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Gloob (www.gloobdecor.com & www.facebook.com/iamgloob) is arguably India's fastest growing Home and Office Decor brand. Based out of Mumbai currently has 300+ dealers and distributors pan-India (90+ cities) and in UK (www.spicydecor.co.uk) and Bahrain(www.gloobbahrain.com) and Nepal. A brainchild of entrepreneurs from IIT Mumbai and première design institutions. Gloob envisions to redefine the concept of décor in India and subsequently the world.
We are currently the largest manufacturers of Wall graphics(adhesive vinyl based) & Wall Papers in India, which are also our flagship products and are also are into manufacturing of a designer range of clocks, canvas paintings, sculptures essentially all items related to wall decoration. It gives me immense pleasure to launch our own brand of Wallpapers under the name of KEEMAAYA. Our wallpapers can also be customized to space and design and we are proudly the first movers in the manufacturing of it.

Gloob has also forayed into concept furniture accessories launching the range CYSUR which targets manufacturing and distribution of Italian and European style furniture at Indian rates and matching Indian cultural ethnicity.

We have a design portfolio of 5000+ designs and keep on adding 300+ designs every month (all additions are supplied to the channel partner in the form of an album). In addition by virtue of having an in-house design team we can even do custom designs keeping regional and cultural sensibilities in mind

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Gp3 part1

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