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Global Expert Systems Inc Brings You Cutting Edge Educational Events

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GES is a Caribbean based executive training and conference company with offices in Trinidad, Barbados and Brazil. GES is experienced in delivering a broad range of management training events and conferences in areas which include: Communication Skills, Customer Service and Customer Relations Management, Financial Literacy, HR & Talent Management, Leadership, Marketing, Project Management, Sales Training, Social Media Management and Work Life Balance, among others.

An established training provider, we also offer in-house training services and consulting to the private and public sectors, and NGOs across diverse cross section of industries including Construction, Entertainment, IT, Finance and Government.

Our highly qualified network of global consultants provide training and development programs that seamlessly fit the organization’s requirements and culture. We also offer psychometric testing, a performance coaching service and facilitate group learning through our training courses and team building events.

We also provide specialized consulting services in grant proposal writing. We are experienced in working with Cultural Project Management, NGOs, small and medium sized enterprises. Our consultants have an impressive track record of grant proposal writing for funding agencies such as IABD, Caribbean Export, the myriad of EU funds, in addition to local and regional funding agencies.

We provide training consultancy services in the Caribbean and Latin America in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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Global Expert Systems Inc Brings You Cutting Edge Educational Events

  1. 1. Check out our latest conferences, seminars and workshops at www.globalexpertsystems.org www.facebook.com/global.expert.systems Follow us - www.twitter.com/glob_Expert_Sys www.linkedin.com/company/global-expert-systems-inc- Coming up: CaribbeanWork–Life Balance Professional Makeup Conference & Show w/Sam Fine – Aug 16, 2K14 Caribbean #Marketing Conference The Social Media Revolution - Sept 25,26 2K14 Tel: 246-271-7438 info@globalexpertsystems.org