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Presentation hrm

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Presentation hrm

  2. 2. AGENDA• Introductions• SAP in Toyota Indus Motors• Policies followed by ICM for H.R
  3. 3. INTRODUCTIONProject• This project is on the human resource management policies for a company.Purpose• To sort out and observe the policies of H.R in general and their support in SAP-HCM moduleimplemented in Toyota Indus.
  4. 4. INTRO. (CONTINUED)HRM:It is simply the study to manage employees of a company, to manage their• Hiring• retiring/firing• Their talent building• Support• Teams management• Attendance• Performance appraisals• Payroll management• Compensation management etc.
  5. 5. TOYOTA INDUS MOTORS• Indus Motor Company (IMC) is a joint venture between theHouse of Habib, Toyota Motor Corporation Japan (TMC),and Toyota Tsusho Corporation Japan (TTC) in July 011990.• For the assembly, progressive manufacturing andmarketing of Toyota in Pakistan.
  6. 6. SAP-HCM, LIMTON & FOXPRO• For above points of HRM, SAP give the complete package to manage all the activities in HRM.• And that’s why Toyota Indus had deployed this module, with limton and foxpro for attendence
  7. 7. POLICIES OF HRM IN TOYOTA INDUSMOTORSOrganizational Structure (Hierarchy)Head of H.RMangerDevelopmentManagerRecruitmentManagerCompensationManager IndustrialRelationshipSr. Manager
  8. 8. Recruitment ProcessOurRequirementHead Entersrecieve C.VShortlistingInterviewCompensationnegotiaitionHireInitialInterviewSelectedCandidateinterview
  9. 9. POLICIES OF HRM IN TOYOTA INDUSMOTORS(TIME MANAGEMENT)Time policy• Time in and time out calculation.Leaves• Annual Leaves which are 30 per year• Sick Leave are 10 per year• Casual are 10 per year• Maternity are 45 per yearHoliday types• Govt. holidays• Regular holidays (Saturday and Sunday)• EID, Muharram etc. holidays.Leave encashmentNo leave encashment.
  10. 10. POLICIES OF HRM IN TOYOTA INDUSMOTORS(TRAINING & EVENT MANAGEMENT)Types of Training• Soft skills• Technical• TNA• Compulsory training of “Global Content”, eachemployee have to go through this training.• Also SAP certification in different modules are alsohosted.TNA Policy:• It is an annual year appraisal for need oftraining.• For this employees use TNA form, whichthen come to training department.• This decision is taken to offer or notaccording to employees’ designation andcost of training.
  11. 11. POLICIES OF HRM IN TOYOTA INDUSMOTORS(PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT)Motivational Policy:Not as such but following things are done to motivate employees:• Trainings of personnel development.• Best attendance awards• Compensation negotiation and increment of salary.• Log (golden) coin award on working interest.• Family day.
  12. 12. Anyquestions ?