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Access formal evaluation

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A brief presentation about the evaluation system at CCBEUFRanca for our Access students.

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Access formal evaluation

  1. 1. ACCESSFormal Evaluation
  2. 2. QUIZZES Quiz – mini-test to evaluate students’performance after each Unit. 15 – 20 minutes in class Grammar, Vocabulary and Listening Grades : 0 – 10 Average Grade : 7,0 Book 1 – Quiz 1 – UNIT 1 – May 10
  3. 3. EXAMS Mid Term Written Exam and Final WrittenExam One class period : 90 minutes To evaluate students performance: Listening /Grammar / Vocabulary / Reading and Writing Every 3 Units Grades : 0 – 30 Average Grade: 21,0 Book 1 – First Written Exam: Units 1, 2 and 3
  4. 4.  Oral Evaluation Ongoing Oral Evaluation for the Mid-TermGrade : students are assessed every class as tohow much English they use. If they use English all the time in class they get agreen mark for that day. If they are passive: they just respond to theteacher using English and always use Portuguesewith their friends (when they could use English)they get a yellow mark. If they refuse to use English at all in class –overuse Portuguese, they get a red mark.
  5. 5.  Teachers put this information in the computer(number or green, yellow and red marks) and thecomputer generates a grade : 0 – 10. End of the semester there is a formal OralEvaluation. A different teacher interviews the students basedon what they learned during the semester andassigns a grade: 0 - 7
  6. 6. APPLICATION Students get another grade 0 – 10 (application).This is based on homework assignments andALSO active participation in ANY activitiesproposed by the teacher to be done in class. End of the Semester: All grades are put into the system. Minimum Passing Grade : 7,0
  7. 7. ACCESS Everything MUST be done for EVERYBODY to besuccessful. No chance of REDOING Book 1. Any problems, difficulties MUST be solved withinthe semester.