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Berlitz Corporate Training - Language Development

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As A leading language and communication specialist, Berlitz has helped millions of people around the world to speak with confidence.

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Berlitz Corporate Training - Language Development

  1. 1. Multiple delivery platforms GLOBAL PRESENCE with 500 locations in over 70 COUNTRIES PERSONALIZED learning and CUSTOMIZABLE content EDUCATION UNLIMITED Language. Communication. Cross-Culture. Leadership.
  2. 2. CUSTOMIZED private instruction Communicate in ONE TO THREE WEEKS THE FASTEST WAY TO LEARN A LANGUAGE Berlitz Total Immersion®
  3. 3. Proven ASSESSMENT and TESTING solutions Full range of LANGUAGE and LEADERSHIP programs MAXIMIZE YOUR BUSINESS PERFORMANCE Corporate Solutions
  4. 4. Learn a new LANGUAGE at home, at the office or on the road Many OPTIONS: e-Learning, virtual classroom, blended LEARN ANYWHERE, ANYTIME eBerlitz - Web-based programs tailored precisely to your learning objectives
  6. 6. KIDS & TEENS CAMPS and AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAMS Specifically developed LANGUAGE PROGRAMS and curriculum Learn while PLAYING and participating in OTHER ACTIVITIES BECOME A GLOBAL CITIZEN Berlitz Kids & Teens
  7. 7. DI MORA sint ERAT tum ESTASSIMOS Ero Furtus tatem exo Cilibrites NELLA DIV MO RASINT INPSUM Lorem ipsum eratum delas urats her­- lassid exium totem avantur mushiquer www.berlitz.de A1 A2.1 A2.2 A2.3 B1.1 B1.2 B2.1 B2.2 C1/C2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 30+28-2925-2723-2421-2219-201816-1714-150-13 B1.3 FUNCTIONAL INTERMEDIATE UPPER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED PROFESSIONAL Online Score BerlitzLevelCEFLevel You can understand and use familiar, every- day expressions and simple sentences. You can introduce yourself and ask other people simple questions about themselves. You are able to under- stand and communi- cate general, simple messages. You can cope with informati- on that is expressed clearly, and hold simple conversations. You can understand the general essence of a conversation on famili- ar topics, both in social and business situations. You can initi- ate, maintain and end a conversation. You are able to under- stand information on familiar topics in the relevant context and to hold a conversation about general topics. You are able to make professional contacts, give your advice and make suggestions. You can hold conver- sations on a range of situations and topics. You can explain or describe things in con- text. You can ask and respond to questions in the workplace. You find it easy to give general instructions for work processes. You can communicate competently and effort- lessly in many professi- onal and personal situations, and can find different ways of expressing the same thing. You can deal with a variety of topics in the appropriate manner. You can easily take part in conversations with several native speakers. You can express diffe- rent points of view and can defend your ideas in a discussion. You can understand native speakers’ proverbs. You are able to master challenging situations or, for example, settle any differences of opi- nion. You can communicate efficiently and correctly in challenging activities and situations. You can effortlessly take part in all conversations in a social and professi- onal environment. You are, for instance, able to give a professional presentation in a mee- ting or a sales presentation. You can communicate efficiently with various audiences on a wide range of familiar and new topics and fulfill all language requirements whilst doing so. Your language skills largely correspond to those of an educated native speaker. THE BERLITZ LEVELS Measure your ability and chart your progress
  8. 8. DI MORA sint ERAT tum ESTASSIMOS Ero Furtus tatem exo Cilibrites NELLA DIV MO RASINT INPSUM Lorem ipsum eratum delas urats her­- lassid exium totem avantur mushiquer www.berlitz.de THE BERLITZ METHOD® A tradition of success and innovation Innovative language training for MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE KEY ELEMENTS OF THE BERLITZ METHOD® : Clients’ needs come first Teaching is tailored to your personal language goals. Dialogue exclusively in the target language By continually using the new language and interacting with native-speaker instructors and other students on the course, you will be immediately submerged in your new language. Maximum speaking time Dialogue is at the heart of Berlitz language teaching. You will be able to communicate in your new language quickly and without any inhibitions. Optimized learning pace Your personal learning strategy becomes part of the course. The choice of course materials also follows this principle and is based on your needs. Context-based teaching of grammar You learn how to use grammar correctly by actively speaking - “intuitively”, so to speak. Task-based learning We give you pointers and tips on how to improve your language skills and to gain the essential confidence needed in using structures and in expressing yourself.
  9. 9. Confidence in EVERYDAY and BUSINESS SITUATIONS DIFFERENT FOCUS AREAS for your individual requirements DIGITAL MATERIAL available LANGUAGE FOR LIFE BerlitzEnglishTM
  11. 11. DI MORA sint ERAT tum ESTASSIMOS Ero Furtus tatem exo Cilibrites NELLA DIV MO RASINT INPSUM Lorem ipsum eratum delas urats her­- lassid exium totem avantur mushiquer www.berlitz.de BERLITZ HISTORY Because success is also a question of experience BERLITZ INTERNATIONAL CAMPS Berlitz International Camps programs are launched for teenagers who want to become global citizens. 2011 BERLITZ TEENS® eBERLITZ Berlitz Virtual Classroom is launched, offering live instructor-led distance learning via the Internet. Today, Berlitz offers several web- based and blended programs for many languages. 2003 ONLINE PROGRAMS SOLUTIONS BEYOND LANGUAGE Berlitz Cultural Consulting® is launched, offering solutions designed to develop greater intercultural effectiveness and global leadership excellence. 1994 BERLITZ CULTURAL CONSULTING® LANGUAGE LEARNING FOR CHILDREN In 1982, Berlitz Kids® is introcuded, featuring materials and activities geared toward language learning for children and teens. 1982 BERLITZ KIDS® BERLITZ WORLDWIDE A period of worldwide expansion and global recognition - by 1914, Berlitz has opened schools in the U.S. as well as Europe, Latin America and Africa. Today, Berlitz is a global education company with more than 550 locations in over 70 countries. 1881 - 1914 WORLDWIDE EXPANSION THE ORIGINS Berlitz started in 1878, when Maximilian Berlitz was in need of an assistant French instructor; he employed a Frenchman by the name of Nicholas Joly, only soon to discover that Joly barely spoke English, the student’s native language. Six weeks later Berlitz returned to discover the students responded positively to Joly’s instruction given only in French. This made way to the development of the Berlitz Method® and the opening of the first Berlitz language school in Providence, Rhode Island, July 1878. 1878 BERLITZ METHOD® Maximilian D. Berlitz developed this enjoyable conversational method and changed the way language was taught.
  12. 12. DI MORA sint ERAT tum ESTASSIMOS Ero Furtus tatem exo Cilibrites NELLA DIV MO RASINT INPSUM Lorem ipsum eratum delas urats her­- lassid exium totem avantur mushiquer www.berlitz.de THE FIVE BERLITZ PRINCIPLES Total customer orientation Open and active participation A spirit of innovation and challenge A superior business structure Strategically oriented planning