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Presentation of YARIS platform

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YARIS (Yaounde Architecture Regional Information System) is a web-based platform to share and analyse information within the 27 maritime centres of the Gulf of Guinea

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Presentation of YARIS platform

  1. 1. STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL This document is restricted. Publishing or transcription is not allowed without written consent from the ZXS Consortium YARIS Presentation Lisbon, March 19th 2020 GoGIN project Prepared for: YAOUNDÉ ARCHITECTURE REGIONAL INFORMATION SYSTEM (YARIS)
  2. 2. YARIS presentation – 2020/03/19 2 DOCUMENT STRUCTURE 1. System Overview 2. Schedule and Milestones 3. Present status 4. Next Steps
  3. 3. YARIS presentation – 2020/03/19 3 YARIS Solution • Integrate multiple regional sources of maritime information and the Seavision and provides a common view to all Yaoundé Operational Centres • Provide a powerful, scalable and robust YARIS platform • Powerful geographical package to support the frontend applications • Powerful and efficient analysis architecture • Proofed Solution for Radar/AIS and SAT-AIS Processing • Capable of providing data to external systems • Use of open source proven platform and products • Security and encryption SYSTEM OVERVIEW Main Goals YARIS Scope & Sizing • 19 GoG countries • Up to 27 Yaoundé OP Centres • 15 operators (average per centre) • Up to 10 Up to national OP Centres per country • 10 operators (average per centre) • 3500 users (up to) • 350 users permanently on-line YARIS Yaounde Architecture Regional Information System (YARIS) will empower the maritime community of the Golf of Guinea Interregional Network ( GoGIN) to control maritime activity, based on a technical solution that enables all operations centres and organizations belonging to the Yaoundé Architecture to compile, analyse and exchange relevant information with each other in a seamless manner. After the GoGIN project is over, YARIS will continue supporting the Yaoundé maritime operations, in the same manner as it has been developed during the GoGIN project
  4. 4. YARIS presentation – 2020/03/19 4 YARIS MODULES Portal Portal provides users with a single, customized entry point to YARIS network-based applications Light MSA The Light Maritime situational awareness (MSA) is a downsized version of the MSA web application, with limited functionalities to be less demanding in bandwidth requirements. MSA The Maritime situational awareness is a web application, that enables the creation and exchange of maritime information among OP Centers and the different users and with a tight integration with Chat and Log. Chat Chat is a simple to use collaborative application, allowing instant messaging and other facilities. Log Log application will store a chronology of certain events for administrative and legal purposes Analysis Application The analysis application allows data insights, performing super-fast data extractions from virtually all structured or unstructured data sources using stored long-term real time information Monitoring App Monitoring tool application supervises all system functions and performances AIS/RADAR Hub The Radar/AIS integration processing Hub Unit is a market proven standalone real-time information collecting system, comprehensively adapted for Radar/AIS formats. SYSTEM OVERVIEW Architectural and functional diagram Powerful, Scalable and Robust YARIS architecture, based on a cutting- edge Portal used as an application infrastructure umbrella solution to access all applications and functionalities Seavision
  5. 5. YARIS presentation – 2020/03/19 5 The portal is the YARIS entry point and the operational workspace allowing access to all functions as news, general useful information, communications and network-based applications SYSTEM OVERVIEW • The portal provides a set of common public information related with the situation and events in the region • A public forum is provided to discuss topics of general interest to all authorized users • The Private Area is accessed through a common Authentication mechanism and provide access to all applications • The content of each center private pages are controlled by specific user through a portal´s restricted area • All authenticated users access the YARIS applications according to their predefined role. • At an Operational Level, a set of applications are available, including (i) MSA with map display and aggregated tracks and capabilities to create graphical objects /contents, (ii) group chats and (iii) log registry. • At a Strategic Level, the Analysis application provides a set of preformatted reports and the capability to build customized analysis. One Page per Center All Users Only Authenticated Users Tools • News • Status of YARIS nodes • General statistical information about the information exchanged • Restricted information on current operations and exercises, logistics, intelligence (SITREPs), communications information, policies, address books, etc • Private foruns • News Page (automatically from the available in the centers) • Best practices • Exercises • Regional warnings and situational statuses • General intelligence • Areas of interest in the internet • Situation of ports in the region • Public forums • Weather and other meteorological information Public Area • YARIS Operational Applications (Maritime Support Application, Chat, Log, Chat) Light MSA/MSA Chat Log Private Areas Analysis Application • YARIS Analysis Applications • Other tools (Helpdesk, Training and Education, webmail, other possibly available services
