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Selling Price

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Selling Price

  1. 1. Price VS. Selling Price
  2. 2. Price Price is the initial amount that the company would like to charge for an item.
  3. 3. Selling Price Selling price is the actual price for which it is sold to the customer.
  4. 4. Importance of Selling Price The selling price must bring enough profit to the seller so the company can stay in business.
  5. 5. Competitor’s Price
  6. 6. What Customers Are Currently Willing To Pay
  7. 7. What The Item Costs To Make, Ship And Sell
  8. 8. Regulations, laws and oversight can affect what companies will charge. Governments Affect
  9. 9. Tariffs and additional taxes can significantly change prices Governments Affect
  10. 10. Increase Market Share Is the company trying to break into an existing market? Lowering prices usually helps.
  11. 11. Enter A New Market Trying to expand into new markets? Target pricing for new customers.
  12. 12. “Cash Cow” Phase Trying to build market share? Match competitors or lower prices below theirs.