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Stockholm's strategy for a connected city

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Stockholm's strategy for a connected city

  1. 1. The Capital of Scandinavia Stockholm Smart City
  2. 2. Ann Hellenius CIO City of Stockholms ann.hellenius@stockholm.se @annhellenius annhellenius.se
  3. 3. Sida 3 The city of Stockholm 900 000 inhabitants 130 000 children and students 50 administrations and companies 40 000 employees
  4. 4. The Capital of Scandinavia Rapid population growth rate set new demands on public services
  5. 5. The Capital of Scandinavia Stockholm – a city of great diversity 183nationalities
  6. 6. Connected citizens 99%Broadband access
  7. 7. 67%of all 2-yr-olds are internet users Source: Internetstiftelsen i Sverige
  8. 8. 66%Political engagement of social media users via social media Source: Pew Research Center
  9. 9. • Half of the world’s population live in cities • The population in cities will have doubled by 2050 • The region of Stockholm is growing rapidly, today over 2 million inhabitants live here Urbanization • The world’s first 200-year old is already born • In 100 years in Sweden the number of individuals 65 years and older have doubled, and 10 years and younger have halved • In Stockholm 4 out of 10 teachers will retire within 10 years Aging population • 70% of all emitted greenhouse gases comes from cities • By 2020 emissions of grenhouse gases are to decrease by 25% - demands for reduction of car traffic • The city of Stockholm will by 2040 be a fossil free city Environment and climate challenges
  10. 10. Digitalization makes visible
  11. 11. Changed behavior patterns Recommendation-driven The virtual city is adapted to citizens Direct feedback may be used to change behaviors
  12. 12. Synliggöra det osynligaWhat will happen to our malls when erything is bought using the internet
  13. 13. What will we do with all the parking space when we have self-driving cars?
  14. 14. What will the city look like if more people work from home?
  15. 15. Digitalization is said to be the single strongest factor for change in society up until 2025 The commission for digitalization (2015)
  16. 16. Cloud services Social media Plattforms for sharing Big data Smart phones Algorithms Connectivity Virtual and augmented reality Internet of Things Enabling technologies
  17. 17. Vision 2040 The smartest city in the world
  18. 18. We are not alone in our efforts to become the smartest city in the world
  19. 19. What does it mean to be the smartest city in the world?
  20. 20. Cities can be ranked based on their maturity Source: Cisco, Arthur D. Little Contribution to BNP Time Maturity Atlanta Luxemburg FrankfurtBern Berlin Paris Helsingfors Wien Seoul Barcelona Manchester Pilot projects AreasMarketing Integrated platform Dubai Nanjing Valencia Rio de Janeiro Singapore Stockholm 1–7% 7–15% <1%0%
  21. 21. Pilot projects that were part of other smart city- initiatives have yielded positive results  Installation of 360 smart fuses  Parking information in real time  Blueprint for innovative cost-efficient and environmental-friendly solution for mobility  Smart meters with feedback on the energy consumption  One combined ticket for all type sof public transports and real-time information about traffic  Transparent system for public access  Reduced time to search for parking by 70%  Energy savings of 18%  Reduction of emitted greenhouse gases  Energy savings of 20%  Reduced traffic and lost hours  Reduced cost for travels, energy savings and reduction of emitted greenhouse gases Barcelona Vienna Barcelona Copenhagen Project Country/City Initiative Result Smart buildnings Smart parking Smart driving Digital energysystems for the home Integrated public transportation E-government Källa: Arthur D. Little
  22. 22. Sid 22
  23. 23. • Stockholm is a growing and innovative region in the global economy and is attractive from an investment and establishment perspective • Stockholm is a pivotal hub in the world , known for thought leadership, and a central node in a global network of successful cities • The startup scene in Stockholm is one of the best in the world • The city grows through entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship within digitalization and new technology • Stockholm attracts talent and visits, internationally and nationally • The public sector is cost-efficient due to the usage of digitalization and new technology
  24. 24. • Digitalization and new technology is used in order to make the choice of being environmentally-friendly easy • Stockholm is prepared and able to handle possible effects of the climate change, such as an increased water level and heavy rain • The energy consumption and harmful emissions of the city are reduced through smart digital and technical solutions • The city offers sustainable solutions for increased mobility and transport • Biodiversity and nature protection is stimulated through digitalization and new technology • Goods and services are produced with a low impact on the environment
  25. 25. • Digitalization strengthens the democracy by engaging resident through increased influence and participation in the democratic processes • Stockholm is an open and available city for all who lives, works or visits • The public sector is transparent and digitalization is used to make visible the democratic processes and decisions in the city
  26. 26. • Digital inclusion is a fact and digitalization is used to bridge social gaps to reduce exclusion and create an increased sense of community and collaboration • Digitalization and new technology helps individuals communicate, work, study, experience and have an active life on the basis of each individual’s unique conditions • Stockholm provides digital solutions and use new technology to enable independent living for all residents • Digitalization creates vibrant and safe neighborhoods and increases the experienced safety, privately and publically, for individuals
  27. 27. • The connection required to build the smart city is available in Stockholm. Connection is appropriate and reliable • The city owns the basic infrastructure in the form of black fiber and provides it on fair and competition-neutral terms • Digital technologies are incorporated and constantly evolving in real estate, transport and the urban environment • The administrations of the city are open, innovative and transparent • Stockholm offers an innovative environment for the public sector, businesses, academy and residents • Stockholm is a city for cooperation, learning and innovation – where the city, region, business, academy and residents build the smart city together
  28. 28. Förändrat uppdrag för avdelningen för digital utveckling The city is already smart
  29. 29. Sid 30 Immidiate feedback 86,000Point of views 2015
  30. 30. Pay for parking - an app that enables payment for parking. Today 1/3 of all payments are paid via the app.
  31. 31. The city of Stockholm is testing and developing 12 smart solutions through the project GrowSmarter. The objective is to decrease the energy consumption and emissions from transports. Amongst other things the project is testing: • a program for hybrid vehicles which guides the driver to routes that limits the number of stops. • environmentally-friendly trucks that have been provided with equipment which allows signal prioritization at cross-overs.
  32. 32. Digitalization of education • The digital maturity of the city’s high schools increased by 30% between 2014 and 2015 via targeted initiatives such as increased peer learning and development of new teaching methods. • A new system that will be the same for kindergarten, middle- and high school as well as Swedish for immigrants and adult education is being implemented.
  33. 33. Regular updates from kindergarten New ways of working together
  34. 34. Digital care – a common, open development arena that aims to increase the collaboration between SMEs and the public sector.
  35. 35. A service to find leisure time activities for children, young adults and adults that need extra support has been developed. The project is a collaboration between 12 different municipalities
  36. 36. Sid 37
  37. 37. Engaging citizens
  38. 38. …of all ages
  39. 39. Work Housing and environment Support and care Preschool and school Culture and leisure Traffic and urban planning Politics and democracy + = Business Academy Inhabitants and visitors The strategy is realized together with the inhabitants, the business sector and academy Nationally and regionally Internationally