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Digital Media Marketing to Latam

  1. @GrupoParada / LATIN AMERICAN MARKET Is your Business Ready?
  2. @GrupoParada / LATAM INTERNET USERS Brazil 88.5 M (45.6% Penetration) Mexico 42 M (36.5% Penetration) Argentina 28 M (66.4% Penetration) Colombia 26.9 M (59.5% Penetration) Venezuela 12.1 M (41% Penetration) Peru 10.7 M (36.5% Penetration) Chile 10 M (58.6% Penetration) Source: Internet World Stats
  3. @GrupoParada / LATAM & SOCIAL NETWORK 5 of the most engaged countries in the world of social networking are in Latin America Social Network Hours Per Visitor Source: comScore
  4. @GrupoParada / LATAM & MOBILE Source: Statista
  5. @GrupoParada / How to reach the Latin American Market?
  6. @GrupoParada / OPPORTUNITIES: Drapery This preliminary study shows the increasing trend in the demand for drapery in Latin America. Source: Google
  7. @GrupoParada / OPPORTUNITIES: Drapery The highest demand for drapery in Latin America come from Argentina, Chile. There are different ways people are consistently searching for the product. Source: Google
  8. @GrupoParada / OPPORTUNITIES: Drapery There is a high demand for drapery. The image below shows the different ways people consistently search for the product. Source: Google
  9. @GrupoParada / OUR WORK ABItronix Direct, a device company from the US, increased visibility and sales in Latin America. ABItronix's YouTube Channel has 840 subscriber, with 2 videos in Spanish among the most watched of their channel.
  10. @GrupoParada / OUR WORK Overall increase in Portada’s traffic on their Spanish site.
  11. @GrupoParada / OUR WORK Portada's Latin American traffic increased in their Spanish site after Grupo Parada's marketing campaign. The objective was to increase visibility and sales of Portada's conferences.
  12. @GrupoParada / ABOUT GRUPO PARADA Grupo Parada is a consulting firm that transforms the way your brand connects with the Hispanic market. We provide digital media strategies for institutions to obtain successful, measurable results. Grupo Parada´s Services 1. Business Intelligence a. Digital Audit b. Consumer Market Research c. Competitor Analysis d. Strategic Planning consulting 2. SoMoLo Latino a. Planning and management of promotion strategy 3. Optimization a. Consumer Behavior Analysis b. Monitoring of Online Presence c. Empowerment of Online Presence