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Global Vision Edutech | An Overview

Global Vision Edutech is amongst the best consultation firms in India that focusing their efforts on abroad educational programs along domestic recruitments and overseas immigration.
You can speak to us on our Toll Free 1800-103-9200 .

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Global Vision Edutech | An Overview

  1. 1. Global Vision Edutech with its incessantly outstanding performance in the global education, immigration and recruitment sectors is proud to occupy the forefront in its niche zones. Welcome To Global Vision Edutech Global Vision Edutech with its incessantly outstanding performance in the global education, immigration and recruitment sectors.
  2. 2. Global Vision Edutech is amongst the best consultation firms focusing their efforts on abroad educational programs along with abroad recruitments and immigrations. What makes us different? It is the ‘selfless service’ ideology that we implement through our organizational structure. We aim to not only understand the perspective that our customers hold but also analyze their needs and limitations in real-life scenario and lend them an impartial advice on all matters related to our business niche. To outstandingly serve as a partner in helping young minds seek the preferred educational institution abroad, making it easy for graduates to seek amazing and highly-paid work opportunities abroad and extending a hand of help to immigrants in seeking hassle-free immigration to the desirable corner of the world. About Us Vision
  3. 3. Why Global Vision Edutech Ability and flexibility to rapidly scale up or down in response to clients needs Access to large experienced and skilled workforce-service flexibility Accountability to achieve programmed process compliance Deeply seasoned in contract and direct Hire Over a decade of HR Staffing Experience Help client to focus on core business Help reduce to-go-to market time Strong retained organization Global State-of-art facilities Flexible geographic reach
  4. 4. Our Services
  5. 5. Immigration Experts? Immigration is not a quick and easy process, it is a time consuming and subject of concerned Immigration Department rules & regulations. Eligibility to migrate is based on your academic qualification, experience, age, language proficiency, occupation in demand, spouse, qualification etc. Our Immigration experts team comprises of real qualified, experienced, many of whom have served in the Immigration Department/Ministry at very high levels in the past as well, where you intend seeking immigration so that your cases are handled by best professional and who give you the authentic information.
  6. 6. Domestic Education Global Vision Edutech offers numerous courses in India for Diploma, Degree and PG Course in India refers to the post Graduate Degree Program offered in varied departments. The UG course in India is usually a three year degree program meant to append the potential of the aspirants. These courses are considered appropriate enhancing the techniques and skills required for a successful career. Numerous medical courses are offered by us from the renowned institutions from. These courses are offered by many Educational Institutes, Universities and Colleges, in order to make the individuals become proficient in the field of medicine. We ensure easy and convenient application, admission and other formalities.
  7. 7. Discover who you are by stepping out of your comfort zone. Change your understanding and view of the world. Experience a new way of learning & living Learn about new places and cultures Improve a language skill Meet new people Why Study Abroad?
  8. 8. Studying abroad is a life-altering experienced! A chance to learn about yourself and be independent. Gain perspective on your own country and culture. Learn a language in a country when it is spoken. International travel and study are fun and exciting! Make connections that can last a lifetime. Program work with any major. Unique academic structures. Top 10 Reasons to Study Abroad
  9. 9. Set up an appointment Application form Transcripts (Certificates) Processing fees Admission Processing Offer Letter Tuition Fee Payment CAS Visa Entry Clearance Apply for Passport IELTS/TOEFL may/may not be needed GMAT may/may not be needed Visa processing Process
  10. 10. Conclusion & Acknowledgement
  11. 11. Our Branches We Cherish all Interactions, You can speak to us on our Toll Free 1800-103-9200 or email us to info@globalvisionedutech.in Branch Locations:  Delhi  Gurgaon  Mumbai  Ludhiana Registered Address : Global Vision Edutech 817, 8th Floor, Devika Tower Nehru Place, New Delhi – 110019 Corporate Address : Green Boulevard, 6th Floor, Plot No.- B-9A, Tower – B Sector -62, Noida -201301  Kolkata  Amritsar  Morinda  Sri Ganganagar  Allahabad  Hyderabad  South Delhi www.twitter.com/EduGlobalVision www.facebook.com/GlobalVisionEdutech www.pinterest.com/GlobalVisionEdu www.linkedin.com/in/globalvisionedutech