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Churches Go Mobile: Apps, Sites, and Mobile Strategy

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Churches used to be on the cutting edge of technology—just look at the Gutenberg Bible or some of the longest-running television programs in America. So why does the move to an explosive channel like mobile seem so daunting?

We’ll explore:
• The ways your members are already using mobile
• The difference between mobile apps and mobile sites
• Practical applications of mobile in your church
• If your church is ready for a mobile strategy

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Churches Go Mobile: Apps, Sites, and Mobile Strategy

  1. 1. gobluebridge.com Churches Go Mobile: Apps, sites, and mobile strategy 1
  2. 2. Churches & Technology 2
  3. 3. gobluebridge.com The Message hasn’t changed, but the method has. 3
  4. 4. gobluebridge.com -AT&T and Ebony Magazine 90% of churchgoers say that mobile tech has a place in the church. -Lifeway research Only 13% of churches have a way for people to submit prayer requests online. 4
  5. 5. -Brandon Cox “When Gutenberg finished his printing press…churches utilized print media like crazy. When broadcasting took off, so did churches and some of the longest running programs on today are church broadcasts…But with the emergence of social technologies on the internet, we’re slow to adopt." 5
  6. 6. gobluebridge.com Line in the sand Churches go “prehistoric” and decide they won’t adopt new technology. D Resist & hold Churches resist the technology as long as possible, then adopt it only to find they are already behind in innovation. D Address & adapt Churches recognize the patterns in technology usage and directly address them within the church. 1 2 3 3 Ways Churches Adapt 6
  7. 7. gobluebridge.com How has your church adapted? Discussion (Post in the question panel.) 7
  8. 8. Mobile Today 8
  9. 9. gobluebridge.com P.C.’s Tablets Smartphones 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 200m 0m 400m 600m 800m 1b 1.2b 1.4b Mobile Today Connected device sales over time 9
  10. 10. 265 : 1 10
  11. 11. gobluebridge.com Church Mobile Statistics 85% of smartphone users would rather “give up drinking water” than delete their mobile apps. (Apigee) 91% of people admit their phone is within arm’s reach 24/7. (LinkedIn) The average American spends 2 hours and 57 minutes on mobile devices each day. (Flurry) Daily mobile device usage now exceeds time spent watching television for the first time in history. (Flurry) 11
  12. 12. gobluebridge.com Is your church meeting your members on the mobile platform, where they spend hours each day? Mobile Reigns Supreme 12
  13. 13. gobluebridge.com Mobile Apps are King 13
  14. 14. gobluebridge.com How Did We Get Here? 1990 Internet is created 1999 500,000 websites 2010 500,000 apps 2008 App store goes live 14
  15. 15. gobluebridge.com Native apps are faster and more intuitive EASE OF USE Apps link directly to features and tools users use most DEEP CALLS-TO-ACTION Apps do in 1 tap what mobile sites do in 20+ QUICK ACCESS Apps encourage commitment and repeated use ON THE HOME SCREEN Push notifications provide instant, actionable communication DIRECT COMMUNICATION 85% of users prefer apps to mobile sites CONSUMERS ARE THERE Why Apps? 15
  16. 16. Why do apps make sense for the church? 16
  17. 17. gobluebridge.com The Impact of an App • Increase attendance at events & programs • Share your message beyond the Sunday service • Ensure your congregation is always up-to-date ENGAGEMENT • Connect with a new generation of Christians • Establish your presence on mobile RELEVANCE • Spread your message • Give visitors a complete picture • Empower members to invite friends OUTREACH • Spread awareness about programs & ministries • Mobile tech helps boosts giving & attendance MINISTRY 17
  18. 18. gobluebridge.com Can you think of other ways mobile apps can help your church? Discussion (Post in the question panel.) 18
