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GetEchoed Pitch Deck

GetEchoed Pre-seed stage Pitch Deck.

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GetEchoed Pitch Deck

  1. 1. GetEchoed The social way to act on your goals
  2. 2. GetEchoed – The Vision Our vision is to empower people to live their goals – super fueled by their communities
  3. 3. Let’s talk about the opportunity We have aspirations, dreams and goals…
  4. 4. Let’s talk about the opportunity We have aspirations, dreams and goals… That make us better at whatever we do
  5. 5. Ouch! That was not so simple... TOO BAD….
  6. 6. Ouch! That was not so simple... TOO BAD…. Most of us are in limbo…
  7. 7. What’s the problem? Structure Support Organizing thoughts is a challenge Lack of options to connect with similar people Inspiration Tendency to give up on first challenge
  8. 8. So, the Solution! GetEchoed provides people with the tools and the community support to act on personal goals Its about the journey; not about the destination
  9. 9. How did we crack the demon… Every goal is a journey. Every journey builds the user persona Achieve & Inspire Track Collaborate Goal Setting Commitment Category specific goals – begin with small ones! Inspiration on ‘Starter Goals’ Motivation People with similar goals / interests – suggest milestones, share learnings /pro tips Focus on what is the action for the day. Each milestone counts Achieve & Inspire Getting Back Prestige Completed goals / milestones are inspirations for the community
  10. 10. Why do people love us? Quantified - Measure impact Rewarding - Every experience leaves a legacy Personalized - Drive personal relevance Social! - Super fuelling community
  11. 11. GetEchoed – Comes to life
  12. 12. Who tried cracking the challenge? Direct Everest Bucketlistly Lift Indirect WikiHow SkillKindle Quora Wishberg Facebook Groups
  13. 13. What’s special about us? Understanding of the problem – Balance between personal focus and community as a driver
  14. 14. Some numbers… 80% social network users active on user groups 25% time on web groups by Indians 56% Non internet users active in groups
  15. 15. How do we make money? 3 Possible Sources Corporate Partnerships Employee engagement through team goals Brand Impressions Powerful impression compared to paid search Sponsored Challenges Brands connect with users at a value level through group challenges Brand and Corporate Partnerships to be driven basis verticals – once community behaviors are established Long Term Roof for thought leaders, corporates and brands to communicate with their audience by fuelling their aspirations.
  16. 16. Why Us? Tech Dude Ex Linkedin VIT, 2010 12+ years of experience Founders Product Geek Ex Aon LSR, 2009 Market Guy Ex CISCO MDU, 2010 Advisors Country Economist, International Growth Center Adviser, Population Foundation India Harvard University, Ex McKinsey Product Development & Communities, Brijj.com, InfoEdge India Ltd. Top 100 Brand Experts in world
  17. 17. Contact getechoed.wordpress.com founders@getechoed.com twitter.com/getechoed The social way to act on your goals – even the forgotten ones! facebook.com/getechoed pinterest.com/getechoed linkedin.com/getechoed