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  1. 1. GRAHAM ANTHONY AUSTIN 200 Clarke, St. Oshawa, On, Canada, L1H5G3. T: +1289-991-2848 E: grahamaustin0001@gmail.com Aspiring Information Systems Security Analyst/ Systems & Network Administrator/ Business Operations Analyst • As a recent graduate in Information Systems Security Computers and Networking from Durham College with the experience of 5+ years in operations with major companies like IBM, Accenture and Google. I seek a challenging career where I can utilize my skills in an area of competency that enriches my knowledge. This experience gives me a chance to be part of a team that contributes towards the growth of the organization, thereby yielding the twin benefits of job satisfaction and convenient professional growth. Attaining a position with a client and team oriented business promotes my customer service aptitude, technical knowledge and adaptive thinking that expands company-wide knowledge to meet job oriented goals. Core Strengths • Experienced and knowledgeable in Information Technology both Hardware and Software, IT security, Business Continuity Planning, Network security, strategic planning and operations and access control. • Works well independently and also with a team. A very good team player. • In-depth knowledge and understanding of numerous software packages and operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux. • Skilled in providing Technical & Customer Service also providing End-User Help Desk Support. • Easily identify and resolve technical issues and concerns. • Excellent communication and presentation capabilities. • Well mannered. • Fluent in English. • Dedicated and Hard Worker. • Have a thirst for knowledge in various subjects especially Information Technology, History and Astronomy. Technical strength
  2. 2. • Knowledgeable and experienced in using various Operating Systems like Windows, Mac and Linux. • Depth knowledge about the working of the OSI layers and the Internet (DNS, DHCP, TCP/IP etc.) • Possess a good aspect about Network and wireless security. • Used tools and applications like VM ware, Windows Server 2012, Wireshark, Snort, LanGaurdian, Metasploit, Acrylic Wi-Fi and forensic investigation tools like Forensic Toolkit and Prtk. • Held seminars for the staff of Whitby Abilities Centre on Information, Networking and device security. • Use of Windows Server 2012 to implement Access Controls for administrators and user access and privileges. Education Studied at Sacred Heart High School. From: June 1994 - April 2006 Level:Secondary School Certificate • Completed 12 years of Education including kindergarten. Passed out with First division. Studied at Little Flower Junior College. From: June 2006 - April 2008 Course: M.P.C ( Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry) • Completed my college of Intermediate Education in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry with English as my first language and French as my second Language with First division marks. Graduated from Little Flower Degree College.
  3. 3. From: June 2008- April 2011 Course: Bachelor Of Science, (M.S.Cs) Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Science. • Completed my Graduation with Majors in Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Science. • Won most of the Awards in sports, Literary and Cultural competitions held at college and university level. Completed my graduation with First Division marks. Bagged 16 Awards overall. • Got selected in all the placement offers that took place in the college that year. Offers included multi national companies like Dell, Wipro, Gen pact, Amazon. • Also have completed courses in C,C++, Java and operating systems as per syllabus. Graduated from Durham College, Ontario, Canada From: January 2016- August 2016 Course: Information Systems Security Computers and Networking. • Completed my Graduation in Business Process and Security, Operating Systems Security, Information Security, Wireless Security, Security Wireless Networks, Business Continuity Planning, Business Contingency Management, Security Auditing and Governance, Access Controls, Computer Forensics, Hacking & Exploits, Network Monitoring & Penetration Testing and Law and Ethics in Forensic Investigation. • Successfully graduated with a GPA of 4.66 on 5.0, achieving an A+ grade for the same. Graduated as an Honour Roll student from the college and been awarded the highest ranking graduate from the college president's office. Experience Worked for 24/7 Customer, pvt.ltd. From: August 2011- September 2012 Position: Advisor • Supported customers of Dish Network America in Billing, Technical and Customer service queries. • Worked with a team and contributed in the growth of the team and the organization. • Topped the team and the entire process in Customer Service scores (CSat). • Topped the entire process in Quality scores as well. • Provided sales to the organization and helped in meeting targets for the team.
  4. 4. Worked for IBM India Pvt Ltd. From: January 2013- March 2014 Position: Technical Service Representative • Supporting Clients of SunTrust Banks America with their technical Queries. • Identify and fix issue with the client's Mainframe servers. • Well versed in IBM Citrix and assist clients in solving their issues with citrix. • Identifying and solving the client's technical issues with their desktops, laptops and network issues including VPN Client. • Working on tickets creating and routing tickets to different groups in the Organization in case of process requirement. • Well versed in Ms Office especially MS Outlook in identifying and fixing the clients issues. • Assisting clients in restarting servers and adding their profiles onto the database servers. • Assisting clients in resetting their passwords for various applications. • Assisting clients in downloading, Installation, and working on various soft wares. • Assisting clients in ordering and installing hardware devices as well. • Helping clients in their Active Directory issues. • Assisting Clients with their company given Blackberry phones and IOS devices. • Assisting clients in migration of data from one system to another. Worked for Accenture India Pvt Ltd. From: 12th November 2014- 11th of December 2015 Position: Business Operations Analyst • Supported a Youtube project from Google. • Identifying and solving client related issues for YouTube‘s paid content. • Worked closely with the clients to enhance their experience using YouTube and its features. • Training and development of new hires on the product. Currentlyworking for AnW North Oshawa. From: January 2015 - Present
  5. 5. Position: TeamLeader • Handling customer escalations. • Managing inventory. • Creating cashier reports. • Training new hires in customer service skills and restaurant activities. • Supervising all food related activities of the restaurant. ● Taking care of all IT related issues at the restaurant (Network, Software and Hardware) If given a chance to work for your Organization I will give my best for the growth & development of the Organization and myself. (Graham Anthony Austin) LinkedIn: HYPERLINK "https://ca.linkedin.com/in/graham-austin-898989a4" https://ca.linkedin.com/in/graham-austin-898989a4