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iExec: Blockchain-based Fully Distributed Cloud Computing

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Talk at the Etherreum Developper Conference. Presents our approach to build a fully decentralized Cloud Infrastructure based on the Ethereum blockchain and Desktop Grid middleware.

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iExec: Blockchain-based Fully Distributed Cloud Computing

  1. 1. Gilles.Fedak@inria.fr Haiwu.He@cnic.cas.cn http://iex.ec Blockchain-based Fully Distributed Cloud Computing
  2. 2. The Promise of Ethereum •  Dapps: Distributed Applications running on the Blockchain How to satisfy compute/data-intensive DApps ? Blockchain offer limited computing resources : storage is expensive, slow EVM, high tx latency etc.
  3. 3. iEx.ec Objective •  Provides Blockchain-based Distributed Applications access to the off-chain computing resources they need: –  Computing resources (CPU, GPU, storage) –  Data access (remote storage) –  Applications (compute and/or data-intensive) –  Services (deployed as containers)
  4. 4. Global Market for Computing Resources Low cost, Secure, on Demand and Fully Distributed Cloud Ethereum Blockchain
  5. 5. Towards Distributed Cloud Computing •  Benefits of Decentralizing Data-Centers. –  Be$er energy efficiency –  Data closer to the user •  Example of next-gen Data-centers •  Fog/Edge Computing 5G network -- In-network storage and processing a) Rutgers b) S@mergy c) Qarnot
  6. 6. Origin of the Technology : Desktop Grid Computing Using Idle PCs on the Internet to Execute Parallel Applications : •  Mature technology •  Advanced features: security, virtualiza@on, QoS •  Many applica@ons : Finance, Bio-medical, Chemistry, High Energy Physics etc… •  European Desktop Grid Infrastructure •  h$p://desktopgridfedera@on.org Book on Desktop Grid Compu@n. Ed. C. Cérin & G. Fedak, CRC/ Chapman and all
  7. 7. XtremWeb XtremWeb-HEP BitDew SpeQuloS MapReduce MPICH-V 2000 • 1st Internet P2P Global Computing Platform • Bag-of Task Application • Multi-users & multi- applications • Grid & Cloud • Highly secure • Virtualization • Hybrid public/private Infrastructure • Parallel computing • N-faults resilience 2001 2003 2008 2012 2010 • Big Data • 1st Implementation of MapReduce for Internet Computing • Large Scale Data Management • QoS for Best-effort infrastructure Building Distributed Cloud >1M€ EU FP7, ANR funding, ≈100 papers published Tens of users/applications: Finance, HEP, biomedical research…
  8. 8. iEx.ec Experiments Resource Management Middleware (XtremWeb-HEP, BitDew) Ethereum Blockchain Distributed Cloud: Grid5K, SGmergy ApplicaGons (non-blockchain based) E-Fast
  9. 9. Resource Management on the Blockchain Resource Provisioning Market Management Framework Matchmaking Task/Compu@ng resources Mul@ –Criteria Scheduling Result cer@fica@on Verified File transfer Resource Publica@on Resource Ontology
  10. 10. E-FAST : E-Services Framework for Knowledge-bAsed Decision SupporT in Finance Service Oriented Platform: Integrated, advanced tools to analyze financial market data, high-level services that automa@cally react to market changes and propose investment alterna@ves Data and Computing-Intensive Methods: Text-mining, Neural Networks and Gene@c Algorithms, enhanced by applying relevant findings from the efficient-market theory study.
  11. 11. Selling E-FAST using iEx.ec Customers access E-FAST services which uses iEx.ec for their execution: Only pay for resources when a service has been sold to a customer
  12. 12. iExec Testbed Grid5000 French Infrastructure dedicated for research in distributed systems: •  9 sites, 1000 nodes, 8000 cores •  GPU, Xeon Phi, SSD • 10Gb network • Fully reconfigurable (bare metal access)
  13. 13. S@mergy: install 10 to 100kW server rooms in buildings and coupling them with their hea@ng system to valorise the heat generated by computers while gedng rid of air condi@onners Using Stimergy servers as iEx.ec computing resources
  14. 14. iEx.ec Architecture (Envisioned) iEx.ec Sidechain (Proof-of-ContribuGon) Ethereum Blockchain Distributed Cloud Blockchain-based Distributed ApplicaGons (Dapps) Resource Management (XtremWeb-HEP, BitDew, Gollem, …) Sidechain for Cloud •  consensus based on off- chain u@liza@on of resources (Proof-of- Contribu@on) •  transcient informa@on •  specific workload •  par@al consensus
  15. 15. Proof-of-Contribution Ensures that action that happen out of the blockchain leads to correct token transaction in the blockchain Example: execu@on of a set of compute intensive task (Bag-of-Tasks) Dapp Ethereum iEx.ec sidechain Distributed Cloud transac@on Select resources/applica@ons Fetch& execute BoT Results cer@fica@on Feasability ? : * Asynchronous RPC •  GridCoin (h$p://www.gridcoin.us) •  Ethereum Computa@on Marketplace (see Github) •  Reputa@on + Result cer@fica@on (majority vo@ng, spot checking, blacklis@ng..) contract
  16. 16. Conclusion iEx.ec: Greener & Smarter Cloud Computing
  17. 17. Thanks to Mircea Moca (Universitatea Babeș-Bolyai) Oleg Lodygesnsky (IN2P3/CNRS/Univ. Paris XI) DACA, Wanxiang Blockchain Lab cryptofr slack team, chaintech, asseth