 4 4 Practical Experimentation Themes Note these themes in the suggested experiments 1.  Being Physical/Kenetic vs stationary 2.  Alternative & Alternating Communications 3.  Being Present rather than Virtual 4.  Adding Variety 5.  Increasing joy in others & respect 6.  Gamification
  45. All this stuff is just “nice to have.” Work is not supposed to be fun. I’ll wait until management tells me to be happy. I don’t care about success. This will never work.
  46. 4 6 Assumption: You want to succeed and improve. Right? Or are you just waiting to be told what to do?
  47. 4 7 How do you feel? cool cats code
  48. Questions & Answers Discovery
  49. POWER START •  P = Purpose •  O = Outcome •  W = WIIFM •  E = Energize and Engage •  R = Roles/Responsibilities
  50. WORKSHOP TEAMS Chief of Happiness Chief of Customer Facilitators Facilitator: Answer Work Shop Instructions, Gets Help Chief Agile Officer
  51. WORKSHOP DETAILS TEAM SCENARIO The team is not performing optimally, the Burn Down Chart, Velocity, and other management reporting is showing poor performance in all categories, thus causing unhappiness within the team and leadership. The team morale is low and the last retrospective illustrated very low Team Health. Workshop Summary:   Objectives to demonstrate how to determine individual and team happiness and to come up with experiments to improve team health and specifically the happiness level We will use the Retrospective format for team discussion and coming up with the 3 experiments The team will present their results to the entire audience Under performing team members Half of the team members has low motivation and morale due to stress at work One member has low motivation and moral due to issues at home Changing and volatility of success criteria During the last 2 Sprints the success criteria of 50% of the Stories selected are changing During the last 3 Sprints the success criteria of 20% of the Stories selected are insufficient UNRELAISTIC DEMANDS (MICRO- MANAGING) Since the beginning the Business executive has been demanding more completion of Stories per Sprint than what we have indicated can be done Over the last 2 Sprints the Product Owner keeps wanting to add Stories in the middle of the Sprint and does not take No for an answer Product Owner is not present during the Sprint Review  
  52. WORKSHOP DETAILS Each team will DESIGN at least 3 EXPERIMENTS to address the low Team Health and improve CONDITIONS OF TEAM HEALTH AND HAPPINESS. We are looking for Story level details. The team will present the 3 Experiments to the audience where they will be rated using the Happiness Lab   Team Presentation   Each team will present their 3 EXPERIMENTS to the audience.  
  53. WORKSHOP DEBRIEF Experiences Wow Moments Feelings Follow-up
  54. UNDER THE HOOD OF HAPPINESS LAB Feb 22, Wednesday 6 – 8 PM 601 Montgomery St Suite 650
  56. DARK AGILE Happiness Therapy
  57. MORE HAPPINESS = MORE AGILE Barriers to Agile Adoption can be torn down with happiness
  58. AGILE ECOSYSTEM Dark Agile is created by improper alignment and care of your Agile Ecosystem AND Unhappiness
  59. DARK AGILE PATTERNS Technocentrics Self-Absorbed Augmented Reality Laissez-Faire Grand Unified Theory
  60. TECHNOCENTRICS Too much Focus on Agile Practices and Tools Individual Collective (Limited) Interior
  61. SELF-ABSORBED Too much Focus on Agile Practices and Tools + Agile Humanity All Individual Interior
  62. AUGMENTED REALITY Little or No Focus on Organization and Culture & Environment Individual Collective (Selective) Interior
  63. LAISSEZ-FAIRE Insufficient Focus or Alignment Across Quadrants Individual + Collective Interior + Exterior Minimalist
  64. GRAND UNIFIED THEORY Too Much Focus on Each Quadrants, No Synchronicity Individual + Collective Interior + Exterior Extermist
  65. GATEWAY TO AGILE Roadmap and Interests Groups
  67. GRAND CHALLENGE Team to organize and operate grand challenge Prize $TBD
  68. EVENT COORDINATION Team to help with Meetup and Events
  69. SPONSOR MANAGEMENT Team to help with Sponsors
  70. THANK YOU Taste of Scrum at First Republic Bank Next