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Plugin Exchange

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Atlassian is updating the plugin catalogue and has exciting plans for how administrators discover plugins, and how plugin developers can promote new plugins. This session provides a sneak peek of the new plugins.atlassian.com and provides detail on plans for an updated plugin manager and plugin storefront.

Atlassian Speaker: Michael Knighten

Key Takeaways:

* Discuss Atlassian's plans for the plugin cataglogue, plugin browser and plugin marketplace

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Plugin Exchange

  1. 1. The Atlassian 
 Plugin Exchange Find and share Atlassian plugins
  2. 2. Agenda •  Goals •  Where we’ve been •  The Plugin Exchange •  The Plugin Exchange Manager •  Questions
  3. 3. Goals Strengthen the Ecosystem •  Make it easier for users to find plugins •  Make it easier for plugin developers to get plugins out there
  4. 4. The problem Good plugins are hard to find •  Scattered around different Atlassian and third party sites •  Infrequently updated, inconsistently displayed •  Little or no feedback for user reviews, amount of usage, etc.
  5. 5. Where we’re coming from…
  6. 6. And where we’ve gone…
  7. 7. Demonstration
  8. 8. Other Changes •  A single repository for all product plugins •  Plugin xml etc no longer served by legacy repository •  Developers no longer have to worry about editing XML metadata in SVN •  Confluence.atlassian.com (CAC) still used for documentation, not for primary plugin browsing •  Interaction with the Plugin Exchange Manager…
  9. 9. Plugin Exchange Manager •  Universal plugin manager for all Atlassian products •  Interacts directly with Plugin Exchange Server to query for available plugins, compatibility, etc. •  Allows you to browse Plugin catalog from within the application • Users see the same content, ratings, reviews and links that are in PAC. Authors only have to maintain one set of data.
  10. 10. Plugin Exchange Manager Demonstration
  11. 11. What’s Next? •  Ship Plugin Exchange Manager in products •  Take your feedback, improve Plugin Exchange website •  Long term - allow commercial plugins to sell directly from the Exchange •  studio.plugins.atlassian.com
  12. 12. Questions?
  13. 13. Plugin Exchange Extra Slides
  14. 14. Plugin Exchange Manager Manager in JIRA and Confluence
  15. 15. Plugin Exchange Manager Add new plugins
  16. 16. Download plugins
  17. 17. Search for plugins
  18. 18. Drill by category
  19. 19. Plugin details
  20. 20. Submit Reviews
  21. 21. haveasec.com/ summit SURVEY!!