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NIMA presentatie

The presentation that Gijsbregt Vijn gave during NIMA marketing day about creating brands with the power of story.

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NIMA presentatie

  1. 1. Creating brands with the power of story Lemon Scented Tea & The Brand Hero Approach
  2. 2. No battle, no story No story, no engagement
  3. 3. Find your brand battle!
  4. 4. Most brands are not crafted for consumer engagement
  5. 5. Gijsbregt Vijn Managing Director Lemon Scented Tea nl.linkedin.com/in/gijsbregtvijn twitter.com/gijsbregtvijn slideshare.net/gijsbregtvijn Who am I?
  6. 6. Click here
  7. 7. Our goal Make brands consistently exciting Incoherence Our adversary
  8. 8. How to make brands consistently exciting
  9. 9. The Brand Hero Approach
  10. 10. Find your brand battle What kind of hero are you
  11. 11. 90% of our actions are unconscious
  12. 12. We are run by our reptile brain
  13. 13. Hero Means Adversary ConflictGoal Universal storytelling structure
  14. 14. Universal storytelling structure
  15. 15. Click here
  16. 16. Brand Conflict Model Hero . Adversary Goal Means
  17. 17. Hero Ruler Rebel Find your brand battle What kind of hero are you?
  18. 18. Carl Jung
  19. 19. James Dean The sage
  20. 20. 12 Archetypes for brands Hero Caregiver RulerRebel
  21. 21. Colors Fonts People Moods Brands Campaigns The Sage
  22. 22. Every archetype has its own battle
  23. 23. Goal HeroAchievement Caregiver Equality and empathy RulerOrderRebelFreedom
  24. 24. Adversary HeroIndifference Caregiver Egoism RulerchaosRebelHolyhouses
  25. 25. Cross insights in the BCM y y g How and with what does the brand defeat the adversary? Why
  26. 26. The Nuon case
  27. 27. Brand Conflict Model Nuon Hero Nuon, the most responsive energy company. Adversary Treating people as a number, instead of a person. Goal Provide energy for everyone, in a way that suits them best. Means The ability to truly listen to what customers need and the ability to transform it into tangible solutions.
  28. 28. Hero Caregiver RulerRebel BCM, Archetype: Caregiver
  29. 29. The big idea: Luisteren geeft energie:
  30. 30. Click here
  31. 31. Brand world
  32. 32. Brand world
  33. 33. Brand world
  34. 34. Insights Waarderen
  35. 35. TVC Waarderen Click here
  36. 36. Nuon - waarderen social Nuon | Social campaign
  37. 37. NPS +24 Merkvoorkeur + 4% Significante churn verbetering
  38. 38. The Veloretti case
  39. 39. Veloretti | Mentality
  40. 40. Brand Conflict Model Veloretti Hero Rebel, the most free-spirited bicycle brand in the world. Adversary Beat your challenges. Goal Inspire the world to ‘ride’ with a sense of freedom. Means Amsterdam mentality Great quality product Cool design.
  41. 41. Archetype: Rebel Hero Caregiver RulerRebel
  42. 42. Ode to Amsterdam, bike capital of the world
  43. 43. Rebellious team
  44. 44. Click here
  45. 45. Veloretti | Social campaigning
  46. 46. Veloretti | Social campaigning
  47. 47. Sales went up by 40% during and 2 months after the campaign
  48. 48. Lemon Scented Tea | Creating brands with the power of story The Twente case
  49. 49. Twente | Quircky look on life
  50. 50. Brand Conflict Model Twente Hero Rebel. The most quirky region in The Netherlands. Adversary Self-imposed busy lifestyle. Goal To help people enjoy the (simple) things in life Means Knowing how to prioritize precious time to spend. Assets: Beautiful sceneries. Exciting biking area’s. Fun shopping streets. Interesting art.
  51. 51. Hero Caregiver RulerRebel Archetype: Rebel
  52. 52. Twente – tijd van ondernemers Click here
  53. 53. Twente – social
  54. 54. Increase of 7% in overnight stays in one year
  55. 55. Lemon Scented Tea | Creating brands with the power of story The Vrij van bezet case (Free from occupied)
  56. 56. Veloretti | MentalityK-Swiss | First leather tennis shoe on the tennis court
  57. 57. Brand Conflict Model Vrij van bezet Hero Neighbor. The most considerate Kingsday initiative Adversary Ignorance Goal Involving people in the act of remembering WW2 Means Our hands-on mentality. Assets: Creativity. Knowledge how to start a movement.
  58. 58. Hero Caregiver RulerRebel Archetype: Neighbor
  59. 59. Free from occupied film Click here
  60. 60. To take home • Find your brand battle (goal, & adversary) • Determine what kind of hero you are
  61. 61. To take home • Create the brand story for the long run • Bring the story to life in the total experience of the brand • And….
  62. 62. Make kick-ass creative work
  63. 63. Masterclass in september Storytelling in depth Brand platforms, communication concepts Content formats & workshops Sign up with Deborah: d.schussel@nima.nl
  64. 64. Thank you Gijsbregt@lemonscentedtea.com nl.linkedin.com/in/gijsbregtvijn twitter.com/gijsbregtvijn slideshare.net/gijsbregtvijn