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How to raise $23K in 28 days for your book

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Jeremiah Garner funded $23K in pre-orders for his book #LeanBrand within 28days. Let's discover his secret sauces behind his book success!

P.S: Validate your book idea and get it funded before even writing it! Do it right here @ www.publishizer.com

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How to raise $23K in 28 days for your book

  1. #TheLeanBrand Story HOW TO RAISE $23,000 FOR YOUR BOOK IN 28 DAYS
  2. MEET JEREMIAH GARDNER He’s an author, mouthpiece and bulldog lover. His work is about reframing the way people think about brand innovation. HE WANTED TO SHARE HIS IDEAS IN A BOOK
  3. This Book.
  5. was to find a mentor to help him. He teamed up with Brant Cooper, bestselling author of: The Lean Entrepreneur. HIS FIRST STEP
  6. He then created a simple cover with the help of @FAKEGRIMLOCK ( Most famous robot dinosaur on entire internet) COVER DESIGN
  7. FUND THE IDEA Jeremiah hopped onto Publishizer - the book pre-order platform and invited the public to fund his idea.
  8. To spread The Lean Brand story, Jeremiah and Brant recorded a short video. SHORT VIDEO Videos inspire trust, and increases conversions!
  9. CHAPTER OUTLINE To give readers a taste of all the awesomeness to come, Jeremiah wrote a chapter outline that described each chapter in a single paragraph.
  10. HE WROTE ABOUT IT, AND COINED A BRAND NEW TERM: ‘CROWD PUBLISHING’ And in 28 days, Jeremiah funded $23K in preorders for The Lean Brand.
  11. 5 LESSONS ON HOW TO RAISE IN 28 DAYS $23,000
  12. LESSON # 1 Start with one. A successful book is earned one reader at a time.
  13. FRIENDS, FOLLOWERS & FANS When he launched his campaign, he focused promotion on 3 groups:
  14. are typically first to support your book. The Lean Brand had 62 patrons who paid $100 to be thanked on a special page. THIS DOUBLE PAGE IS WORTH $6200! FRIENDS
  15. He asked for retweets from influencers, and received one from Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup, who has 200K+ followers. FOLLOWERSare people who follow you on social media. Jeremiah built his Twitter audience to over 1000 followers by sharing great ideas and content.
  16. are people who subscribe to your blog. This is also known as a mailing list. A mailing list is your most powerful tool for selling books. FANS
  17. LESSON # 2Have a publishing plan. Identify your readers and know how you will reach them.
  18. Jeremiah was off to a fantastic start, and then disaster struck. A bushfire surrounded his home in San Diego. His house was spared, and nobody was harmed. Whew…
  19. Jeremiah built up momentum again by sending updates to his mailing list. He shared tips, news and goodies, and celebrated funding milestones!
  20. MEDIUM is an increasingly popular place to share writing. Jeremiah shared an excerpt from his book on Medium, called Branding ≠ Bullshit.
  21. IT BECAME AN AMAZON #1 BESTSELLER IN IT’S FIRST WEEK. He self published The Lean Brand, and organised a book launch tour.
  22. LESSON # 3 Connect with your audience. Write something readers want.
  23. It shared the basic ideas behind the book, and was packed full of tweets to help spread #TheLeanBrand on Twitter. To get readers excited, he wrote The Lean Brand In 999 Words and gave it away for free.
  24. Can be described in a single tweet GREAT BOOKS Try it for your book. It’s harder than you think!
  25. LESSON # 4Offer concrete value. Find demand for your story, and you will find your marker
  26. This is how he learned which ideas were valuable to readers. A SERIES OF EXPERIMENTS Jeremiah's book began with He’d write a bit, and test it on his audience. He'd speak about it, and measure the reaction. He’d tweet out a line, and see how it did.
  27. FUND REWARDS Jeremiah offered high value rewards for his readers. Readers are real people! How can you make their lives better? LOOK, PRINT IS NOT DEAD!!
  28. LESSON # 5Keep Learning. Smile at your successes, laugh at your failures and enjoy your publishing experience.
  30. CREDITSZ ILLUSTRATIONS @FakeGrimlock DECK DESIGN @slidecomet CASE STORY @jeremiahgardner
  31. Launch your own crowd publishing campaign today, on: PUBLISHIZER.COM