  6. 6. YARIS presentation – 2020/03/19 6 Operational Tools SYSTEM OVERVIEW • At Operational level, the YARIS will provide three OP Tools (Light MSA/MSA, Chat and Log) to support users across the region. • The Light MSA/MSA is a customized geographical information tool providing preformatted map layers on top of which, vessel tracks are displayed mapping AIS/Sat-AIS/Radar and NIWC Seavision external information. Users may create new layers, views and smart-layers as well as share information with other users and organizations. Built-in alerts warn operators as specific situations arise requiring their attention or response. • The Chat is a customized tool providing individual and group chats, both ad-hoc or related with specific operational situation. Users can attach different format files to a chat. • The Log is a customized tool to create awareness of threats and the corresponding follow-up, keeping track of the entire threat picture through events and comments, and providing means of decision to authorized users. Light MSA/MSA • Visualization of Toponymy, Coastal Lines, maritime and navigation information (buoys, etc) • Display of AIS/Sat-AIS/Radar/Seavision Vessel positions and history • Own information layers (points, lines, polygons, circles, images) • Dynamic layers (Smart Layers) with rules • Information sharing with other Users and Centres. • Creation of Operational Situations with Chat and Log • Information available according to user sensitivity level • Light MSA is a low latency/bandwidth specially adapted application Chat • Single and Group chat • Control of users authorized in the chat session • Chat about an Operational Situation with other users • Attach files to a chat session Log • Creation of Situation Logs with controlled access • Information available according to user sensitivity level • Different visualization colors according to the sensitivity level of the information • Normal and Decision Events in a situation Log • Comments in a Event • Attach files to • Situational Log about an Operational Situation with other users
  7. 7. YARIS presentation – 2020/03/19 7 Strategic Tools SYSTEM OVERVIEW • At a Strategic level, the YARIS includes a powerful Analysis Framework that will be customized to provide an Analysis application to the users across the region • The analysis framework provides a rich suite of tools to view, manage, analyze and share operational data. The analysis framework will be the source of information to be shared with external systems. • The Analysis application offers to intelligence officers the capacity of information deep analysis dive to retrieve a build a clear vision on past situations to react / resolve anomalies. Analysis Application • Indicators about Maritime Awareness • Geographical display of vessel tracks • Search history data • Custom made queries • Share information with external
  8. 8. YARIS presentation – 2020/03/19 14 Splendid Advice is an IT Consulting and Software House company funded in 2013 with experience in the sector of Maritime Systems and data integration. The company was responsible for all upgrades of the Portuguese SafeSeaNet data exchange system since 2013, and also for the integration of AIS, Radar and vessel data from the Portuguese VTS system with GNR UCC’s SIVICC system. The company´s track record also includes the provision of consultancy services and system integration. Xsealence specializes in Maritime Command, Control and Monitoring Solutions. Xsealence provides complete solutions for command, control and monitoring of maritime applications, both civilian and military. These solutions include remote monitoring units that communicate with command and control centers, either central or remote (on ships and /or aircraft), using both satellite and terrestrial mobile communications. Xsealence accumulated knowledge from over 20 years of research and development conducted by entities such as INESC, INOV and Universidade Técnica de Lisboa. This research experience has produced many of Xsealence's technologies and solutions, particularly those related to MCS (Monitoring Control and Surveillance) and the MONICAP® VMS (Vessel Monitoring System) for monitoring and maritime control. CONSORTIA Zertive Consulting is a Consulting company that combines business and technology skills to conceptualize, promote and manage projects that helps corporations and their management to capitalize on technology, to achieve and surpass their business objectives Zertive was funded in 2001 and has large experience in different economic sectors with special focus on Transportation and Energy The company participated in very large- scale projects, such as: • Portuguese VTS • Tetra Security Comms. Network • Energy Smart Grids • Health contact centers • Emergency 112 • State-of-the-art highway toll systems … in several geographies: • Portugal • Angola • Brazil • USA • Mexico • Chile • Spain • Slovenia • Norway