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Indiana police conference presentation 6 18 (1)

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Glenn Max McGee presents at the Indiana Police Conference

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Indiana police conference presentation 6 18 (1)

  1. 1. SD + PD = X CELL: Case Studies in Collaborative Best Practices Glenn “Max” McGee, President Hazard, Young, Attea, and Associates maxmcgee@hyasearch.com www.glennmaxmcgee.com @glennmaxmcgee
  2. 2. • It was not long into my interview with DuJuan Green, Palo Alto High School’s School Resource Officer, that I knew he was not a typical police officer. Seconds after meeting me, he approached a troubled student, whom he had spoken with previously, and warmly greeted him with, “What’s up man!” followed by a big hug. • As we were walking away, the student turned back and said, “I’ll never do it again,” to which Green responded, “I trust you, man!” • Although Greene is a police officer, he treated the student like an equal, like a friend. Green did not act like he was simply enforcing the law, but rather like an individual trying to better his community.
  3. 3. • He told me a story about how a student stole a bike. After speaking with the student who took the bike, Green got the bike back and the student was not prosecuted or even detained. • “When they asked him why he gave back the bike he said, ‘The officer treated me like a human being,’” Green says. “I respected him, and therefore he told us what we wanted to know, brought the bike back and he and I, even to this day, are close.”
  4. 4. For today’s discussion • Issues • Suicide prevention, intervention, postvention • Sexual misconduct/Title IX • Attackers (knives and guns, wrenches and bats) • Threat assessment • Controlled substances • Themes • Communication • Collaboration • School Support • Potential Conflicts
  5. 5. • However, there is hope. This presentation will share some successful practices driven by courageous, innovative, compassionate, and impassioned leaders, teachers, parents, and students. These practices have made the schools more humane, healthy, and engaging. Strong academics have been sustained and definitions of success have expanded. 6 FROM
  6. 6. TO …
  7. 7. 8 “Experts agree that anxiety is reaching near-epidemic levels among young people, with as many as one in eight children — and 25 percent of teens — contending with diagnosable anxiety disorders.” <https://t.co/irGmPMjDOC>
  8. 8. 9
  9. 9. “Outcomes” of anxiety, depression, mental health struggles. … • Disengagement • Truancy • “School Refusal” • Substance abuse • Cutting • Hospitalization • Credible Threats • and worse … 10 Alabama 2020 Strategic Plan Goal to Reduce Truancy
  10. 10. 11
  11. 11. Suicide • Prevention • Vigilance • Hotspots • Means Restriction • Community Education • Connect • Intervention • First calls • Family updates • Joint releases • Postvention • Media response • Attend/convene community meetings • Supportive presence on campus
  12. 12. Means restriction: access to lethal means is a risk factor for suicide • 90% of attempters who survive do NOT go on to die by suicide later • Many attempts take place during a short-term crisis, so access to lethal means during these periods of increased risk is critically important. • “Access to firearms in the home triples the risk of suicide. This is true regardless of how the guns are stored or how many there are.” 14 Insert train track photo
  13. 13. Sexual Misconduct/Title IX • Between Students • Reporting outcomes of investigations • Communicating weekend events • TROs • Between Adults • Assessing impact on kids • Supportive Presence • Between Adults and Students • Informing of investigations • Importance of WRITTEN policies • Media management • Know your Title IX
  14. 14. Attackers • Knife Wielders • “Blunt Force Trauma” Weapons • Shooters
  15. 15. Threat Assessment • Inform • Investigate • Involve
  16. 16. Controlled Substances • Engage • Examine • Educate • Expel?
  17. 17. Collaboration: Parent Project • https://www.parentproject.com/ • https://www.parentproject.com/index.php/about-us/programs- offered/changing-destructive-adolescent-behavior Teaching parents to handle kids destructive behaviors of “strong willed” teens including: • Aggressive disobedience • Drugs and alcohol • Media influences • Gang behavior • Depression and anxiety • Failure in school • Relationships Police and school counselors lead parents through role playing, practice, sharing successes and failures and emotional support.
  18. 18. School Support • Ceremony • School Publications • Student • Principal • District • PTA/PTO • Invitations • Hand written notes • Nominations • More??
  19. 19. Resolving Potential Conflicts • Competing Investigations • Contradictory Policies • Parental access during interviews • Sexual Harassment v Assault • Arrests on Campus • Mixed Media Messages • Over/Under Reaction • Communication Breakdown
  20. 20. Clearly, DuJuan Green merits my strongest recommendation for the Floyd Ledbetter National School Resource Officer of the Year Award. I know you will have numerous qualified applicants, but I cannot imagine one that has served with both integrity, dedication, love, and joy in such trying circumstances or one that has made a difference to so many. I have no doubt that our students will remember him fondly long after graduation and that the many lives he has touched will continue to “pay it forward” with the lessons they have learned from DuJuan. Thank you for considering him for this most prestigious award.
  21. 21. Resources • Suicide Prevention Resource Center: http://www.sprc.org • American Foundation for Suicide Prevention: https://afsp.org/wp- content/uploads/2016/01/recommendations.pdf • PAUSD Toolkit for Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention http://www.heardalliance.org/help-toolkit/ • California Department of Education (AB2246 and Model Suicide Prevention Policy) https://www.cde.ca.gov/ls/cg/mh/suicideprevres.asp • Project Safety Net: www.psnpaloalto.com • Sources of Strength: https://sourcesofstrength.org/ • Max McGee • maxmcgee@ecragroup.com • 224.234.6129 23