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Why Design Matters

A major misconception in business is that design should be an afterthought. The (flawed) thinking is that design is not tied to the bottom line, so therefore it should take a back seat to other consideration. We believe the opposite to be true.

Design should be a primary consideration for any business, because it is directly tied to the bottom line. This is a presentation about why design matters.

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Why Design Matters

  1. WHY DESIGN MATTERS How Good Design Affects Conversions
  3. “Good design is good business.” Thomas J. Watson CEO of IBM from 1914-1956
  4. th 1/20 of a second Time it takes a user to determine if they like a site’s design or not.
  5. THIS SNAP JUDGEMENT determines whether or not a customer will: TRUST your site LIKE your brand BUY your product
  7. 94% First Impressions of Websites Are D e s i g n - R e l a t e d
  8. Key Factors For Good First Impressions 1. Low Complexity 2. High Prototypicality* *This means similarity to other sites in its category
  9. 1 # Contributor to Bounce* Is Poor Interface Design *According to a study by Stanford University
  10. 1 # Indicator of Credibility* Is Good Graphic Design *According to a study by Stanford University
  11. VISUAL APPEAL > USABILITY In Influencing User Perception
  12. INSPIRATIONAL IMAGES Drive Better First Impressions Than Any Other Factor
  13. And First Impressions Are... EVERYTHING
  14. This is because of Something Called PRIMING
  15. prim·ing | ˈprīmiNG | verb 1 the activation of specific memories that influence subsequent behaviors
  16. The First Impression Influences Every Subsequent Interaction
  17. A Well Designed Site PRIMES people to have positive interactions with your brand moving forward.
  18. Once Someone Has Been PRIMED Your Job Becomes Much EASIER
  19. Because Priming Turns ATTENTION Into INTENTION
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