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"If i Only Had a Heart" the DisCO essentials

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An overview of DisCOs (Distributed Cooperative Organizations) an cooperativist, feminist and commons-oriented reaction to Decentralized Autonomous Organizations or DAOs. Visit disco.coop for more

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"If i Only Had a Heart" the DisCO essentials

  1. 1. If I Only Had a Heart Encoding care on and off-chain, Open Cooperativism, and Distributed Cooperative Organizations
  2. 2. DisCOs are a cooperative, feminist commons-oriented reaction to… DAOs Decentralized Autonomous Organizations
  3. 3. "DisCO" stands for Distributed Cooperative Organization, but calling them DCOswas too boring, so we came up with...
  4. 4. DisCO Distributed Cooperative Organization
  5. 5. DisCO's DNA Combines 4 main elements: ● Commons/P2P ● Open Cooperativism ● Open Value Accounting ● Feminist Economics
  6. 6. DisCOs are ● Balanced in culture and structure ● Inclusive, relatable and educational ● Non speculative or deterministic ● Multilayered/holonic ● Modular, but not prescriptive
  7. 7. DisCOs are (2) ● DLT enabled, but not dependent ● Online vs. offline? Onlife! ● Copyfair Licensed ● Based in viable, ethical business models ● Political
  8. 8. Where are the Commons?
  9. 9. DisCOs Arose from a community of practice, the Guerrilla Media Collective
  10. 10. Guerrilla Media Collective Is best known for the commons-oriented translation collective: Guerrilla Translation
  11. 11. The DisCO framework is based on a governance model developed for Guerrilla Translation
  12. 12. The model value tracks: ● Commons oriented pro-bono work ● Ethical market livelihood work ● Care and reproductive work... for FAIR distribution of INCOME
  13. 13. The DisCO FRAMEWORK is based on SEVEN PRINCIPLES which EXPAND on the original seven COOPERATIVE PRINCIPLES:
  14. 14. The DisCO PROJECT is designed around two complementary components: ● The DisCO FRAMEWORK ● The DisCO STACK
  15. 15. The DisCO FRAMEWORK: ● Prototypes REAL WORLD PRACTICES ● Is predicated on CARE WORK ● Has a PEDAGOGICAL APPROACH ● Is based on INCLUSIVE MATERIALS ● Makes DLTs, Contributory Accounting and Feminist Economics accessible to THE PRECARIAT
  16. 16. The DisCO STACK: ● Offers lightweight DLT alternatives to sidechains or sharding ● Uses ActivityPub, ValueFlows and IPFS for small scale/trustworthy economic networking ● Crunches data into public blockchains for trustless economic transactions ● Prototypes onchain PDS data access and FLOSS distributed collaborative tools
  17. 17. TALK TO US - FOLLOW OUR WORK ● DisCO.coop (under contruction) ● wiki.guerrillamediacollective.org ● COALA.global ● hello@guerrillamediacollective.org