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MARKETING SMACKDOWN: Hiring In-House Talent VS Hiring A Marketing Agency

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You can't deny the importance of marketing these days, especially in the digital realm. Unfortunately, your business may have reached a bottleneck. Whether you lack the manpower, time or budget to implement effective marketing, you've reached a crossroads: Should you hire in-house talent or outsource the bulk of your marketing to an agency? Here, we list the pros and cons of each option.

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MARKETING SMACKDOWN: Hiring In-House Talent VS Hiring A Marketing Agency

  1. 1. MARKETING SmackDOWN ADVANTAGES Industry knowledge In certain niches, hiring someone who has specialized knowledge could be to your company's advantage. Finding that person, on a budget, might be the problem. FASTER COLLABORATION Having someone just down the hall to meet and collaborate with has certain advantages to scheduling meetings with the agency and doing most communication online. ACCOUNTABILITY You are able to supervise an in-house marketing associate and stay apprised of their daily work. COMPANY INSIGHT An employee gains certain insights into the company's goals and culture that someone coming from the outside might miss. $48,000 AN ARRAY OF EXPERTISE When you hire one employee, you are likely going to get someone who specializes in one aspect of marketing. When you hire a marketing agency, you get a wide range of expertise for about the same cost as hiring a single employee. MARKETINgtRENDS EXPERTISE A marketing agency spends a good deal of time tracking trends and trying them out for different clients. They bring that knowledge to the table when you hire them. A single new employee will not have that depth of knowledge. CONCENTRATE ON JOB DUTIES Marketing can take up a lot of time. In many smaller companies, employees who don't specialize in marketing can be drawn into the company's efforts. Hiring an agency takes all that extra work away, allowing your employees to focus on what they do best. FRESH IDEAS One of the pitfalls of an in-house marketing team is groupthink. That is when certain ideas begin to dominate the group, to the exclusion of others. This can be highly detrimental in marketing groups where fresh new ideas are critical for ongoing success. ADVANTAGES STARTING AT A YEARLY RATE OF Average starting salary for an entry- level marketing associate in 2016 was found at simplyhired.com. Yearly rate for hiring a marketing agency is dependent upon the agency and services rendered. $55,000 AVERAGE YEARLY SALARY OF GETROIONLINE.COM INFO@GETROIONLINE.COM 806-373-8700