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Online Marketing Strategies_Instagram_Pinterest

  1. 1. Online Marketing Strategies Effective Methods to Improve BrandValue
  2. 2. Pinterest Marketing Strategies
  3. 3.  Keep the board clean & organised. The large boards with hundreds of posts should be naturally pleasing to the eye and easily understood. Important to use proper classification to make it simple and easier for the users to browse your boards. The best way is to create multiple boards to segregate the content by category so that relevant content can be kept together.  Brand Profiling A board to showcase products and services. Proper logical grouping is required. Create independent boards for every product.  Inspire Customer for Wishlist Ask customers to create their wishlist for different occassions like b’day, events, weddings for gifts.
  4. 4.  Expand the Reach Use boards to collaborate with large pinners having large following. Build a community over Pinterest.  Combine great content with the images For better results create an engaging content along with good hd images.  Pin Shareable Images Since main goal for a Pin is to maximize its exposure with likes, comments, repins & new followers. 2 imp points are:- 1. Images with multiple dominant colours receive 3.25 more repins than those with single dominant colours. 2. Images without a human face are usually repinned 23 percent more than those with human faces.
  5. 5.  Pinning Frequently Does Matters To retain the existing customers & acquire potential ones, it is important to post pins at regular frequency. Two main Pinterest strategy are:- 1. Consistent pinning of images on boards without extended period of time as followers might lose control. 2. No mass posting as excessive pinning might result in losing followers.  Using Pinterest Messages & Group conversations This new feature enables to chat with the users or related brands to increase brand visibility on dashboard.  Add a Profile widget & Share a Lot Add a profile widget just like the “Follow Button” & share pins frequently
  6. 6.  Comment on Popular Pins & Mention Others Post comment on popular pins to attract connections & to gain followers. Study to write meaningful comment. With this attach names to mention pin’s owner.  Run Contest & Invite from other social network Run base entry in the contest upon following you or use a tool like Rafflecopter to give away a few extra entries for those who follow.  Use Rich Pins & Ask communities to follow Rich pins are free and let you add more detail to pins. They’re very attractive to stand out in the general Pinterest stream. Ask your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Tumblr followers to follow your brand on Pinterest.
  7. 7. Instagram Marketing Strategies
  8. 8.  Fast Follows 1. To increase followers & brand visibility, start liking photos as many as possible. 2. Visit explore page and take a look at the most popular photos. 3. Next, search for photos of people, things or places for interest using hash tags. For example, to see pictures of the Eiffel Tower, type in #paris, #latoureiffel or just #eiffeltower. Like as many of the photos as possible. 4. Search for some of the most popular tags, such as #followme #like4like or #instadaily. 5. Follow above mentioned steps everyday to guarantee rise in followers.  Commenting on People’s photos 1. This provides more of a personal touch with nice comments & in return they follow back! 2. Try commenting on maximum photos as many as possible. 3. Be more personal in commenting. Eg: flattering on any pic
  9. 9.  Add comments, questions & CTAs to photos 1. Captioning photos with funny, clever or unique comments or questions can be a great way to engage with followers and also gain new ones. Provide an explanation about iimage. 2. Ask questions, as these will encourage other people to comment on posts, which looks good to potential followers. 3. Including CTAs (Calls To Action) in posts.  Post Regularly But Not Often 1. Post between 1 and 10 photos a day would keep audience engaged and make sure there is always something of brand in their feed. 2. Never post pictures just for the sake of posting pictures - they should all be beautiful and unique. 3. Don't post too many pictures per day and avoid posting more than one picture at a time.
  10. 10.  Give Shoutouts 1. A shoutout is essentially drawing attention to another person's account by mentioning them in a post and asking own followers to follow them. 2. To give someone a shoutout, mention them in a comment. 3. To give a really great shoutout, take a screenshot of the person's user profile and post that screenshot on your own Instagram. 4. To receive shoutouts, the best thing to do is to find a user (preferably one who posts content related to your own) and comment underneath their photos. Ask for a #shoutout and say something like "follow me and I'll follow back".  Fill Complete Bio Section 1. Complete bio with relevant details by telling users what they can expect. For example: “Earthen Me. Expect pictures of organic fashion, jute handbags, sustainable fashion products”. 2. Use your bio to advertise some of your favorite tags such as #jutehandbags or own personal hashtag - like a nickname or phrase that sums you up, and which you tend to include on all your pictures.