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Water Cycle Presentation

  1. Hydrologic Cycle
  2. Hydrologic cycle is composed of the interconnections between water reservoirs in the environment and living organisms and the physical processes involved in its transport between those reservoirs.
  3. 1. Evaporation The process of transformation of water from liquid to gas by means of solar radiation as it moves from the ground or bodies of water into the atmosphere.
  4. 2. Sublimation The phase change from solid to gas; it is the state change from solid water to water vapor which occurs at the glaciers. 3. Transpiration The release of water vapor from plants and soil into the air.
  5. 4. Condensation The process of transformation of water vapor to liquid water droplets in the air which creates clouds and fogs.
  6. 5. Advection The process that moves water, regardless of its state, throughout the atmosphere.
  7. 6. Precipitation The process of transformation of water which the condensed water vapor falls to the earth’s surface.
  8. 7. Runoff Includes surface runoff and channel runoff.
  9. 8. Infiltration The flow of water from the ground surface into the ground. Once infiltrated, the water becomes soil moisture or groundwater.