  19. 19. “We already have a responsive website. Why do we need an app?” 19
  20. 20. gobluebridge.com Nielsen found that smartphone users spend 89% of their time in apps and just 11% using mobile web. (SmartInsights) That’s great, but… 20
  21. 21. gobluebridge.com How many touches does it take to launch a mobile site versus a mobile app? A Touchy Topic 10 to 25 1 21
  22. 22. gobluebridge.com It’s not about choosing one or the other, it’s about choosing what comprehensive mobile strategy best fits your church. 22
  23. 23. gobluebridge.com Role of Mobile Sites Role of Mobile Apps ‣ Primary use: information and marketing ‣ Recruitment / first impressions ‣ Drive traffic ‣ Responsive is best ‣ Comprehensive ‣ Primary use: member engagement ‣ Retention & adding value ‣ Instant communication ‣ Fast resource ‣ Personalized ‣ Offline access 23
  24. 24. gobluebridge.com gobluebridge.com The Church / Missions Funnel Most Engaged Least Engaged Website Visit Social Media Email marketing Mobile app SEO, paid search, content blogging Church The Church Engagement Funnel 24
  25. 25. gobluebridge.com New Visitor Engaged Member Mature Disciple • Basic church info • Service times • Location • Culture & dress code details • Event info • Announcements • Digital bulletin • Sermon media • Online giving • Event info • Outreach & volunteer opportunities • Church news & announcements • Online giving • Digital bulletin • Sermon media Relevant info: Relevant info: Relevant info: Church Member Personas Regular Attender • Connection cards • Next steps to get involved • Class/group info & sign-ups Relevant info: 25
  26. 26. gobluebridge.com gobluebridge.c The Church / Missions Funnel Most Engaged Least Engaged Website Visit Social Media Email marketing Mobile app SEO, paid search, content blogging Church Goal: Move people toward bottom of funnel New Visitor Regular Attender Mature Disciple Who’s using your site and app? Engaged Member 26
  27. 27. gobluebridge.com Practical Application 27
  28. 28. gobluebridge.com • In-service engagement using: - Sermon notes - Fill-in-the-blank notes - Worship Info - More • Save on printing costs • Easily accessible for members wherever they are Digital Bulletin 28
  29. 29. gobluebridge.com • Keep members up-to-date with church events • Integrate with your online church calendar • “Save to calendar” function for users Events & Calendar 29
  30. 30. gobluebridge.com • Communicate Instantly • Updates/Announcements • Customizable • Segmented Push Push Notifications 30
  31. 31. gobluebridge.com • Sermons Series: - Video, Audio, Notes • Blog / RSS • Groups Integrations & Feeds 31
  32. 32. gobluebridge.com • Media Library • Ministry Directory • Social Sharing • Mobile Giving • Church Contact Info • Multi-Campus Support • Real-Time Updates And More 32
  33. 33. 33
  34. 34. –Robin Harper, Director of Communications at Southside Church “I chose Bluebridge because of the features. It’s not just a media player. It’s an interactive tool to help our members do what they need, while being able to share with friends.” 34
  35. 35. gobluebridge.com Why Bluebridge? The Bluebridge Advantage • One-of-a-kind platform • Always-current design • Continual updates MOBILE APP EXCELLENCE • Dedicated mobile strategist • Launch & promotion plan • Unlimited training & support MOBILE APP SUCCESS • A partner, not a vendor • We’ll lead you in mobile • 90-Day guarantee BLUEBRIDGE PROMISE 35
  36. 36. gobluebridge.com Summary 36 Mobile Revolution Mobile apps are leading the charge Technology Adoption Church used to be cutting edge, but not recently Impact of an App Engagement Outreach Relevance Ministry Personas & Funnel New Visitor Regular Attender Engaged Member Mature Disciple 1 2 43
  37. 37. gobluebridge.com 10 Free Strategy Sessions Interested? Leave your email in the question panel 37
  38. 38. gobluebridge.com Thank you! 38
  39. 39. gobluebridge.com Q & A Session Questions? Ask in the question panel! 39